The 10 Best SEO Copywriting Tools

SEO copywriting is a tricky trade. You need to write content that's engaging, informative, and persuasive while also ensuring that it ranks high on search engine results pages. It's like walking a tightrope between creativity and technicality.

But fear not! With the right SEO copywriting tools, you can create content that's both delightful to read and optimised for search engines. From researching the best keywords to analysing your content's readability, these tools can help you streamline your workflow, improve your writing, and boost your website's ranking.

We have curated a list of SEO optimisation and copywriting tools that will guide you through the specific features of each tool, how to use them, and what benefits you can expect.

So, whether you're a seasoned copywriter or just starting out, here's a list of the ten best SEO copywriting tools to take your copywriting productivity to new heights.


  1. All In One SEO Copywriting Tool: Anyword, "Anyword is an AI-powered SEO copywriting tool that uses predictive analytics to analyse the effectiveness of copy and keywords, helping users create more customer-centric content and optimised for search engines."
  2. To Write Copies With High SEO Score: Frase, "An SEO copywriting tool that offers end-to-end content workflow solutions with tools for research, outlining, writing, and optimising, for higher quality content."
  3. To Make Expert-Trained AI Write SEO Copies: Jasper, "An AI tool trained by the world's experts benefiting copywriters with fast and easy content creation for SEO, social media, and websites, ending writer's block, and scaling up content."
  4. To Generate Ad Copies & Run A/B Test: Copysmith, "Copysmith helps large ecommerce marketing teams to write SEO-focused product descriptions, rewrite existing content, create content in bulk, run A/B test, and more in a matter of seconds to scale and grow your eCommerce store."
  5. To Get NLP Keywords Suggestion & SEO Optimise Copy: Surfer SEO, "An SEO tool that provides real-time Content Score feedback on different parameters like NLP-oriented SEO keywords, keywords volume, etc."
  6. To Get Real-Time Keyword Suggestions: Clearscope, "A content SEO platform that suggests relevant topics, keywords, and phrases in real-time. It also seamlessly integrates with popular content creation tools to maximise producing content that drives more traffic."
  7. To Paraphrase & Keep Check On SEO: Prepostseo, "An online platform that helps in checking SEO optimisation before and after posting content by providing 95+ tools that analyse content, verify links, and improve the quality of content on various aspects for better search engine rankings."
  8. To Check Your Content Grade Level: Readable, "A readability toolkit that helps improve the content by providing a range of features, which optimise readability and improve search engine ranking, ultimately benefiting content creators and marketers alike."
  9. To Get Your Grammar On Point: Grammarly, "A powerful tool that improves content by detecting grammar and spelling errors, suggesting better words and phrases, and ultimately contributing to better SEO and search engine rankings."
  10. To Study The Competitors: SEMRush, "A tool with a comprehensive suite of features to analyse and gain insights into competitors' strategies, enabling users to identify top-performing keywords, backlinks, and more."

Recommended SEO Copywriting Tools


All-In-One SEO Copywriting Tool


You can use Anyword to know how your content will perform even before it is published. It is an AI-powered copywriting tool that generates and optimises it efficiently to make it better connect with your audience.

Using Anyword, you can:

  • Get a predictive analysis of how your content will perform (before publishing it)
  • Get multiple SEO-optimised and persuasive copies written for Ads, SMS,  blogs, emails, social media posts, meta descriptions and more to choose the best for each.
  • Evaluate the potential to engage with your audience and understand the reaction of different demographics to each variation.
  • Skip the guesswork and make the AI write highly-tailored audience-oriented copies.
  • Generate high-performing marketing copy for varied formats and channels.
  • Make your landing pages stand out by adding all important copy elements to them.

If you want to improve your conversion rate, know what will convert, and be sure about writing highly SEO-optimised copies for each channel. Anyword, with its keyword suggestions and predictive score, makes it easy to work on SEO copywriting confidently.


To Write Copies With High SEO Score


Frase could be your go-to SEO content writing tool, irrespective of whether you're an SEO marketer, content marketer, or marketing agency owner. It is an all-in-one SEO tool that streamlines your entire SEO content workflow.

Using Frase, you can research keywords, topics, and more, write, and optimise high-quality SEO content, all on one dashboard. It makes going from keywords to final drafts in minutes.

Using Frase, you can:

  • Get SEO-optimised results for any target search query in minutes.
  • Analyse your SEO competitors' content's main keywords, headings, and concepts.
  • Create and store custom brief templates.
  • Click on 'complete for me' to autocomplete your sentence.
  • Get full-length SEO-optimised content in 6-10 seconds
  • Make the AI paraphrase or rewrite the write-up to improve quality
  • Get blueprints for content that readers and Google will love alike and thus will rank higher and get more traffic.
  • Add the keyword you want to write on and get recommendations of related keywords.
  • Get ideas for subheadings and heading to include

If you want to get fair with your copies, get better and faster with your research and writing, make your copies SEO-optimised, and get it all in one place, check out Frase to get the best results.


To Make Expert-Trained AI Write SEO Copies


Jasper is one of the pioneer SEO copywriting tools in the industry, which effortlessly streamlines the copywriting flow. This generative AI platform has one of the most advanced long-form content writing tools, including expertly-led frameworks and templates. Moreover, there's a ChatGPT-like chat feature along with expert recipes to improve your copywriting outputs.

With Jasper, you can:

  • Describe to Jasper what your product is and get the AI to write the entire website copy, including headlines, product bullet points, meta descriptions, FAQs, and more.
  • Write emails for sales, marketing, & support, and add personalised images to them. Plus, with its chrome extension, you can do it all at Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, Intercom, or other places.
  • Write an SEO-Optimised blog with easy integration with Surfer to rank higher.
  • Explore unique marketing angles for ads, research common pain points and desires of customers, and get persuasive ad copy and images ready to run a campaign.
  • Write months of social media posts, inducing video scripts to get viral on YouTube or TikTok, Instagram posts, LinkedIn articles, and more.
  • Generate art and high-resolution images from the text that illustrate your story with detail in any style.

With a massive library of expert-trained and made templates to make the AI write copies, Jasper can help you streamline the workflow and improve your copies.


To Generate Ad Copies & Run an A/B Test


Copysmith is a complete AI SEO copywriting tool for ecommerce marketing teams who want to create high-quality content at scale.

With Copysmith, you can:

  • Write persuasive product descriptions that mitigate cart abandonment, massive time and cost
  • You can write product descriptions for Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Etsy, and more, matching their platform requirements.
  • Rewrite the old content and improve SERP
  • Get the AI to write highly SEO-optimised copies to rank high organically
  • Give your everyday content a fresh idea and perspective.
  • Run the A/B tests and launch new campaigns across a range of platforms quickly
  • Get AI-generated images and social media posts ready to publish

If the everyday product description writing, emails, and blogs have got you stale and you want to do this bulk work no more, with Copysmith's easy integrations, you can do everything in record time.


To Get NLP Keywords Suggestion & SEO Optimise Copy

Surfer SEO

When working with Surfer, you ensure you are not leaving your SEO on chance. That is because, Surfer analyses the top-ranking content on search engines and provides you with on-page SEO optimisation recommendations, including content length, keywords to include, and more for better search engine ranking.

With Surfer, you can:

  • Get real-time scores for every section of your content, including headings, subheadings, readability and more, in its content score meter.
  • Get the outlines, briefs, and even the structure you should follow to write the content on the given keyword.
  • Use its keywords recommendation, outlines, and score to write SEO-optimised content that reads well and skyrockets your organic rank and traffic.

Researching the right keywords and getting right with the SEO is a daunting task, but if you want to get right with this and want to create content that's best for search engines and readers alike, you can take the help of the Surfer.


To Get Real-Time Keyword Suggestions


Clearscope is a generative AI-cum-AI-powered content optimisation tool that helps content creators, copywriters, and marketers produce high-quality, SEO-friendly content. It offers insights and recommendations based on the analysis of top-ranking pages for a specific keyword to streamline the content and SEO work.

With Clearscope, you can:          

  • Get the analyses of top-ranking pages for a specific keyword and get recommendations for optimising your content
  • Create more clickable, shareable, and readable content and copy using data-driven insights of Clearscope to drive more organic traffic.
  • Save time by streamlining your content creation process with the help of AI technology.
  • Ensure that your content is optimised for search engines and has a higher chance of ranking on the first page of search results.
  • Collaborate with your team and share projects to streamline your workflow and boost productivity.
  • Integrate it with the tools you are already using to stay better with the workflow.

With real-time keyword suggestions, Clearscoe makes adding relevant keywords to the copies and content easy to boost the SERP ranks. It is a perfect tool for you if you lack keyword research or have no time to conduct the research.

prepost seo

To Paraphrase & Keep Check On SEO


PrePostSEO is a comprehensive suite of over 95 writing, SEO, and website management tools. It enables students, writers, and SEO marketers to optimise their content and ensure it is SEO-friendly before and after posting them on any channel, ensuring higher visibility and engagement.

With Pre Post SEO, you can:

  • Copy and paste your content to get it rewritten and even increase or decrease the word limit.
  • Ping bulk/mass URLs to Search Engines up to 50 all at once under each category.
  • Get addresses to thousands of guest posting websites and their contact address.
  • Generate the fake address of numerous countries (that look more like real ones) that you can post anywhere when required.
  • Save time and get the summary of the texts in just a few seconds.
  • Check grammatical errors
  • Check the SEO-friendly URLs
  • Check domain authority
  • Generate social media posts, captions also with images
  • Get addresses to the backlinks
  • Translate the binary codes to the text

These are just a few things to name when it comes to using Pre Post SEO. It is a vast tool one would want to use when one wants to put everyday tasks on autopilot and do them all in record time.

If you do not want to risk any part of your SEO and want to get everything on point and even more from a tool, the Pre Post SEO tool can be of use.


To Check Your Content Grade Level


Writing copies is one thing, but making them readable and effective is a task that makes the job of copywriters tough. But that is what this tool is, Readable.

Readable is the world's most useful tool you can use to get the readability score for your content.

With Readable, you can:

  • Spot the readability issues and make your content copy simpler, clearer, and more readable.
  • Get A-E ratings for content readability using the Grade
  • Use the reach metrics to know what percentage of your audience can understand your content
  • Improve your content to forge a connection with the audience.
  • Customise your spelling and grammar engine.
  • Set a custom threshold for sentence and word lengths.
  • Spot passive voice and convert them into active voice.

If you want to get access to a unique readability score (that no other tool can display) and improve your content copies to make them user and search-engine-friendly, with Readabile, you can do this and be consistent with your copies. 


To Get Your Grammar On Point


Grammarly is a useful tool that can help you improve your writing and ensure it is error-free. It's particularly helpful for individuals who write a lot of content and want to ensure that their writing is professional, polished, and effective.

With Grammarly, you can:

  • Improve Your Writing as it helps you identify and correct grammar and spelling errors, suggest alternative words, and enhance punctuation.
  • Enhance the clarity in content as it suggests simplifying complex sentences, avoiding jargon, and making your writing more understandable.
  • Get your tone right as it suggests changes to make your writing more formal or informal, depending on your intended audience.
  • Save time and effort in identifying and correcting small spelling errors quickly.
  • Check plagiarism to ensure the originality and uniqueness of your content

When you are a copywriter, content writer, or SEO marketer who wants to write error-free content, use Grammarly to save time and be right at every edge of the content.


To Study The Competitors


SEMRush is not less than a digital marketing powerhouse offering a wide range of tools for SERP tracking, analysing the competitors, keyword research, PPC analysis, and social media. Besides its writing assistant, it is an underrated gem that will help you optimise your on-page SEO and improve readability.

With SEMRush, you can:

  • Find keywords that you must include in your content
  • Find gaps in your content and copies to make them better and rank higher
  • Use the research feature to generate new content ideas relevant to your target audience and optimise for search engines.
  • Analyse your competitors' content and use their strategies to improvise them in your content.
  • Overall, SEMRush is a powerful tool for improving your SEO copywriting, helping you create

Overall SEMRush is a tool that will help you analyse your competitors, your website, content, get suggestions for keywords, and more.