The 8 Best Product Description Generators

In the world of ecommerce, having clear and compelling product descriptions is one of the crucial aspects of marketing and selling products successfully.

As 87% of shoppers state, product description is critical when buying a product.

However, writing descriptions that grab attention and convert visitors into customers can be time-consuming and challenging, particularly if writing doesn't come naturally to you.

Fortunately, there's a solution, product description generators.

These powerful tools use artificial intelligence to quickly and easily generate unique, high-quality descriptions for your products.

But with so many options available, it can be difficult to know which description generator is right for your business and uses a natural language processing (NLP) formula to churn content.

In this post, we've compiled a list of the top eight product description generators on the market to help you create descriptions that stand out and drive sales.


  1. Free product description generator -, "A free description generator tool that generates beautiful and effective product descriptions following the SEO, format and described structure."
  2. Platform-Agnostic Product Description Generator - Anyword, "A powerful product description generator that can create unique and highly effective product descriptions tailored to any specific platform, with the added benefits of a performance score prediction feature and customisable copy options."
  3. Expert Backed Product Description Template -, "A tool that allows using the expert made product description templates where one can set the tone, describe what they need and get unique product descriptions to post on websites, social media, or an email."
  4. Amazon Product Description Generator - Simplified, "This product description generator focuses on Amazon listings and simplifies the process of generating high-quality descriptions, resulting in improved conversion rates."
  5. Customised Product Description Generator - Frase, "An instruction-oriented tool that makes customisation easier and gives complete control over the product description writing style to match the brand style. It allows setting the personalised wizard templates that create PDs in the asked style."
  6. SEO Product Description Generator - Writesonic, "A great description generator tool to generate SEO-optimised and high-quality product descriptions 10x faster to ensure it ranks high and converts."
  7. To Write Product Descriptions In Bulk - CopySmith, "A product description generator for eCommerce that creates SEO product copies. It does all the work from research to writing the product descriptions in bulk with easy upload of a long list of products."
  8. Shopify Product Description Generator - Hypotenuse ai, "An invaluable state-of-the-art AI description generator tool to write or paraphrase product descriptions to ensure the brand voice across the business stays intact and boost conversions."

Recommended Product Description Generator Apps


Free product description generator

With's advanced machine learning algorithms to analyse your inputs and generate human-like product descriptions that match your style, tone, and audience, you can develop effective PDs that sell. You can simply enter the product's name and some basic information, and the tool will generate a custom product description in seconds.

You can customise the output to fit your needs or use the suggested PD as-is.

With, you can:

  • Create unique and engaging product descriptions quickly and easily.
  • Choose from a variety of tone of voice options that best represent your brand identity and target audience.
  • Generate multiple product description ideas with the click of a button.
  • Save and organise your favourite product descriptions for future use.
  • Use the "More Like This" feature to generate new product descriptions based on your favourite ones.
  • Customise generated product descriptions to fit your brand voice and messaging.
  • Improve your product descriptions for SEO and conversion rates by following best practices for compelling copywriting.
  • Save time and effort by using its AI-powered tool to create high-quality product descriptions that sell.

This tool is designed for those who want complete control over their product description writing style. With an emphasis on customisation and user-friendly instructions, you can create personalised wizard templates that generate product descriptions tailored to your brand's unique style. Whether you need to match an existing tone or develop a new one, you have to teach the AI, and this tool makes it easy to create product descriptions for free.


Platform-Agnostic Product Description Generator


Anyword is a product description generator that uses AI and big data to create high-converting, original product descriptions suitable for use on any ecommerce platform or website. This platform-agnostic approach allows you to save time and resources by generating product descriptions that can be used across multiple channels and platforms.

With Anyword, you can easily create clear and concise product descriptions that give your potential customers all the information they need to make a buying decision.

With Anyword, you can:

  • Quickly generate unique and high-converting product descriptions for any platform (following each platform's rules)
  • Get a predictive performance score to help improve your conversions
  • Use the customer persona tool to generate descriptions that resonate with your target audience
  • Apply your own style of writing with the custom mode feature
  • Use the unlimited words feature to support all your marketing copy needs apart from writing product descriptions
  • Use Anyword's continuous optimisation solution to dynamically display web page text based on a customer segment's needs to maximise conversions.
  • Use the Amazon or Shopify Product Description Projects to create persuasive product descriptions and feature lists for your chosen platform's product listings.

If you're tired of the stale and repetitive product descriptions that are present across all platforms, then you can try Anyword to write your PDs. With its advanced AI-powered copywriting tool, Anyword can help you create unique and compelling product descriptions that will stand out from the crowd.


Expert Backed Product Description Template


You can use an expert-backed product description template provider, Jasper, that offers a comprehensive framework for creating informative, engaging, and persuasive descriptions. Writing PDs using these templates, you can effectively communicate your product's unique value and benefits.

These templates incorporate proven best practices and are designed to help businesses of all sizes and industries. You can use them to create product descriptions that stand out, drive sales, and element the staleness.

With Jasper, you can:

  • Use expert-backed product description templates that are well-structured and create compelling descriptions to convert visitors into customers.
  • Customise product descriptions based on your business needs, industry standards, and target audience.
  • Use the related established copywriting strategies templates like AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) to craft product descriptions that flow naturally, as if written by a human.
  • Leverage Jasper's AI-powered tools and features to streamline your product description creation process and save time.
  • Access a wide range of product description templates for different categories and types.
  • Benefit from Jasper's data-driven approach, which uses market research and analysis to optimise your product descriptions for maximum impact.
  • Improve your search engine optimisation (SEO) and online visibility using relevant keywords and metadata in your product descriptions.

You can transform your product descriptions into persuasive sales drivers with Jasper. Its product description templates, developed by experts, incorporate proven copywriting principles to help you overcome writer's block and craft compelling copy that converts.


Amazon Product Description Generator


You can use Simplified to write any product description, but when it comes to Amazon Product Description Generator, Simplified is a top choice. Its several templates are tailored specifically to Amazon, making it an impressive tool for listing products on the platform. Plus, it's user-friendly and easy to use.

With Simplified, you can:

  • Use the 'Amazon Product Features' to highlight your product's key features and benefits clearly and concisely.
  • Use the 'Amazon Product Description' to get the PD's language that is easy to understand and avoids using technical jargon that may confuse potential buyers.
  • Use bullet points to break up your PD into easily digestible information that potential buyers can quickly scan.
  • Mention any unique selling points or features that differentiate your product from others in the same category.
  • Use 'Amazon Product Title' to add keywords and phrases relevant to your product and target audience to create SEO-friendly product titles that improve your product's visibility in search results.
  • Create Amazon product reviews while setting the tone and using advanced features to set the creativity level.

If you want to ensure your product descriptions are well-structured, easy to read, free of errors or typos, and rank high, use Simplified, the Amazon product description generator. A well-crafted PD can make all the difference in converting potential buyers into paying customers on Amazon.


Customised Product Description Generator


You can use Frase, no less than a wizard when you want to create too many product descriptions but want them all on different tones of templates. Be it the AIDA, PAS, Feature-Benefit, personalised styles and models, and more. It just helps you to create every personalised product description you want on any template.

With Frase, you can:

  • Create product descriptions using the AIDA formula that entices the users to make the purchase.
  • Turn product/service features into a list of benefits that makes it easy for readers to read and scan features.
  • Use the Problem, Agitate, Solution (PAS) formula tool to create product descriptions that leave the FOMO effect on users and make them buy the product
  • Use the product description and list of features to write the PDs in the traditional style, where a line or two describes the product and then lists down the features.
  • Use the brand adjectives, ethos, and slogan to make the PD memorable and create a TOMA (Top Of Mind Awareness) in people's minds.
  • Generate a tagline about a given product to make that product have its own voice.
  • Use the custom tools to create a template of your own. You can train this AI tool with your past written content to make this custom AI tool generate content in your given style.

If you want to be highly custom with your product descriptions and want an AI solution that writes in your own tone as you instruct it, Frase can help you with that. You can train it and generate effective PDs that make your products rank high and sell.


SEO Product Description Generator


Wrtiesonic is a tool that is rapidly gaining popularity among users seeking an SEO product description generator solution. The tool's success can be attributed to its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for individuals to navigate and locate the desired features. Wrtiesonic offers a wide range of description options to choose from, which further enhances its appeal.

Using Writesonic, you can:

  • Create PDs get a variety of creative and effective product descriptions to choose
  • Customise the tone of voice to be excited, professional, and more to create descriptions that align with your buyer's desired tone.
  • Add the keywords you want to include in your product descriptions and get well-integrated PDs that make your customers find your product with ease.
  • Select from 25+ languages to create PDs to surpass the language barrier
  • Set the quality type, Economy, Average, Good, or Premium, to get the quality you want for your PDs that resonates with your audience.
  • Get three outputs in one go. And you can keep clicking regenerate to get three outputs every time until it matches your expectations.
  • Use Write sonic's product description generator tool for services, products, Amazon product descriptions, Amazon product features, and Amazon product titles.
  • Also, use the 'Chatsonic' to chat with the chatbot, train it on how you write the product descriptions and make it write as you do.

If you want to say goodbye to spending hours generating SEO-optimised product descriptions and stale content, you can use Writesonic, a description generator, to write unique product descriptions every time with relevant keywords.


To Write Product Descriptions In Bulk


With CopySmith, writing SEO-friendly product descriptions for all your products in minutes instead of days is easier. Surprisingly, its bulk writing feature takes only a few minutes to research and create product copies for the long list of products in minutes.

With CopySmith, you can:

  • Create product descriptions in minutes by uploading your long list of products to the tool.
  • Integrate CopySmith with your relevant eCommerce software and apps to make it easier to upload PDs
  • Upload a long list of products, generate their SEO-optimised descriptions automatically, and export them all at once.
  • Use the different templates that guide you through the process of creating product descriptions.
  • Create product descriptions for Amazon, Instagram, eBay, Etsy, and Flipkart,
  • You can also create product review replies and sales email
  • Enter the brand's name and a few keywords to get the SEO-optimised keywords and phrases from CopySmith

CopySmith is a suitable tool for a large marketing team or an eCommerce store owner with a long list of products to post on varied platforms in bulk. However, if you do not want to generate and copy-paste product descriptions one by one or spend days writing PDs from scratch, CopySmith can be a problem solver for you.


Shopify Product Description Generator

An AI-powered tool that leverages state-of-the-art AI enables ecommerce businesses to generate and paraphrase high-quality product descriptions, blog posts, and social media content for their Shopify stores. It connects easily to your Shopify store and offers a range of features, including one-click import for product attributes, suggested keywords for better description generation, and the ability to generate numerous descriptions. It helps you to save time, eliminate writer's block, and improve SEO and conversion rates.

With Hypotenuse, you can:

  • Automatically import all your product attributes and information from Shopify with just one click to generate product descriptions directly on the platform.
  • Use suggested keywords to generate descriptions that are optimised for SEO in the PDs
  • Choose from a range of unique and fresh description variations to suit your needs.
  • Make edits directly on our platform in the chosen PD to customise your descriptions to your liking and give them a finishing touch.
  • Directly publish your descriptions to your storefront without uploading the CSV files. It does not interfere with the size table, icon, and review plugins.
  • Maintain your style changes and tables by inserting your original description.

If you want to increase conversions and eliminate writer's block with Hypotenuse's time-efficient solution, you can do it quickly and keep your Shopify product descriptions fresh and SEO-optimised.