The 8 Best Online Video Editors

Globally, people spend an average of nearly 8 hours per week watching videos online through promotional ads, YouTube videos, TikTok or some social media content. Video content has become popular over the internet as it is easy to consume and helps you add a personal touch to your message.

But making and editing a video that delivers the intended message takes time, effort and skill. A rule of thumb says you hire or outsource a professional to do the task for you. However, it'll cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

But the internet has come up with a workaround - online video editors with over thousands of pre-made templates, animations, and effects to help you develop videos, animations or even short films with minimalistic effort. All you need is a laptop, an internet connection and some creativity.

Here we will be discussing the 8 best online video editors based on features, simplicity, and popularity.


  1. The Best Drag And Drop Editor: InVideo, "A drag and drop video editor with a stock library of numerous fully customisable templates and audios for easy and quick video creation."
  2. For All Small Businesses Needs:, "A video platform with AI-powered features and an affordable solution for entrepreneurs and vloggers just starting out."
  3. For Professional Output Quality: Adobe Creative Cloud Express, "A pro-level video editor with a learning curve that's easy to follow and produce stunning results."
  4. Free & No Watermark Video Editor: ClipChamp, "A Microsoft-owned program that offers all the basic tools and allows export of videos without a watermark."
  5. For Educational Purpose: WeVideo, "A cloud-based solution packed with features for teachers to engage students and develop instructional content."
  6. For Social Media Posts: Kapwing, "A creative solution for social media creators to choose specific templates and customise posts from their browser."
  7. For Web Designing: Renderforest, "A branding platform to design logos, websites, animations etc., to create high-resolution content."
  8. The Most Affordable Online Video Editor: Biteable, "A simple solution giving the user access to various features relevant for day-to-day video editing at the lowest price."

Recommended Online Video Editors

invideo logo


The perfect tool for you if you are a beginner who is just starting out. It is a drag-and-drop editor with a flexible timeline that lets you express your creativity with just a few clicks.

It hosts a rich collection of 5000+ ready-to-use and fully customisable templates along with a multimedia library including millions of stock media and videos, audios, filters and transitions. Plus, they offer tons of customisable and other elements like stickers, masks and vector shapes to enrich your experience.

A stand-out feature of this editor is that it allows you to set up your brand first with your company name, logo, colours etc, as a presets so you can simply apply it to your video later on.

Their super user-friendly interface enhances the user journey and makes it creative, easy and fun.

Wave Video logo


The best platform for all your small business needs that allows making, editing, sharing and hosting videos online. You can enable voice overlays and auto caption for social media posts which is a valuable add-on for its AI-powered features, which help turn text into video.

It combines a video editor, thumbnail maker, live streaming studio, video recording and hosting all in one. With a mast media library of 400 million stock videos, it allows you to customise templates and edit your own footage too.

In line with the extensive list of customisation, it allows you to upload your own fonts and save presets of your templates to relieve the pain of video creation.

Adobe Express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

A fairly advanced tool for professional needs with sophisticated tools and all the necessary video editing features for customising templates suited to various platforms.

With Adobe Stock, you can access royalty-free pictures and apply effects, design elements and resize all content in a snap. It is the best solution when it comes to branding for businesses, as their preset templates are inclined towards optimising videos and graphics to suit the desired niche audience.

Their clean and instructive interface, along with helpful prompts, makes it easier for you to navigate.

If you have already subscribed to any service by Adobe, you can start using this video editing tool right away.

ClipChamp logo


ClipChamp is amongst the very few online video editors that allows you to export your video creations for free without a watermark. You have access to professional tools and all basic features from trimming and cropping videos to online screen recording and some special effects like green screen all for free.

The pop-ups and tutorials make it easier to navigate and their aesthetically pleasing interface is calming when you have to go through a long process of video creation. Created videos can be exported for free in a range of resolutions and integration with cloud services makes it easier to share the video online.

Picture-in-picture and instant playbacks are attractive features that make it a popular choice. However, it only works on Chromium-based browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera or Brave.

WeVideo logo


A perfect solution for creating and editing video content for educational and instructional purposes, it is a powerful and easy-to-use cloud-based platform.

It can be easily accessed from any computer or device, making it an ideal choice in schools, colleges and other educational institutes. Besides basic trimming and resizing, it is jam-packed with features like animated text, motion title, green screen and screen recording features to fully utilise HD visuals and images to create videos.

You can easily capture, edit, view and share videos with their cloud-compatible unlimited storage. They also allow access to their 450k+ image library and 100k+ song selection when you opt for their paid plan.

Kapwing logo


If you are a social media creator, this is the one-stop solution for all your video content redaction needs. It can be easily accessed without even creating an account, but signing in does give you the benefit of removing the watermark.

It provides all kinds of templates suited for different social media platforms and a variety of video editing features such as subtitle generator, automated translation and removal background.

They also allow audio and video imports from YouTube and other websites, which most browsers fail to offer, and multiple creators are able to work on a single project on a real-time basis.

Renderforest logo


An all-in-one solution for web designers and logo makers to create a promo video, logo reveal, explainer, music visualisation etc. Although you can't create videos from scratch, it does offer a range of ready-to-use mockup templates using which you can upload your files and create videos.

Their precise step-by-step tutorial and user-friendly interface makes it even easier for you to find your way around. With their advanced graphics and custom pricing, you can also make use of the customisable templates to create videos in various file formats.

biteable logo


The most affordable video-making solution enabling you to create a video from scratch using your photos and clips. If you become a paid user, you also have access to their impressive stock library of 1.8 million stock images, clips and a variety of video templates tailored to serve several uses.

This platform hosts a flashy aesthetic and a variety of premium and basic scene footage in its media library to choose from.

Businesses are allowed to use their personalised watermarks and collaborate across projects using a unified platform.

They also offer a free plan that allows you to publish a limited number of videos with HD quality.