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Some startups fail, but many disrupt the market in the ways we'd never expect. Here are some of those startups which we feel deserve the world's attention. 

Own A Piece Of the Internet | Houm Startup Review

What if I told you that almost all the internet services you use are owned and operated by four to five big corporations? Intrigued? Now, what

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Learn About Trends Before Everyone Else | Signum Startup Review

Digital trends are hard to understand. An average person would have never imagined the internet to go crazy at fidget spinners. Random people become memes and

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A Digital Marketing Experts Marketplace | Smooper Startup Review

How do you choose whom to ask your questions from when it comes to digital marketing and social media? Well, now you can check for what

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Box Office Fantasy Game | The Next Big Film Startup Review

What if there were a fantasy game for films where you could predict a film’s success, bid on it, and win revenue rights if you had

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Outsourced R&D Department For Startups | Stalwart Research Startup Review

Startups revolve around disruptive product development. They thrive on the problems that no one focuses at and provide solutions that everyone has wished for but no

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360° Marketing For Authors | AllAuthor Startup Review

With more than 4,500 registered authors all over the world which include USA Today’s and New York Times’ best-selling authors and authors from Amazon’s Top 100, Allauthor bills

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Sell Your Old Phones Within 60 Seconds | Instacash Startup Review

Operating in 13 cities in India and 8 cities in Malaysia, Instacash bills itself as a company which buys your old phones within 60 seconds. It

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This section contains startup reviews of the companies which have paid us to feature them on Feedough. While we make sure that we only feature the relevant startups which are disrupting the market and are worthy of attention. We'd like our readers to know that this is a premium service and we charge for it.

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