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Abhishek Shridhar

Abhishek Shridhar is a student of the Integrated Programme in Management at IIM Indore. He has been involved in the field of article writing for the past 2 years and was a part of the Media and PR team of i5 Entrepreneurship Summit 2017.


The Art Of Crafting Demand

By Abhishek Shridhar / January 20, 2018

Wouldn’t it be a paradise for businesses if they had a secret formula that could create demand for anything and everything from thin air? All a business aspires for is survival with supernormal profits for a sustained period of time. And for that, people should be wanting what it’s selling. The rawest form of trade, […]


Sports Marketing: An Awakened Giant

By Abhishek Shridhar / January 6, 2018

Human beings have loved sports through the ages. The fanaticism for sports has evolved into a new social group in itself united by the allegiance towards the team. Athletes are walking parallel to movie stars in terms of influence and are becoming the poster boys for more and more marketing campaigns. Similarly, on a collective […]


Is First Mover’s Advantage Real?

By Abhishek Shridhar / December 23, 2017

Competition is the fuel of a market. Some firms compete for customers, some compete for resources, some compete for market share and all compete for profits. This never-ending race to success is filled with sparsely populated hurdles and uncertainties waiting to be crossed and cracked. The players that get the hang of the game have […]


Is Marketing A Sycophant Of Populism?

By Abhishek Shridhar / January 8, 2018

Most of the people who have been intrigued enough to click on this article are consumers of a plethora of marketing campaigns. Sports fans are just doing it, tech enthusiasts are thinking differently, fast food lovers are ‘lovin it’ and the motorists are learning German. Certain brands have communicated their value proposition to the public […]