This Startup’s Dice Reinvents Time Tracking for Freelancers – TIMEFLIP Startup Review

In the dance of digits and deadlines, remote and freelance workers pirouette through an intricate ballet of tasks, their time as precious as a vanishing sunset. As they flex and stretch through the workday, one thing is often a clumsy partner in this choreography — tracking time. Despite the countless apps twirling for attention, most miss a step when it comes to ease and habit-forming experience. Enter the stage: TIMEFLIP, an app-powered dice designed with the grace to make logging hours as simple as a standing ovation. With just a flip, TIMEFLIP turns time tracking into a standing ovation for productivity.


TIMEFLIP is a nifty app-powered device shaping up as a polyhedron dice, magically morphing the tedious task of time tracking into a swift action that’s just plain sailing. You find yourself engrossed in work — coding, designing, maybe even carving strategies, and TIMEFLIP lies there, a silent ally for freelancers and remote workers from fields stretching across software to coaching. What it seeks to untangle is that complex cobweb of managing one’s hours—an endeavour crucial yet strenuous in this era where jobs aren’t welded to office desks.

You simply spin this dodecahedron companion to the task at hand and voilà, your hours are tallied without a hitch. Especially crafted for professionals striving through their day juggling myriad tasks, it scales back that tension of forgetting to hit ‘start’ on a timer. Its true charm lies in its ability to blend into your workflow with minimal fuss, proffering the ease of flipping rather than clicking.

What sets TIMEFLIP apart isn’t just its tangible nature but the promise of an AI component brewing in the backdrop, aspiring to churn out tailored recommendations to refine work habits. With this gizmo, which stores your time records locally even without the internet and notifies you with a glimpse of light, you’re not simply tracking your day; you’re steering toward an optimized work pattern.


Pavel Cheshev is the brains behind TIMEFLIP, a clever device turning the tide on traditional time tracking. As Founder and CEO, he’s channelled his extensive experience from outsourcing to consulting into creating a tool that doesn’t just count seconds but makes them count. Pavel’s own frustrations with existing software sparked this invention, which stands out in a crowded market where only a small fraction of people keep time with tech.

Hailing from the land of ideas, where TIMEFLIP took its first baby steps funded by preorders and nurtured through startup programs, Pavel’s journey has been anything but clockwork. It was bootstrapping and early support from Huge Thing accelerator in Warsaw that set the wheels – or rather, the dice – rolling.


While others in this space have built digital fortresses or crafted similar hybrids, TIMEFLIP rolls differently. Its dodecahedron design, local memory for offline tracking, and a glimmer of AI on the horizon set it apart from the rest. Pavel’s vision? To move beyond mere tracking to shaping a work pattern that speaks ‘efficiency’ fluently.

In a world where remote work has become the norm, TIMEFLIP aims to be more than just another gadget; it’s the silent sentinel for your schedule, aiming to deliver peace of mind and productivity in one fell swoop. With an eye on growth and a commitment to help professionals reclaim their time, Pavel and his team are reimagining how we interact with our most finite resource.

Interview with Pavel Cheshev, Founder and CEO of TIMEFLIP

Time is like sand slipping through our fingers—precious and fleeting. In a bustling world where every second is currency, how do we keep track without losing our minds? Enter the realm of productivity, where remote workers and freelancers grapple with the chaos of managing their hours. Amid to-do lists and deadlines, a hero emerges, not with a cape but with 12 sides—a polyhedron pal for those battling the clock. Meet TIMEFLIP, the game-changer in time management that doesn’t just tick boxes; it transforms the way we tally time.

Q: Could you introduce yourself and your role at TIMEFLIP?
A: I am Pavel Cheshev, Founder and CEO of TIMEFLIP.

Q: Tell us more about what TIMEFLIP does.
A: It’s an app-powered dice designed to simplify time tracking, making it accessible to everyone, particularly remote or freelance workers.

Q: Who does TIMEFLIP primarily serve?
A: Our target audience includes professionals within white-collar industries such as software development, design, marketing, consulting, education, and coaching—mostly aged between 24-45 years.

Q: What was the inspiration behind starting TIMEFLIP?
A: My extensive experience in various fields highlighted the lack of a universally accepted time-tracking solution. That’s where TIMEFLIP comes in, offering an intuitive alternative to current apps.

Q: Could you share some challenges from the early days of TIMEFLIP?
A: Certainly. Funding was tight since we were bootstrapped from inception. We primarily raised funds through preorders on our website while engaging startup media for traffic.

Q: How does TIMEFLIP stand apart from its competitors?
A: Its distinctive dodecahedron shape offers management of up to 12 tasks, local memory for offline tracking, and upcoming AI-powered work pattern optimization services.

Q: Has TIMEFLIP received external funding?
A: Yes, including €50,000 from Huge Thing accelerator in Warsaw as part of the Poland Prize for startups program in 2019.

Q: What are TIMEFLIP’s future plans?
A: We aim to develop a proprietary Work Pattern Optimization software leveraging machine learning to enhance productivity and job satisfaction.

Q: Could you share some revenue details?
A: We make approximately €25,000 per month and serve around 400 customers on average.

Q: Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?
A: Start your venture! Ensure there’s market demand before building your product and be prepared for a life change in terms of schedule and workload.

This discussion not only peeled back the curtain on TIMEFLIP’s journey but also offered invaluable insights for anyone looking to navigate the dynamic world of startups.

Feedough’s take on TIMEFLIP

TIMEFLIP elegantly carves out a niche in the bustling arena of productivity tools. This innovative device offers a tangible and intuitive solution for the timeless struggle against the clock. It’s not just about tracking time; it’s about transforming it into a valuable ally for those weaving through their workload. The simplicity and physical interaction it brings to time management is a refreshing departure from screen-based applications, making it a potential game-changer for freelancers and remote workers alike.

This startup points toward a future where work tools are more human-centric, catering to natural behaviours rather than forcing new habits. While the promise of AI-enhanced features suggests an exciting trajectory for personalized efficiency insights, the challenge lies in seamlessly integrating these without complicating the user experience. As TIMEFLIP continues to evolve, one can expect it to not only disrupt but also elevate the way we engage with our most precious commodity—time.

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