The 9 Best AI Tools for Developers

As a developer, you know that software development is full of challenges that can make your work harder and affect the quality of your code. From dealing with bugs and compatibility problems to managing tight deadlines and ensuring security, there's a lot to handle for you.

AI tools can help you in overcoming these challenges. By automating boring and repetitive coding tasks, AI tools have the potential to boost your productivity significantly. They free up valuable time for you to focus on critical problem-solving and innovation. Moreover, as 70% of organizations are already adopting AI tools, it becomes crucial for you to keep up with the changing landscape. 

Using advanced algorithms, these AI models can analyze patterns in existing code and generate new lines of code optimized for readability, efficiency, and error-free execution. This not only saves you valuable time but also produces higher-quality code. These AI tools also help to streamline debugging, automate compatibility testing, provide comprehensive documentation, accelerate coding tasks, enhance security practices, and optimize scalability.

So, We have curated a list of the top ten AI tools for Developers, considering different factors like accessibility, support, price, and user reviews. These tools will help you streamline your work and deliver high-quality code.


  1. Best AI tool for Code completion: Tabnine, “An AI-powered code-completion tool that effortlessly learns from your code and syntax and predicts what you will probably write in the next line using a machine learning algorithm.”
  2. Best AI tool for Multi-language developers: Github Copilot, “Copilot works with various programming languages, including C++, Python, JavaScript, and Go. By learning from millions of lines of code written by other developers, It gives you suggestions that are specific to your project and language.”
  3. Best AI tool for debugging: Amazon CodeGuru, “It is an AI-driven code review tool that saves you countless hours of manually reviewing the code. It helps you to enhance your code quality by detecting bugs, security vulnerabilities, code migrations, and reviewing coding efficiency.”
  4. Best AI tool for natural language processing: Hugging Face, “It is a user-friendly AI tool that provides you a library of pre-trained language models, datasets, and interpretability tools that you can use for various NLP tasks.”
  5. Best AI Tool For Teams of Developers: Stepsize AI, “It is a collaborative AI tool that streamlines your workflows and helps you stay updated on your product engineering team’s activities, saving your time and effort.”
  6. Best AI tool for Coding Assistant: SourceGraph, “It is an AI-powered code assistant that deeply understands codebases, making writing and understanding code easier and faster for you.”
  7. Best AI tool for website generation:, “It is an easy-to-use AI tool that can quickly and effortlessly create websites which are responsive, accessible, and optimized for search engines (SEO-friendly) without the need to write any code yourself.”
  8. Best AI tool for meeting and transcription:, “ saves your time by accurately transcribing your conversations and capturing technical discussions during meetings with its advanced speech recognition and real-time transcription capabilities.”
  9. Best AI tool for documentation:, “Its advanced NLP technology accurately writes down everything you say during meetings, saving you from having to take notes yourself.”

How We Found The Best AI Tools for Developers

We understand the challenges faced by developers who are seeking reliable AI tools.

That is why we have tried and tested 20+ AI tools for developers by considering different factors such as range of features, use cases, ease of use, price, and user reviews. We have curated a list of the best AI tools for developers.

In this list, there are different AI tools for different use cases, like; some are for code completion, website generation, natural language processing, etc. 

We have curated this list following the following criteria:

  • Used the Platforms: We thoroughly examined each AI tool's features and capabilities. Through active engagement with these AI tools, we gained firsthand knowledge of how they are used and invaluable insights into their workings.
  • Range of features: We have included tools that offer a wide range of AI capabilities to cater to different developer needs. This includes tools that offer code completion, text generation, sentiment analysis, image recognition, and more.
  • Use case: We have considered tools that are specifically designed to solve common challenges faced by developers. This includes tools that streamline the coding process, automate repetitive tasks, improve code quality, and enhance user experience.
  • Ease of use: We have selected tools that are user-friendly and easy to integrate into existing workflows. This includes tools with intuitive interfaces, clear documentation, and helpful support resources.
  • Integration capabilities: We have selected AI tools that seamlessly integrate with popular programming languages, frameworks, and development environments, allowing you to incorporate them into your existing workflows easily.
  • User reviews: We have analyzed user feedback and reviews to gather insights into the performance and reliability of each tool. This helps us ensure that the selected tools have a proven track record and positive user experiences.

Recommended AI Tools for Developers

Tabnine - AI Tools for Developers

Best AI tool for Code completion


As a developer, you often face challenges with code completion while writing code. As you write your code, Tabnine analyzes it in real time and understands the context, syntax, semantics, and even your coding style. Tabnine predicts what you will write next and offers relevant suggestions based on this analysis. 

This saves you time and boosts your productivity by reducing the need to search for and write lines of code manually.

Tabnine is particularly useful if you're a Python or JavaScript programmer. It can enhance your code by making it more precise and faster. For example, when working with JavaScript, Tabnine can assist you in navigating through large codebases and writing complex regular expressions.

The best things about Tabnine are:

  • Gives accurate suggestions that reduce the need for manual searching, boosting your productivity.
  • It supports many programming languages, including Python, Ruby, Java, and JavaScript.
  • It also supports popular code editors like IntelliJ, Eclipse, PhpStorm, Android Studio, and VS Code.

Tabnine's free Starter plan is designed for one user. Alternatively, if you have a larger team, the Pro plan supports up to 100 users and is priced at $12.

Github Copilot

Best AI tool for Multi-language developers

Github Copilot

As a developer, you may need to work with different coding languages. Whether you're coding in Python, JavaScript, Java, or any other language, GitHub Copilot adapts and assists you seamlessly.  

Large code and text datasets from public repositories and other sources are used to train it, allowing it to produce useful content. This extensive knowledge enables GitHub Copilot to provide you with accurate and relevant code suggestions, saving you valuable time and effort.

The best things about GitHub Copilot are:

  • In order to speed up software development, it can analyse your code as you write and finish naming variables, classes, methods, and libraries.
  • Generates code snippets that help you in navigating new programming languages and frameworks.
  • Depending on the programming language, framework, and plug-ins you use in a project, it generates recommendations. You can look over these recommendations and choose the ones that make sense.

GitHub Copilot sometimes recommends lengthy or obsolete codes instead of simpler, more readable ones, so its code recommendations aren't always reliable.

Verified educators, students, and project maintainers of popular open-source projects can use GitHub Copilot for free.

Amazon CodeGuru - AI Tools for Developers

Best AI tool for debugging

Amazon CodeGuru

Traditional manual code reviews are laborious and time-consuming work. It often results in delays in the development process. Amazon CodeGuru uses AI and machine learning algorithms to automate code reviews, providing you with automated feedback and recommendations to improve your code quality. It reduces the time spent on code reviews, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your projects.

It helps to pinpoint performance bottlenecks, uncovers latency issues, and suggests optimizations, allowing you to achieve optimal code performance.

The best things about Amazon CodeGuru are:

  • Precise profiling capabilities that help you identify resource-intensive parts of your code and suggest optimizations.
  • Seamlessly integrates with popular Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) like AWS Cloud9, IntelliJ, and Visual Studio Code. 
  • Automates the time-consuming process of code reviews and performance profiling

CodeGuru uses artificial intelligence (AI) to perform static application security testing (SAST), which involves combining automated reasoning and machine learning to find vulnerabilities in the code. It provides recommendations on how to fix these vulnerabilities, helping developers write more secure and robust code.

Hugging face

Best AI tool for natural language processing

Hugging face

Building NLP models from scratch can be time-consuming and resource-intensive for you as a developer.

Hugging Face offers pre-trained transformer models that have been trained on massive amounts of data, allowing you to leverage their power without the need for extensive training. It significantly reduces the development time and effort required for you to build accurate and efficient NLP applications.

The best things about Hugging Face are:

  • It provides a library of trained language models that can be applied to a range of natural language processing (NLP) tasks, including machine translation, text classification, and question-answering.
  • It offers NLP development tools like training scripts, transformers, and tokenisers.
  • Hugging Face's community lets you access new models, share your own models, and benefit from the collective expertise of NLP practitioners worldwide.

Hugging Face has a free forever plan. Additionally, it also offers a Pro plan for $9 per month.

Stepsize AI - AI Tools for Developers

Best AI Tool For Teams of Developers

Stepsize AI

Stepsize AI facilitates seamless teamwork, ensuring developers can work together efficiently and effectively. It offers a central platform where developers can communicate, share knowledge, and exchange ideas in order to discuss and solve problems. Stepsize AI increases group problem-solving and team synergy by creating a collaborative environment.

The best things about Stepsize AI are:

  • It uses (AI) to find and correct bugs in your code, saving your development team hours of laborious manual code inspection.
  • It automatically detects and prioritizes issues and then recommends actionable solutions based on historical data and code analysis. 
  • It easily connects with well-known development tools like Slack, Jira, and GitHub. Stepsize AI makes workflow more efficient and guarantees a seamless transition for development teams by integrating these tools.

You can also create daily standup reports with the tool, incorporating requests, obstacles, challenges, and updates on your team’s progress. You can get your first report for free. Stepsize AI’s Team plan starts at $29/month.


Best AI tool for Coding Assistant


SourceGraph provides advanced code search capabilities, allowing you to quickly find relevant code across projects, repositories, and languages. Its AI assistant Cody's added intelligence gives you access to contextualised insights derived from your code graph.

Its intelligent auto-completion can also help you write code faster and with fewer errors.

The best things about SourceGraph are:

  • It helps you understand the structure of your application by enabling you to search any area of your project for variables, libraries, and functions.
  • Can identify the root cause and fix bugs in the code using AI. 
  • Supports a wide range of programming languages, making it a versatile coding assistant

With the use of machine learning models that have been trained on sizable datasets, Sourcegraph is able to detect flaws, mistakes, and vulnerabilities in your code. It also allows you to run unit tests and access detailed reports on the performance of your application. - AI Tools for Developers

Best AI tool for website generation

It is a website creation tool powered by AI that enables developers to quickly and easily create websites without the need to write any code. creates websites that are responsive, accessible, and search engine optimization-friendly by utilising a variety of methods that are present in other AIs, such as machine learning and natural language processing.

The best things about are:

  • Produces websites that are optimised for search engines, increasing the probability of ranking highly in search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • It creates websites that are responsive, which means they work and look great on all kinds of devices, including smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers.
  • It can take simple text descriptions and turn them into websites, so you can easily create websites without writing any code.

If you want to build a website, then its plan starts at $10 monthly.

Best AI tool for meeting and transcription

As a Developer, you need to keep track of your detailed discussions and ideas that are integral to your development work. is powered by advanced artificial intelligence that accurately transcribes your spoken words into text. 

Its real-time transcription feature lets you keep track of conversations as they happen, whether in meetings, brainstorming sessions, or interviews. It saves your time and also eliminates the need for manual note-taking.

The best things about are:

  • In a meeting, it can recognise the speakers and attribute their words to them in the transcript.
  • The transcripts also contain timestamps to make it simple for you to locate particular moments during a meeting.
  • It enables you to share and work together on your transcripts and lets you search your transcripts for specific words and phrases.

It is easy to use. You need to start recording your meeting, and will start transcribing it automatically. After that, you can use your mobile device or web browser to view the transcript. has a free plan and a Pro plan that costs $10 per user/month when billed annually.

Best AI tool for documentation

It is an easy-to-use AI-powered process documentation tool. is a web application that can help you to create clear and concise documentation for your code and processes.

It also allows you to collaborate seamlessly on documentation projects. This ensures that all team members can work together on the same documentation, making it easy to track changes and maintain a coherent and cohesive documentation system.

The best things about are:

  • Using natural language generation, It makes documentation that is simple to read and understand.
  • It has the capability to generate documentation for code and processes automatically based on the code itself, comments, and other metadata.
  • Allows you to work together and exchange documentation with one another.

It is very easy to customise Its output can be customised by you to your own requirements. It can produce documentation, for instance, in Markdown, HTML, or PDF formats.

However, it's important to note that is currently available only for Mac and iOS users.