A Marketplace For Event Volunteers – Boorg Startup Review

The event industry is the sunrise industry in the service sector. Be it a public event or a private event, everything is now done on a big scale.

And since the word ‘event’ is redefined, so is the manner of how it is hosted. This new way of hosting an event on a big scale opened up the opportunity for event-based-volunteering and event-based-jobs. These volunteers, though very helpful, are not easy to find.

This is where Boorg comes in – an event directory to help the organisers find authentic and professional volunteers for their events.

Boorg – Startup Review By Feedough

An event-listing-cum-volunteer scouting platform which helps event organisers in Armenia find efficient volunteers with professional backgrounds. In simple terms, Boorg works as the platform where volunteers can find events to participate in and organisers can find volunteers they can work with.

Besides this, the application also makes it easy for the organisers to effectively communicate and manage the volunteers.

The Concept

The founders of Boorg found an opportunity in the repressed demands of the volunteers and event organisers who wished to connect but were unable to do so because of a missing discovery platform. The existing middlemen, on the other hand, were either mismanaging or weren’t able to provide promising volunteers to the organisers.

In the words of a representative –

“Currently, in the Republic of Armenia, many volunteers want to join events, but due to mismanagement many don’t join or many quit in the middle of the event. By using this application, volunteers will be able to use its magnificent services such as getting quotes on foods or transportation. This application will remove the middle management and will be the form of communication with the event organiser and the volunteer itself.”

The Offering

To cater to the core problem of a missing discovery platform and other related event organisation problems, Boorg was developed as a mobile application which lets –

  1. Organisers to list their platform in very few and simple steps
  2. Volunteers to discover events they can take part in and apply for the same
  3. Organisers to receive applications from professional volunteers who have some experience
  4. Organisers to benefit from a volunteer relationship management system within the application.

The revenue model of the application is a simple commission model where Boorg takes a commission from the event organiser for every volunteer that joins the event.

The Value Proposition

The current positioning of the brand as a discovery platform is the unique selling proposition as well as the value proposition of Boorg.

The fact that it is easy for the volunteers to just find any event they want to work in makes this platform a hub for such volunteers. And because there are many volunteers on the platform, event organisers are automatically attracted.

The Interview

How is your product/service disrupting the industry?

Our main products and services will be all based on an application. If the organiser wants to set up the event, they will click on the app and create the event. Volunteers will be granted access to the app in signing up for the event as a volunteer. They would need to provide documents and information’s regarding their background. The application will send the documentation directly to the host and they will be able to choose the volunteers they want.
The application will provide benefits to the volunteers that are participating. It will also include service benefit packages as discussed previously.

What about the competition? How are you better than others?

In this case, we don’t have competitors, because Boorg will be the new platform in Armenia, which will remove the middle management and will be the form of communication with the event organiser and the volunteer itself. Our competitors can be some volunteering services in Armenia. For example, volunteer bank NGO- they have a base of volunteers but don’t have task management and platform as well.

The history of your startup (how it all started)?

Our team has had extensive experience in volunteering at various events And during those events and volunteer work, we’ve had different issues and that’s why we decided to set up Boorg, which will be a system where more productive systematization of events can be organised, why not allow volunteers to improve their experience and skills.

Why did you choose this niche?

This niche is a CRM system (platform) and task management tool except it revolves around volunteers and event organisers. We create a CRM system (volunteer base), or volunteer relationship management system (volunteers task tools), which allows event managers to track, monitor and communicate with volunteers using an automated platform. You can customise messages to focus on items, issues, information of interest to specific customers, which helps build retention into communications mix.

Tell us about the team.

Our young and dynamic company is successfully evolving through gaining more expertise in the industry and helping other businesses to grow. And we are focused on helping our industry to improve. Our team holds the view that software and technology can bring a positive social change. Estero team is passionate and dedicated to work, we are a team of bright-minded and disciplined people, which help us make awesome projects. The team has worked together for many projects, and we are already a great team, we know each of our strengths and we use it to get better results in any work we do together. In order to understand the importance of creating Boorg platform, we conducted market research to uncover the demand.

What’s the progress till now and what are you expecting in the future?

The priority for our team is to bring this project to fruition, although we already have mobile-first. In the future, we look forward to new partnerships and a global market.

Feedough’s Take on Boorg

Boorg successfully found a market which needed what it had to provide. The business model is crafted efficiently enough to help both the event organisers and the volunteers without charging much from the pockets of the organisers.

We also loved how this startup planned its milestones – starting with a specific Geographic and releasing only a mobile application to test the hypothesis.


Liked how this startup found its way out in the market by serving to the repressed demands?

Are you an event organiser who was waiting for such an app to exist?

Or are you just a random person who loved the idea? Head on to Boorg and see how they are disrupting the industry

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