What Is After-Sales Service? – Types & Examples

Customers are the biggest asset a business can have, and this asset is built through satisfaction and relationships.

A customer is satisfied only when the offering provided to him matches or surpasses the promises made. To guarantee this, businesses provide quality offerings along with after-sale services.

But what exactly is after-sales service? Why is it important? What are its types?

Here’s the answer to all.

What Is After Sales Service?

After-sales service, also called after-sales support, refers to the services and support a business offers to the customers as part of its customer satisfaction and customer retention policy after the offering is sold.

This after-sales service definition can be divided into three parts for better understanding:

  • Services and support provided to the customers: After-sales services include all the services provided to the customer by the manufacturer, retailer, or a third-party customer service or training provider concerning the offering.
  • As part of customer satisfaction and customer retention policy: After-sales services form a part of the marketing strategy targeted to increase customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and word-of-mouth-marketing by fulfilling what’s promised to the customers. 
  • After the offering is sold: Such services are provided after the customer has paid for the offering. 

Types Of After-Sale Services

After-sales services constitute all the services and support provided after the product sale. These include –

  • Usage: Guidance on how to use the offering.
  • Education: User training, courses, etc.
  • Assurance: Guarantee, Warranty, Upgrade, Return, Replacement, etc.
  • Assistance: Product configuration, installation, reinstallation, relocation, etc.
  • Support: Online and offline support, 
  • Reward: Loyalty rewards, offers, referral rewards, etc.

The business offers all these services to reaffirm to customers that their decision to rely on the brand is justified and that they should stick with the brand for the long term.

Importance Of After Sales Service

Complex products, expensive products, or products with long lifespan often require the seller’s involvement to aid the customers in setting up and/or using the offering. Sometimes, marketing efforts also require the seller to provide the customers with some guarantee of usage and product lifespan to aid the sales.

All these constitute after-sale services and are important towards the fulfilment of the short-term and long-term goals of the organisation, like:

  • To get more customers on board.
  • To prove that the product is worth buying.
  • To reaffirm customers’ decision of relying on the brand.
  • To retain customers and make them buy from the brand again.
  • To build relationships with the customers.
  • To enforce referral and word of mouth marketing strategies.

After Sales Service Examples

The rise of competition in every industry has resulted in the rise of various types of after-sales services that are both customer and niche specific. Here are some examples of the best after-sales services offered by top brands.

After Sales Support – Lenovo Vantage

Lenovo is a famous computer and laptop brand that offers after-sales support in the form of Lenovo Vantage – an application pre-installed in Lenovo devices to help users update their drivers, run device diagnostics, request support and discover apps.

The application makes it easy for the users to diagnose the problem with their system and even connect with the Lenovo help centre from the same application if they face any difficulties.

Guarantee and Warranty – CamelBak

Camelbak deals in adventure products like backpacks, bottles and accessories. The company boasts the quality of its products and to prove this, provides after-sales support in the form of The Got Your Bak™ Lifetime Guarantee scheme.

User Training – GetResponse Courses

GetResponse is an online platform providing solutions for email marketing, landing page, webinars hosting and more. As a part of its after-sales service, the company provides its customers with specialised courses that help them learn the importance and intricacies of the online marketing techniques and how they can use the company’s offering for the same.

Free Installation – Air Conditioner Retailers

Air conditioner brands and retailers often offer a free installation service to customers. This service is usually charged for when ordered otherwise.

Return & Replacement – Amazon

Amazon, to enhance customer satisfaction and boost online sales, offers a free return and replacement service where the customers can return and/or replace the products if they don’t meet their expectations. This after-sales service strategy has really helped Amazon in tapping new markets that were devoid of ecommerce.

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