10 Phrases You Should Use More Around Your Team

“Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly given small opportunities to build up or put down our co-workers in the ways we talk about them.” – a study by Harvard Business Review

Effective communication is extremely important to maintain a healthy environment at your workplace. What you say or don’t say to your team at work can not only influence the type of workplace culture in your organization but also influence their levels of productivity and loyalty to the company itself.

For the gears to turn smoothly within the organization, it is important for you to be able to rely on your team and for them to be able to rely on you. Trust is one of the key factors in motivating people in the workplace, and the easiest way to gain trust from your co-workers is by effective communication.

To ensure this, you can incorporate certain phrases at work so that you can maintain a healthy and professional relationship with your team:

What do you think of this?

In a healthy workplace culture, any and every decision taken within the workplace should be done so unanimously, i.e. as a single body. To make that happen, you must ensure that your opinions are on the same page as your team.

Asking them about how they feel about a certain decision being made allows your co-workers to voice their opinions on the matter and it makes them feel more involved. It creates a mutual feeling of trust and team-work, which is essential for any organization. In fact, according to research, people who can ask for advice are often competent in their workplace.

I’d like to hear your opinions first.

Incorporating this phrase into your workplace communication can reinforce the idea that you care about what your team has to say. Putting your teammate’s opinions first instead of your own can also provide you with a fresh and often better perspective to tackle any situation that arises at the workplace.

If at all, getting to know your co-workers’ opinions allows you to look at different solutions to a problem, and then choose one that works most efficiently. It also shows your team that their opinions are valued and trusted, and encourages them to come forward with their opinions more often.

I trust your judgment.

Trust goes both ways. By showing your teammates that you trust their decisions, you also garner their trust when you make any work-related decision in the future. By extending trust to your teammates, you also make sure that the team spirit at your workplace grows stronger.

Trust forms the basis of all interactions within the workplace. So, incorporating phrases that show your employees that you trust them can establish that healthy competition and no discrimination exist within the organization. Trust in your teammates also increases levels of productivity in the workplace, and improves your ability to work as a team.

Is there anything I can do to help?

Sometimes, when the deadlines are looming right around the corner and you could use a set of extra hands to help you out with a task or project that you’ve been assigned, using this phrase can come as a relief to your co-workers. Not only is it a kind gesture, but it also promotes teamwork within the organization

Even if your teammates do not need any help at the moment, your willingness to help them and take on a problem that isn’t yours will leave a positive impression on them. Using this phrase in your workplace interactions will also ensure that problems are handled as a team, rather than as an individual, at your workplace.

I couldn’t have done it without you.

There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’, as we all know. But saying it out loud and acknowledging the collective efforts of your team can also work wonders to boost their morale and thus positively impact their productivity in the workplace. Using this phrase around your team at work acts as positive reinforcement, and encourages them to bring their A-game more often.

Appreciating your teammates, whether you do it individually or collectively, makes them feel respected and valued as an integral part of the organization you work for. Telling your teammates that they play an important role in the company also increases employee engagement rates and has a positive effect on employee retention.

It’s great to have you on our team.

This phrase is like an encouraging pat on the back when it comes to appreciating your teammates. All of your teammates want to be a part of something big and meaningful and making them feel that they’re an asset to your team as well as your organization can positively impact the way they look at the workplace, which in turn can increase levels of productivity.

Telling your co-workers that they are a great addition to the team boosts their morale and positively affects their engagement rates at the workplace. Furthermore, if a new employee has just joined as part of your team, telling them that you are happy with their being on board gives them a sense of belonging and makes them feel welcome at your organization.

Keep up the great work.

Everyone likes to be appreciated for the amount of work that they have put into the task they have been assigned. Using this phrase at the workplace often keeps your team on their toes. Praising your co-workers on a job well done motivates them to perform even better in the future.

A happy employee who feels valued for their work is also more invested in the company’s success. Recognizing your teammates’ good work also positively affects employee satisfaction rates. Furthermore, according to the Aon 2018 Trends in Global Employee Engagement survey, recognition is one of the strongest drivers of engagement among employees.

I need your perspective regarding something.

Treat your co-workers as experts. Each one of your teammates might have a completely different perspective on how to tackle a workplace situation. The more that they come forward with their opinions, the more options there are for your team to consider before handing a certain task.

Asking your co-workers for their perspective can reflect that you value their knowledge, experience and skills. Everyone likes to be appreciated, and acknowledging a different angle to a challenging task is important to motivate your team at work.

I like how you handled that.

Taking initiative is often one of the most important traits in a person, and having a member in your team who can take initiative and handle a challenging workplace situation shows that they are capable of handling leadership and responsibility. When you praise your teammates for their character traits, you also reinforce those very traits within the workplace culture in your organization.

Using this phrase around your team at work motivates them to take initiative and take on challenges more often. It motivates your co-workers to focus on coming up with solutions to problems in the workplace with the same attitude or approach.

I appreciate your enthusiasm.

A positive and enthusiastic attitude is very important for success in the workplace and enthusiastic people are more invested in being a part of the success of their company. Furthermore, their positive attitude and energy towards work not only inspires your fellow teammates to take the same approach towards the tasks that they have been assigned but also makes a positive impact on the overall workplace culture within the organization.

Telling your teammates more often that you appreciate their enthusiasm at work will ensure that they help out with the tasks in an upbeat and cooperative manner. The more enthusiastic that your teammates are, the more driven and motivated they will be to work productively as part of a team.


According to a Gallup poll in 2018, 34% employees are engaged with their work, which is the highest percentage till date, and a part of the reason is employees being recognized and appreciated in the workplace. Individuals who receive praise and recognition are more productive in the workplace since they want to maintain their productive streak.

So, saying a few words of appreciation for your team at work can go a long way. The more you provide your teammates with appreciation, with a little bit of occasional constructive criticism, the more invested they will be as part of the team. Using these phrases more often around your team at work can motivate them to perform better in the workplace in the future.

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