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Closerscopy Review

The AI-Powered writing assistant that lets you develop your own frameworks

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aashish pahwa

Aashish Pahwa

Founder, Feedough

September 22, 2022

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aashish pahwa

Aashish Pahwa

Founder, Feedough

June 15, 2019

About Closerscopy

Artificial intelligence no more sounds artificial. It has become one of the most used technologies in various fields. From e-commerce website personalisation to automatic content generators, AI is used everywhere, even in this article you're reading.

Closerscopy is one such AI-powered content generator that promises to help you write better and more efficiently. From blog posts to social media posts and even ad copy, Closerscopy boasts of a wide range of features that can help you generate your marketing content in your own voice, style and tone.

That is, you train the AI model with your own content and it learns from it to generate more such content for you.

As innovative and ground-breaking as it may sound, does Closerscopy really deliver on its promises? We decided to put it to the test and find out.

In this detailed Closerscopy review, we'll take a close look at this AI writer's key features and see if it's worth considering over its competitors like Jasper, Frase, Copy.ai, Copysmith, Rytr, etc. 

  • Unlimited AI writing
  • Three different AI models (blog, sales, and story) for different needs

Closerscopy Key Features

  • Unlimited AI writing
  • Three different AI models (blog, sales, and story) for different needs
  • A dedicated longform content editor with tons of features
  • Over 700 frameworks for every usecase
  • Ability to create your own framework using prompts
  • Workflows with chained frameworks
  • SEO optimisation similar to Surfer SEO
  • Free seats to team members

Who Is It For?

  • Bloggers
  • Copywriters
  • Small business owners
  • Freelancers
  • Content Marketers
  • Students


  • Ability to create your own frameworks
  • Industry-tailored AI models
  • Native SEO features to optimise the articles
  • Really active community
  • Over 700 existing frameworks for every industry
  • 128 language support
  • Affordable than competitors


  • Slow server - output generation takes time
  • Has a learning curve
  • One-person team
  • Factual errors in output
  • Can't work on certain niches requiring extensive research
  • No free trial

Overall Rating

Overall, Closerscopy can be your one-stop shop for AI-generated content. If you're looking for an AI writer that can help you with your blog posts, social media posts, and even ad copy, Closerscopy is definitely worth considering.

The best part?

Unlike the competition, you can train the AI model to your specific needs, voice, and tonality, which makes it even more worth the investment.

However, the slow server needs to be worked upon to make the user experience better.

Ease Of Use

Not the simplest UI amongst the lot. It has a slightly higher learning curve.


You can even create your own framework/template.

Output Quality

The default output can be better. The custom frameworks output is great though.


Not the cheapest but not the priciest too.


Support is quick but can be improved.

Detailed Closerscopy Review

What Is Closerscopy?

Closerscopy is an AI-powered content writing tool that helps you generate high-quality, engaging content for your blog, social media, ads, and more.
The biggest USP of Closerscopy is its ability to create frameworks with your own voice. For example, you can provide the AI with the previous ad copies or emails you've written and the AI will learn your voice and style to generate new content that sounds just like you.
The tool also has an intelligent content optimisation engine (similar to Surfer SEO) that analyses your content, ensures that it is optimally written for search engines, and stands at par with your competitors.
The best part?
Closerscopy isn't just for blog posts. This AI can generate social media posts, product descriptions, email newsletters, ad copy, and more.There are also workflows where you can connect different frameworks to be operated as chains.
For example, generating a blog topic, introduction, body, and conclusion with just a few clicks.
Here's an example of how you'll be using Closerscopy:
  • You'll create a new document within a project. It'll open a blank editor page similar to Ms Word or Google Docs.
  • On the left-hand side, you'll see a menu with different options like 'Frameworks', 'Workflows', 'Longform', etc. Select the one you need for your task.
  • Suppose you want to write an email newsletter. Click on frameworks. Here you can choose among the list of existing frameworks by the team and even the community frameworks created by other users. Or you can create your own framework for future use.
  • Let's say you choose to create your own framework. The first step is to give your framework a name and category. Then you'll be asked to select the creativity temperature, character length, and description.
  • Then you add the instruction. Instructions are basically how you want an output for specific input. Here's an example -
  • Once your framework is ready, all you have to do is run it by providing an input and it'll give you around 3-4 outputs within seconds
closerscopy overview

And this isn't all. The best thing Closerscopy has to provide is its three finetuned models -

The tool uses a mix of GPT-3 Davinci (the best version) and its proprietary algorithms to give you the best results.

However, when compared to other AI writing tools like Jasper, Copy.ai, and Copysmith, the output quality fell slightly behind when using the default settings (not training the AI). On the other hand, the trained model can produce outputs that outcompete other players easily as most don't even provide this flexibility to the users.

The not-so-good part?

It is run by a single-person team - Nico Engler - who handles everything from development to marketing to sales. This poses a question of sustainability in the long run.

Closerscopy Key Features

Closerscopy could be your "second you" when it comes to generating content. The features that make it unique and powerful are:

  • Unlimited AI Writing: Unlike tools that rely majorly on GPT-3, there is no limit to the amount of text you can generate with Closerscopy. From a 5000 words e-book to a 30-second video script - Closerscopy can handle it all with ease, all unlimited.
  • AI models: The platform has three AI models (blog, sales, and story) for different types of content. You can switch between these models depending on your need.
  • Longform: A tool designed for long-form content like articles, blogs, press releases, etc. You give the AI your brief and the talking points, and it develops long-form content for you 100-200 words at a time. You can easily edit and add to this content as you see fit.
  • Frameworks: You can find hundreds of pre-existing frameworks (developed by the developers and the community) for content, social posts, ads, etc. on the platform. You can even create your own custom frameworks by training the AI on your specific needs.
  • Workflows: Workflows are chained frameworks that help you get work done faster. For example, you can create a content workflow that includes persona development followed by ad copy development for that persona. There are also several pre-made workflows that you can choose from.
  • SEO optimisation: The tool has a special feature for long-form content that helps you optimise your content for better ranking on search engines. All you have to do is type the focus keyword and the tool will scrape the first 10 ranking webpages for you and analyse their content. It will then give you an optimisation report along with tips to improve your ranking.
  • Insights: The insights feature analyses your content and gives you an in-depth report of its readability, emotion, keyword densities, and spam analysis. This report can be really helpful in improving your content strategy.
closerscopy homepage

Who Can Benefit From Closerscopy?

Closerscopy could be perfect for you if you fit into any of the following categories:

  • Blogger: You look for ways to write SEO optimised blog posts without spending hours to put down your thoughts into right words.
  • Content marketer: You need to produce quality content on a regular basis to engage your audience and generate leads. The content can be in the form of blog posts, social media posts, or even ad copy.
  • Copywriter: You want to create high-converting ad copy or landing pages without spending hours brainstorming or doing A/B testing.
  • Freelancer: You are always on the lookout for new tools that can help you get more clients and grow your business - be it content writing, SEO, SEM, or social media marketing.
  • Student: You need to write essays, papers, or articles for your studies but don't have the time or patience to do it yourself.

Simply put, Closerscopy can help if you wish to write any form of content more effectively and efficiently.

Closerscopy Pros

Closerscopy is amongst the top AI-powered content writers available today. Here are the reasons why:

  • Ability to develop your own frameworks: You can develop your own content writing frameworks on Closerscopy. This means you lend your voice to the tool, which in turn allows you to write copy in a way you would have written instead of a generic tonality.
  • Tailored for your industry: The software comes with a range of different industry-specific templates. This means you can get content written for your specific sector without hassle.
  • SEO features: The software has a plethora of SEO features that help you write copy that ranks higher on search engines. This includes auditing the ranked webpages, auditing your content, and more.
  • Unlimited words: The biggest selling point of Closerscopy is that it doesn't limit the number of words you can write. This means you can write long-form content without any worry.
  • An extensive list of frameworks: With over 700 frameworks in every industry, you're sure to find one that fits your needs. The best thing? Community shares new ones every day.
  • New features every month: The founder of Closerscopy is constantly adding new features to the software. This means that you're always getting more value for your money.
  • Highly active community: The tool has a really active and engaging Facebook community. This means you can get help and feedback from other users.
  • No banned terms and limitations: Unlike GPT-3 dependent platforms that ban content related to adult industry, drugs, and gambling, Closerscopy has no such limitations. You can write about whatever you want.
  • Great pricing: For a tool that provides unlimited content, Closerscopy is very reasonably priced.
  • 128 languages: The platform currently supports 128 languages. So no matter what language you want to write in, Closerscopy has you covered.

Closerscopy Cons

With all of the incredible features that Closerscopy offers, there are bound to be a few drawbacks. Here are the cons of Closerscopy:

  • Slow server: Compared to its competitors, Closerscopy's server is a bit slow. This can be frustrating when you're trying to get work done quickly.
  • Learning curve: There's a learning curve with Closerscopy. It's not as simple to use as some of its competitors. However, it's a powerful tool once you get the hang of it.
  • Factual errors: Unfortunately, Closerscopy is not a research tool. It requires manual intervention to correct factual errors.
  • One-person team: Closerscopy is run by a one-person team. This can be a drawback because there's only so much one person can do.
  • No free trial: Closerscopy does not offer a free trial. This acts as a big barrier to entry for potential customers.
  • Unlimited AI writing
  • Three different AI models (blog, sales, and story) for different needs
  • Closerscopy AI Case Study - Using Closerscopy To Create Content

    I know it's hard just to read the Closerscopy review with just features and get a feel for what it can do, especially since there's no free trial. So instead, I decided to write this case study using Closerscopy to show you what it's capable of - both for short-form and long-form content.

    Closerscopy Dashboard

    The Dashboard

    Closerscopy Dashboard

    Closerscopy's user interface and experience aren't among the best I've seen. It's not terrible, but it could use some work - especially in the dashboard area.

    You need to create a new project and add a document just to use short-form frameworks like ad copy generator or social media post templates. It would be nice if there was an option to just use those features without having to create a project first.

    Nevertheless, it's different but not bad. Good for people who like to organise their thoughts before they start writing.

    The Document Area

    Almost everything that the tool has to offer happens in the document area. There are options to write a long-form, use frameworks, workflows, audit your article, get content insights and more.

    And all this can be overwhelming for a new user.

    However, the founders have thought of this and introduced a launchpad option - a custom place where you can keep your frequently used features for easy accessibility.

    closerscopy document area


    Believe it or not, this post is written with the help of Closerscopy's longform.

    All I did was add my arguments to the article, and the longform feature expanded them for me.

    However, sometimes, the output isn't as great as I would like it to be. But this is where the unlimited generations come handy. Generate it as many times as you want and you'll eventually find the argument you like.

    I wished I could like or dislike the result to get better options on repeated generations.

    Unlike other tools, you can separately generate briefs, headlines, listicles, FAQs, etc. by just clicking on the respective option in the right sidebar.

    This makes it really easy to generate a holistic article.

    closerscopy overview


    Not going to lie. Frameworks are what sets Closerscopy far ahead of its competition.

    By frameworks, I mean the ability to input your own specific rules that the AI has to follow while writing a copy for you.

    Either you use frameworks created by the developers or community or create your own. Both options, when used correctly, can help you get great results.

    The best thing is that the possibilities are endless. You can create rules for grammar, style, voice, etc., and the AI will make sure to follow them.

    This way, you can get a copy that's aligned with your brand voice and style guide.

    In fact, I generate most of my newsletter emails and Instagram posts using Closerscopy now.

    closerscopy framework builder

    The best part?

    You get 3-4 different outputs for the same input. So if you're not happy with one, you can always choose another.

    closerscopy framework output


    Workflows granted all the "I wish for" wishes that users demanded when frameworks were launched.

    They are chained frameworks that you execute one after another.

    For example, here's my Instagram carousel copy workflow -

    • Step 1: Come up with ideas for what to post
    • Step 2: Input those ideas into the "Instagram Post" framework which will come up with introduction and bullet points.
    • Step 3: Expanding those bullet points into full sentences
    • Step 4: Coming up with the caption for the post


    The SEO feature is similar to what you'll find on Surfer - an NLP-powered SEO tool. The tool asks you to list your focus keyword and target country. It then scrapes the top ten ranking web pages for that keyword and analyses them to come up with an SEO report.

    Though not including everything an SEO tool should include, this report show overview of your article's SEO compared to the competition. The NLP algorithm analyses all the keywords used by the competition, ranks them according to relevance and gives you a list of the most important ones to target.

    I suggest not completely relying on the report but using it as a general guide.

    Closerscopy SEO report


    Insights is a tool developed with the aim of improving your readability score. It analyses your content and uses its algorithm to give you a readability score, elaborate on the emotions you've used in the article, give a keyword density overview and check for spam.

    It can be a handy tool to improve your writing and ensure you're not overusing certain words or emotions.


    The Teams Feature

    Closerscopy allows you to share your premium account with a team of two to four, depending on your plan. But the operations are a bit different.

    Your team doesn't enjoy all the premium features you enjoy. You just add them to a project and they can edit only that particular project

    For instance, you can't add a team member and give them access to all your projects like you would in Wordable.io.

    This could be seen as a good thing because it doesn't allow just anyone to edit your content. But on the other hand, it could be seen as a drawback because you can't

    Closerscopy Pricing

    Closerscopy is amongst the most affordable AI writers on the market. It offers three different pricing plans, all of which come with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

    The cheapest plan is $49.99/month, and it allows you to have up to 300 AI runs per month. It's the only plan with some limitations.

    The next plan of $79.99/month gives you unlimited runs along with the ability to have 2 other members as your team. The $99.99/ month plan is the top tier that gives you everything plus 4 other members in the team.

    closerscopy pricing

    Unlike other tools, Closerscopy has a limited time lifetime deal where you can get the access to the unlimited tool for lifetime. The pricing ranges from at $317 (one time) per user to $697 (one time) for a 5 users team. 

    closerscopy LTD

    Unfortunately, Closerscopy doesn't provide a free trial. But you can still try the same as they provide a 14 day money-back guarantee.

    Closerscopy Review - Our Verdict

    Overall, Closerscopy can be your one-stop shop for AI-generated content. If you're looking for an AI writer that can help you with your blog posts, social media posts, and even ad copy, Closerscopy is definitely worth considering.

    The best part?

    Unlike the competition, you can train the AI model to your specific needs, voice, and tonality, which makes it even more worth the investment.
    However, the slow server needs to be worked upon to make the user experience better. 

  • Unlimited AI writing
  • Three different AI models (blog, sales, and story) for different needs
  • Overall Rating

    Ease Of Use

    Not the simplest UI amongst the lot. It has a slightly higher learning curve.


    You can even create your own framework/template.

    Output Quality

    The default output can be better. The custom frameworks output is great though.


    Not the cheapest but not the priciest too.


    Support is quick but can be improved.

    Closerscopy FAQs

    We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about Closerscopy to help you learn more about this content writing platform.

    Is ClosersCopy free?

    No, Closerscopy is not a free platform. They don't even provide a free trial. However, they do offer a money-back guarantee, so you can always get your money back if you're not satisfied with the platform.

    How do I create a framework in ClosersCopy?

    The framework concept is as simple as input-output. You train the AI by teaching it what an output should be for an input. For example, if you want to generate product descriptions, you would need to provide it with a sample product description. Once the AI is trained, you can simply input a product and it will generate a description for you.

    Does Closerscopy use GPT 3?

    Yes, but it relies more on its proprietary algorithms than on GPT 3.

    What is the target audience for Closerscopy?

    The target audience for Closerscopy is businesses and individuals who need help with their content writing. Whether you're looking to generate blog articles, social media posts, or even ad copy, Closerscopy can help you do it more effectively and efficiently.

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