Streamline Contract Processes with Intelligent Automation – Parley Pro Startup Review

In the world of contract management, inefficiencies and manual processes have long been the norm. The industry has been plagued with problems like long cycle times, high resourcing costs, and delays in contract completion. Manual reconciliation of redlines can take hours, while errors in contract content and sending lead to further complications. Tracking action items and renewals manually in spreadsheets results in inaccuracies in reporting on contract metrics. 

But Parley Pro is here to revolutionise the contract management space. 

With intelligent automation and seamless collaboration, Parley Pro streamlines the entire contract process from creation to renewal, allowing businesses to focus on advancing relationships.

What Is Parley Pro?

Parley Pro is the ultimate contract management platform that helps you deliver contracts faster, smarter, and together. Imagine having all your contract-related tasks streamlined in one transparent workspace, where collaboration becomes seamless and contract cycles are dramatically accelerated. No more reinventing the wheel with each contract, starting from scratch every time. With Parley Pro, you can wave goodbye to the manual process that leads to long cycle times, high internal resource costs, and contract completion delays. 

But what sets Parley Pro apart from the competition? Well, for starters, it offers a detailed audit trail that captures every step of the contract negotiation process, providing an easy-to-follow record of who said what and when. This not only reduces conflict internally and externally but also provides valuable insights for future renegotiations and renewals. Additionally, Parley Pro provides real-time analytics dashboards and reporting, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and potential risks. 

But that’s not all. Parley Pro also offers automated notifications, ensuring that the right people are notified at the right time about upcoming tasks and their priority levels.. 

Parley Pro Founders:

Founded in 2015 by Lilian Caldeira and Roman Kisin, Parley Pro was born out of their frustration with the cumbersome contracting process. Lilian Caldeira, a management consulting executive, relied on closing contracts quickly but found herself caught in hours of negotiations with redlines going back and forth across multiple documents. Roman Kisin, an engineering executive, also experienced frustration with the manual and time-consuming nature of contracts.

Having worked together at various companies, Lilian and Roman saw the need for an easy-to-use solution for contracts, similar to the collaboration tools they had seen successfully implemented in other areas such as engineering. They realised that while there were enterprise-wide tools for functions like engineering or marketing to collaborate and work efficiently, there was a lack of user-friendly solutions for contracts.

Their collective experience and frustration inspired them to create Parley Pro, a contract management platform designed for smart collaboration. With their backgrounds in management consulting and engineering, Lilian and Roman had firsthand experience of the need for efficient and user-friendly contract management solutions.

Through Parley Pro, they aimed to transform the contracting process from creation to renewal, streamlining workflows and automating tasks. Their goal was to enable businesses to focus on advancing relationships and eliminate the bottlenecks, delays, and costs associated with manual contract management.

By combining their expertise and passion for simplifying business processes, Lilian and Roman set out on a mission to revolutionise the contract management landscape. Today, Parley Pro sets itself apart from competitors with features like detailed audit trails, real-time analytics dashboards, automated notifications, fast implementation, and excellent customer support.

Their inspiring journey serves as a testament to the power of identifying industry pain points and leveraging expertise to create innovative solutions. Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own business can learn from Lilian and Roman’s experience and the success of Parley Pro in simplifying complex business processes.

Interview with Alex Severson, Marketing Manager at Parley Pro

In order to gain deeper insights into Parley Pro and its journey, I had the opportunity to interview Alex Severson, the Marketing Manager at Parley Pro. Let’s dive into the interview to learn more about this innovative contract management platform.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about Parley Pro and what inspired you to venture into the contract management industry?

A: Parley Pro is a contract management platform that helps deliver contracts faster, smarter, and together. Our goal is to simplify and streamline the contract process, allowing businesses to focus on advancing their relationships. We were inspired by the desire to improve and simplify business processes related to contracts, as we saw a clear need for efficient and user-friendly contract management solutions.

Q: How did Parley Pro come about? Can you share some details about the early days of the startup?

A: Parley Pro was founded in 2015 in Los Altos, California by Lilian Caldeira and Roman Kisin. Lilian had a background in management consulting and experienced firsthand the challenges of negotiating contracts through endless redlines. Roman, on the other hand, experienced the frustrations of the manual and time-consuming contract process as an engineering executive. They both recognized the lack of easy-to-use solutions for contract management and decided to create Parley Pro to address these pain points.

Q: How does Parley Pro differentiate itself from competitors in the contract management space?

A: Parley Pro stands out through its features and offerings. We provide a detailed audit trail, capturing every step of the contract negotiation process, which reduces conflict and provides valuable insights for future renegotiations. Our real-time analytics dashboards allow users to identify areas for improvement and potential risks. We also offer automated notifications, fast implementation, and excellent customer support. 

Q: Can you share any plans or goals that Parley Pro has for the future?

A: As a growing startup, we have ambitious plans for the future. While I cannot disclose specific details at this time, our focus is on continuous innovation and meeting the evolving needs of our customers. We aim to further streamline the contract management process and expand our offerings to better serve businesses across industries.

Q: Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?

A: My advice would be to stay focused and dedicated to solving a real problem. Listen to your customers and constantly strive to improve your product or service. Surround yourself with a strong and supportive team, as building a startup requires collaboration and a diverse set of skills. Lastly, embrace failures and learn from them. This journey is an opportunity for growth and learning.

As the contract management landscape continues to evolve, Parley Pro is at the forefront, providing businesses with intelligent automation and seamless collaboration. With their dedicated team, innovative features, and future plans, Parley Pro is set to revolutionise how contracts are managed.

Feedough’s Take on Parley Pro

Parley Pro’s journey is a shining example of how identifying industry pain points can lead to the creation of innovative solutions. The founders’ collective experience and expertise, coupled with their passion for simplifying complex business processes, has enabled Parley Pro to carve out a unique space in the contract management industry.

By streamlining workflows, automating tasks, and providing valuable analytics, Parley Pro is helping businesses save time, reduce costs, and improve contract outcomes. As the market for contract management solutions continues to grow, Parley Pro’s future looks bright as it continues to innovate and adapt to meet the evolving needs of its customers.