The 8 Best Instagram Tools

With 500+ million daily active users around the globe, Instagram is a go to social media platform for businesses aiming to expand their digital presence. However, growing business on Instagram is no walk in the park.

So what can you do to increase your business reach here and grow organically?

Use Instagram tools.

Here’s a tightly curated list of 8 best Instagram Tools to turn your Instagram feed into a lucrative venture.


  • To Schedule Posts In Advance: Hootsuite, “A perfect tool to plan, compose and schedule your Instagram posts in advance, individually or in bulk, and view the scheduled posts in a clean, calendar view”
  • For Those Who Want To Design Eye-catching Graphics: Canva, “An in-demand tool to create visually appealing graphics (posters, infographics, logos, banners, etc.) using a simple drag-and-drop interface”
  • To Edit Videos And Special Effects: InShot, “A comprehensive tool with professional video editing and video making features that lets anyone make basic edits (cut, reverse, etc.), and add special effects and filters”
  • For Those Who Want Their Business To Grow Organically: Nitreo, “A powerful Instagram growth service that lets businesses to increase their followers and engagements organically in their niche”
  • To Redirect Followers From Instagram Bio To Multiple Links: Linktree, “An ideal tool to host multiple links in a single customisable and eye-catching page for Instagram followers to access”
  • For Businesses Who Want To Manage Their Ad Campaigns: Facebook Ads Manager, “An all-in-one application created by Facebook, for Facebook and its family of apps (Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.), to create and manage impactful ad campaigns, and gain real-time insights from them”
  • For Those Who Want To Find Fitting Hashtags For Their Content: LeeTags, “A perfect tool to find trending hashtags for Instagram posts and increase their reach in the right target sphere”
  • For Those Who Want To Make Their Instagram Feed Shoppable: Foursixty, “An ideal tool for anyone who wants to link their eCommerce store to their Instagram feed elegantly and make it shoppable”

Recommended Instagram Tools

hootsuite marketing tool


Hootsuite lets you schedule your Instagram posts in advance, which optimises the tasks of planning, composing and managing your social media content substantially. It is one of the best scheduling tools available in the market. Using Hootsuite, you can :-

  • Plan and view your posts in a simple calendar view and postpone scheduled posts whenever you want
  • Collaborate with your teammates to draft a post
  • Schedule multiple posts using Bulk composer
  • Ensure premium quality of your work by mandating that each content is reviewed before it is published
canva branding tool


With Canva, you can design aesthetically pleasing social media graphics viz. posters, infographics, logos, banners and posts, with minimal effort. It is a perfect tool  to increase your business’ brand image by :-

  • Using its easy-to-use drag and drop interface,
  • Accessing millions of photos, vectors, fonts and design palette to create stunning posts free of charge,
  • Using customisable template designs for both your Instagram Stories and Instagram posts,
  • Collaborating with friends and colleagues to edit designs,
  • Designing more attractive and relevant graphics with its up-to-date libraries.


InShot is a powerful video editing and video making app with which you can not only make basic video edits (reverse, crop, speed change) but also add eye-catching effects for free. Its huge library of professional editing features lets you:

  • Incorporate primary edits to your videos i.e., trim, cut, reverse, merge, rotate, flip, etc.
  • Add special sound and transition effects, customised video filters and effects, and many more
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, speed and easily convert your video to MP4 format
  • Add funny stickers, memes and captions to your videos

Besides video-editing, you can also use this app to make stylish photo edits and collages without spending a cent.



If you want to acquire more followers on Instagram, engage with relevant audiences and grow your business organically then Nitreo is the perfect app for you. Nitreo is a game-changing Instagram growth service for many reasons such as :-

  • It is incredibly easy to set up and use,
  • It finds profiles, likes, comments, etc. that matter to you by analyzing Instagram AI algorithms,
  • You gain followers in your Instagram target niche,
  • Your business’ engagement grows,
  • Every follower acquired is absolutely real.


Linktree lets you create an easily customisable page that hosts all the important links you want your social media followers to access. It is an ingenious solution to Instagram’s policy of one link per profile’s bio.

To house multiple links, Linktree is a perfect tool in market because :-

  • Your can create your personalised landing page at ease,
  • Customise your page from pre-made themes,
  • See customer analytics like view and click count, and many more

You can use the free version or gain access to deeper analytics and better-customisable themes by subscribing to it.

fb ad manager

Facebook Ads Manager

A powerful and all-inclusive tool to create, edit and manage ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and other apps within the Facebook family.

If you are looking to create meaningful ad campaigns on Instagram with tangible results and impacts, then look no further than Facebook Ads Manager. With this app, you can :-

  • Gain real-time insights and results of your ads and campaigns
  • Design creative ads using pre-existing templates and tools
  • Get appropriate recommendations to increase both relevance and impact of your ad campaigns
  • Pause, copy or relaunch your ad campaigns whenever you want
  • See and analyse the relevant metrics in one compact view


Using LeeTags you can find relevant and trending hashtags for your Instagram posts to make your content more accessible by the appropriate audience.

All you need to do is:-

  • Type one or more terms related to your post in its search bar,
  • Apply categories and subcategories if required, and that’s it

You will get a list of relevant hashtags in trend, along with the number of times they are used without any hassle.



Foursixty is a state-of-the-art application that turns your Instagram content and UGC (User Generated Content) into shoppable feed, and links them to your online store in an elegant fashion.

If you want to make your Instagram feed into an eCommerce machine, then Foursixty is the right tool for you. Use Foursixty to:

  • Add your shoppable Instagram galleries into your email marketing campaigns,
  • Find new and relevant influencers to collaborate with and optimise your influencer tracking campaign,
  • Customise the fonts, colors and themes of your shoppable galleries,
  • Schedule content in your Foursixty web-dashboard before posting on Instagram to make your content shoppable.