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In the hustle of finding a balance between work ambitions and the longing for human connection, remote workers often hit a wall of loneliness. Their hearts hover between the comfort of home and the buzz of a lively office. Yet, the freedom to work from anywhere is too sweet to let go. Cue in a platform tailored for these modern wanderers, a place where clicking ‘book’ does more than secure a spot—it weaves you into a network where work meets play and strangers turn into colleagues. This is the magic crafted by Emma Bousfield and her co-founder at Colive Values, connecting the dots for those craving community in their remote lifestyles.

What is Colive Values?

Colive Values is your ticket to finding a sense of belonging in the expansive world of remote work. Picture yourself tapping away at your laptop, only this time you’re not alone. You’re surrounded by voices sharing stories and ideas, all from individuals who have dared to break the traditional office chains without sacrificing the camaraderie that comes with it. Now, that’s a workday with a difference!

For the millennial and Gen Z crowd steering through their careers from a distance, loneliness can loom as large as their to-do lists. That’s where Colive Values steps in – creating connections and fostering communities that resonate with similar aspirations and interests.

By untangling the complexity of finding your tribe in the vast digital nomad space, this platform nudges you into coliving spaces that feel more like home than just a temporary desk spot. With straightforward booking processes and tailored community selection, Colive Values isn’t just about finding a spot to work; it’s about enveloping you in an experience where work and life balance harmoniously.

Standing out in its approach, Colive Values doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you’re looking to ride waves before your morning meeting or discuss startup strategies over shared dinners, it helps each wanderer find their unique coliving match based on what matters most to them – be it location, interests, or values. It’s not just accommodation; it’s a lifestyle that celebrates the freedom of remote work without letting go of the human connection.

Colive Values Founders

Emma Bousfield, alongside her co-founder Majd, steers the ship at Colive Values. With her marketing flair and UX design savoir-faire, Emma’s journey from a Master’s of Digital Media graduate to a digital nomad in Mexico and Portugal shaped her vision for a connected remote-working world. It was this adventure that sparked the idea when Majd, an engineer with a knack for innovative solutions, came aboard.

Their early days were a juggle between attracting remote workers and hosts, spreading the word about their platform’s unique approach to coliving without stretching themselves too thin. The challenge? To grow two distinct user segments simultaneously with just a two-person team.

What sets Colive Values apart isn’t just about finding any community; it’s about discovering your community. They champion the idea that a surfer might thrive on the sunny coasts of Portugal rather than the mountains of Switzerland, offering personalized filters for interests and locations.

As bootstrapped beginners, they’re navigating growth organically, aiming to enhance the booking experience with calendar syncing options in the future. Despite being in its infancy with modest monthly bookings, their vision is clear: to foster connections without compromise.

Emma’s advice to budding entrepreneurs resonates with her own path—keep pushing through doubt, be patient for growth, and maintain your drive. And with loneliness among remote workers skyrocketing, it’s ventures like Colive Values that are stitching the fabric of a new communal work lifestyle.

Interview with Emma Bousfield, Co-Founder of colive values

The chance to sit down with Emma Bousfield, the co-founder of Colive Values, presented an insightful peek into the heart of a startup that’s bridging the gap between remote work freedom and the human longing for community. In our conversation, we discussed the intricacies of building a platform that not only serves remote workers but also understands them.

Q: Could you introduce yourself and your role at Colive Values?
I am Emma Bousfield, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at Colive Values.

Q: What does your startup do?
A: We connect like-minded remote workers and digital nomads by helping them find coliving communities that align with their values and interests.

Q: Who is your target audience?
A: We serve Millennial and Gen Z Remote Workers looking for an alternative remote working lifestyle.

Q: What primary problem are you solving for them?
A: The loneliness and isolation remote workers often feel, while preserving the freedom that remote work provides. They want to be social and focus on professional development simultaneously.

Q: How do you solve this issue?
A: We take them out of their home office and place them in communities with other remote workers who share similar interests, simplifying the booking and communication process directly through our platform.

Q: Tell us about the founders.
I’m one of the co-founders, with a background in marketing and UX design. My partner, Majd, is an engineer with a passion for innovative solutions.

Q: What inspired you to start Colive Values?
A: My experiences as a digital nomad in Mexico and Portugal showed me the beauty of meeting new people and working remotely. Majd’s idea resonated with me, and thus Colive Values was born.

Q: Can you describe some early challenges?
A: Growing two user segments—communities/hosts and remote workers—with a lean team has been challenging. We need to balance bookings, onboard new communities, and spread word about our platform.

Q: How does your startup stand out from competitors?
A: We understand that each digital nomad is unique. Our filters for interests, values, and location preferences help users find their ideal community.

Q: Has your startup received external funding?
A: No.

Q: What are your plans for the future of Colive Values?
A: We aim to integrate calendar syncing options for hosts to better manage bookings.

Q: Could you share some revenue details?
A: We just launched and have about 1 booking per month at around $1200 USD, averaging 25 new users per month.

Q: Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?
A: Push through doubt, be patient for growth, and maintain your drive. It’s vital not to lose momentum.

Emma’s openness in sharing her entrepreneurial journey offers valuable lessons for those looking to carve their own path in the burgeoning world of remote work and coliving.

Feedough’s Take on Colive Values

Colive Values shines as a beacon for the modern remote workforce, addressing the silent scream for community amidst the liberty of location independence. Its founders have identified a poignant challenge—combating the isolation that creeps into the remote work lifestyle—and have crafted a compelling solution. The startup’s ability to tailor experiences to individual needs sets it apart in an industry ripe for disruption. As they continue to refine their platform, one can expect Colive Values to grow its user base and booking frequency, given the escalating trends towards flexible work arrangements. Their decision to bootstrap illuminates a commendable commitment to sustainable growth, signalling the promising potential for longevity and innovation. Keep an eye on Colive Values; it’s poised not just to ride the wave of change but to shape the very waters of how we perceive work and community.

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