5 Proven Business Proposal Examples

Let’s face it, many entrepreneurs and freelancers out there have a hard time understanding the intricacies of writing and designing a business proposal. However, a business proposal is necessary to convince prospective clients. 

Therefore, to make things easier for you, we have researched and analysed hundreds of business proposals from different industries and prepared five examples. These business proposal examples will give you an idea of understanding your client’s needs and incorporating them into your proposals. Moreover, we have also included some design tips to help you further.

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Proposal 1 – Content Marketing

This elaborate yet straightforward proposal template portrays a content marketing agency pitching to a prospective client. We started with a catchy headline and a value-based executive summary and went on to follow the decided format. The template is a good business proposal example because it is brief and provides complete detail of how the company will execute the content marketing strategy. 

The key takeaway here is simplicity combined with clarity. For example, the deliverables section appears to be ordinary and plain. But it presents all the details of the whole process in a convincing and happy tone. 

Keep in mind to use simple and easy-to-understand language. Remember, in a business proposal, less is always more. So be concise and don’t delve into too much detail about the procedures or technicalities of the process. For example, in the solution section, we have persuasively described the whole content strategy followed by the company but also kept in mind not to make it too long as that may bore the reader and push him away. 

Proposal 2 – Event Management

This document by a hypothetical event management firm aims to highlight the importance of event marketing for a prospective client. The proposal clearly outlines how the client will benefit by incorporating event marketing techniques into their business and then reveals the approach and the process to achieve the designated goals.

We have clearly defined all the deliverables and the financials to avoid confusion. Furthermore, the ‘about us’ section is persuasive and clearly states some of the company’s significant achievements to back up its claims. 

Also, note how the About us section always comes after all the services and financials. This is because the client first requires clarity on how you will help them achieve their goals, and only then would they like to meet the team behind the project. 

Moreover, always remember to keep the client in the spotlight and not yourself. Discuss their problems, their needs and what will benefit them. Unfortunately, we have seen a lot of business proposals where the firm only talks about its products or services. That feels like a cold email that doesn’t consider the client’s specific needs and usually pushes them away. So, you should always research the potential customer and customise your proposal accordingly.

Proposal 3 – Ecommerce Management Agency

This well-designed and aesthetically appealing example provides an e-commerce solution to a prospective client. And, just like all other examples, we start with a persuasive and brief executive summary. The executive summary clearly describes all the client’s problems, thus personalising the section. 

Furthermore, the proposal leads with how a new online store will benefit the client. The details about the company and the team come later on. The main focus is the client, their problems and prospective solutions. Also, notice how the deliverables and financials sections are broken down to describe details of the whole process. 

Also, at the end of the document, we have included a space for the client to sign and accept the proposal. A study proves that e-signatures increase the deal closing rate by more than 465%. 

Proposal 4 – Social Media Marketing

This social media marketing proposal is concrete and detail-oriented. Right from the executive summary to the terms and conditions, it specifies every detail of the strategy and the process. Moreover, it is designed to allow the reader to skim through. It describes the problems faced by the client, the plan, the deliverables and the financials in the simplest way possible. 

Also, we have included some client testimonials in the about us section. This increases credibility and helps the company gain the reader’s trust. 

Furthermore, we have specified every detail in the deliverables section and provided full disclosure. For example, we described all the platforms the firm will be taking into account in the marketing strategy. This helps the prospective client form a clear opinion about your firm and avoids any confusion in the future.

Proposal 5 – Accounting

This visually appealing proposal shows an example of an accounting firm pitching to a potential client. We have designed the document taking into account the company’s brand. It is a good example of a professional business proposal.

Moreover, we have included an interactive pricing section with different packages so that the client can choose one according to their preference. Interactive pricing sections go a long way in building trust with the client because you give them the power to decide how much they want to spend. 

Also, we have kept the deliverables section consumer-oriented and very detailed. 

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