Rifle Approach | What is Rifle Approach in Marketing?

A rifle is used to hit a clearly defined target. Hunters prefer to use a rifle when they’re clear about the object they want to hit and that object is clearly in sight. It’s a similar case with the rifle approach in marketing.

Rifle Approach in Marketing

Rifle approach is an advertising strategy that involves targeting a clearly-defined audience effectively and efficiently through clearly defined promotional strategies.  This situation occurs when the target audience of the business can be narrowed down and strategies can be formed to perform one to one marketing.

Instead of mass advertising, marketers identify the mediums that assist them in their one to one promotional strategies. Mediums like publications, social media, Search engines, direct selling, etc. are used in this Approach.

Features of Rifle Approach

  • Sufficient data about the target audience is a prerequisite.
  • One size doesn’t fit all. One to one approach helps marketers create a tailor-made promotional approach for their customers which result in a better connection between the two.
  • This approach results in more loyal customers.
  • It is also more useful when the business has fewer resources.
  • Per capita engagement of this approach is more when compared to the shotgun approach

Difference Between Shotgun Approach and Rifle Approach

The focus of the shotgun approach is to reach as much audience as possible through wide-ranging strategies while Rifle approach focuses on specific, high-yield prospects through one to one promotional mediums. To simplify it further –

Shotgun Approach
Rifle Approach
Wide audience targeting
Niche targeting
Usually involve ATL marketing strategies
Usually involve direct marketing strategies

The Psychology Behind Rifle Approach

Everyone likes when they are given importance. This is what the rifle approach does. Marketers target the users individually and hit them with tailor-made strategies. This Approach involves a personal touch which appeals to the customers and makes them brand loyal. It’s an approach that is not used to get the customer’s attention but to keep their attention and their business.

Who all can benefit from Rifle Approach?

Any business which has direct contact with the customers can benefit from using this Approach. Be it a small cafe at the corner of the street or a big E-Commerce store like Amazon, more personalised advertisement approach will benefit the business for sure.

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