The 5 Biggest Lies Startup Founders Tell Investors

There are plenty of lies that startups make up in order to get a chunk of money from a VC. And most of them are really easy to spot.

Translation: "We're taking every intro we can get... which isn't many."

"We're being selective on the investors we let into this round."

Translation: "Finding people to invest has been really hard for us."

"We're taking our time to make sure we find the right partners for this round."

Translation: "The market size isn't significant enough for them to care."

"Our competition is too big and slow to come after us."

Translation: "We want to finally pay ourselves."

"We're raising money to scale quickly."

Translation: "Our KPIs are totally wrong but these numbers are growing."

"We're seeing 20 percent month-over-month growth from the first month of launch."