What Do Investors Really Want To See In Your Pitch Deck?

Investors want to see you as a successful entrepreneur, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to invest just because you’re smart and a good person. You have to prove to them that you’re worth their time and money. And what does your pitch deck need to look like to get the investors’ attention? We went through the data to figure out the answer.

Investors want to know if you’ve done your research to prove that your product solves a real problem for real people and whether they are willing to pay for your solution.

A real-world problem worth solving 

Your startup needs to have a clear business model, competitive advantage, and market opportunity. Investors don’t want to hear about your personal experience or opinion.

A clear market knowledge

This is evidence of how well your startup is doing. It can be as simple as showing a few customers on your website, or it could be as complex as tracking your conversion rates and your cost per acquisition over time.

Evidence of traction (customers, revenue, etc.)

It's important to have a well-defined and realistic plan in place for growth. Investors usually look for a strategy with clearly defined milestones and a clear path to achieving them.

A plan to grow your startup

Investors love to know that there is a solid team in place. The pitch deck is your chance to highlight all the things your team has done to make your startup a success.

Why is your team apt for this opportunity