The 7 Best Business Communication Tools

From an employee or a student aspiring to be one, from an entrepreneur to a blogger, business communication is a very essential skill that can help you upskill and make your working more effective. However, choosing the right business communication tools from the set of infinitely many tools coming up every day is not a cakewalk.

Today, the world demands you need to write grammatically correct emails, choose a platform that makes your team connect at an instant, hold not-so-boring webinars, and focus on more than just textual communication. All this require you to have a suite of business communication tools that help you communicate well while making the most of your time.

Fret not, we’ve got you all covered!

Here’s a well-rounded list of the best business communication tools to help you succeed in your venture.


  • For AI writing assistance: Grammarly “An efficient digital communications assistant which checks grammar, spelling mistakes, structure of writing and provides better vocabulary assistance.”
  • For AI content writing: ClosersCopy “The ultimate AI-powered platform to write engaging content for ads, blogs, and websites in seconds.”
  • For making webinars and e-meetings more interactive: GoToWebinar “An exclusive platform to host virtual conferences with various flexible webinar modes and other interactive features which personalize registration forms, increase reach and track engagement through analytics.”
  • For creating visual business content: Canva “An excellent platform to design creative graphics, presentations, social media posts, certificates, posters and a wide range of other templates.”
  • For flexible team collaboration and messagingSlack is “A business communication platform which facilitates working as a team in a virtual workspace, enabling integrations, messaging, creating applications and automating processes.” 
  • For sales, hiring and training: Crystal Knows “An extraordinary platform which makes use of the insights of the DISC behavioural framework and integrates it with sales, team building, hiring, and training of employees of an organisation.”
  • For emails, improved productivity and collaborationsGoogle Workspace “ A collaborative Google workspace for e-mails, creating content, storage space, holding meetings and conferences, forming classrooms and using whiteboards.” 

Recommended Business Communication Tools



If you are looking for an AI writing assistant that would correct and improve your spelling, vocabulary, grammar, structure, and tone of writing, Grammarly is your go-to business communication tool. It helps compose clear, structured, and concise content for emails, messages, posts, articles, blogs, and other forms of business content.

Grammarly is a freemium tool that caters to your multiple writing assistant needs. It makes sure that the email, blog post, social media post, assignment, or PPT that you’re writing is free of all grammatical errors and has a tonality that matches the intent.

Use Grammarly to:

  • Eliminate errors in spelling and punctuation
  • Check grammar and make the content concise
  • Check the plagiarism extent
  • Make tone and formality level adjustments
  • Find the apt words to express yourself
  • Appropriately structure and style the content
  • Write snippets, adjust brand tones and other features specifically designed for businesses under Grammarly for teams

While you can get most of the features using Grammarly free, we suggest you try Grammarly premium and see the difference.



AI is taking over humans in the content space. If you don’t want to get left behind, you need an AI copy assistant. And ClosersCopy provides you with the best features of all.

The SAAS uses GPT-3 and its proprietary SalesAi, which are pre-trained and use deep learning to produce human-like text.

All you have to do is to guide them in a direction, and they’ll produce –

  • Digital Ad copy for Facebook, Google, and Linkedin ads
  • Blog posts
  • Website copy for hero text, subheaders, and meta descriptions
  • E-Commerce copy for product descriptions, benefits, and microcopies
  • Sales copy for pain-agitate solve, before-after-bridge, and AIDA copywriting techniques
  • Social Media Content for captions, posts, and ideas

The best part? You can even train the AI to get output that suits your brand voice and tonality. Moreover, you can develop your own frameworks for your own use-case – be it business or personal.



If you are looking for a convenient and easy-to-use platform that offers flexible webinar modes for you to host interactive webinars, e-meetings, and virtual conferences, GoToWebinar is the solution to your problem. It powers millions of webinars each year and facilitates integration and interaction in businesses.

There are no limitations for the type of device used. GoToWebinar can be used on a desktop, phone, laptop, or even a tablet and can be used to schedule webinars for flexibly:

  • Marketing for increased reach, customised forms and mails with brand logos and colours, analytics and track engagement and automated communication, reminders, follow-ups, and record transcriptions
  • Training for a diverse engagement arsenal for polls, surveys, live Q&A sessions, certificates, and attaching materials like handouts and multi-screen sharing  
  • Corporate communications for HD video, crystal clear audio, integrations, and recording webinars

Unlike Zoom, GoToWebinar proves out to be a more professional webinar platform that has more features like social promotion, simulated live webinars, better quality, and even polling features.



If you are not a graphic designer, fret not. You can use Canva to create professional-looking designs for your business. It has an easy, convenient to use, and tremendously versatile drag-and-drop approach that lets you create professional-looking designs within minutes.

You can use Canva to make presentations, resumes, design logos, business proposals, and create social media posts, certificates, letters, posters, flyers, cards, videos, business cards, brochures, menus, book covers, and whatnot.

The best part? You get most of the features in the free plan as well.

The premium plans, however, have tons of more features.

  • Over 250000 free templates, 100+ designs, and free photos and fonts for designing graphics for posts, presentations, posters, letters  
  • Facilitates team collaboration by letting people work on designs and templates together
  • Can adjust the transparency of images and the overall professional outlook
  • Schedule posts with the content planner and resize and customise them for various platforms
  • Cloud storage
  • Fonts and different premium custom templates


If you want flexible and collaborative working among your team, Slack is the right choice for you.

Consider Slack to be a professional WhatsApp plus additional work tools to help you communicate with your team better.

Slack provides tools that can be used to connect and work with colleagues. It is inclusive, and teams can work together in channels for quick and efficient information sharing to make working smoother and more aligned. It is a free tool that offers additional features in the pro and business+ versions.

It focuses on ‘need to have’ and not merely ‘nice to have’ by making it more accessible to the users.

  • One platform for working as a team
  • Channels to organise conversations, information, and files in one place
  • Slack Connect to collaborate with teams in other companies
  • Team Chats with options to send instant or scheduled messages
  • Voice and video calls and conferences
crystal knows

Crystal Knows

Does your business employ personal selling? Do you reach out to people on LinkedIn, emails, IMs, etc., personally? If yes, Crystal Knows is the tool that can make this process more effective, efficient, and jaw-droppingly better.

Crystal Knows analyses online data to identify behavioural traits, communication styles, and peoples’ motivations and uses DISC to get personality insights which it integrates with sales, hiring, and training procedures to make them more effective.

In simple terms, it analyses your prospective customer, lead, employer, or employee’s personality and gives you hints, tips, and guidance on how to communicate better to get the most results.

Crystal Knows helps in:

  • Team building through its personality assessment feature that you can use for team building, training, and culture.
  • Sales by providing deeper insight and understanding into prospects.
  • Hiring, as it helps HR managers assess the employees better.

A simpler version of how Crystal Knows can help you is:

  • The SAAS will tell you words, phrases, style, and tone you should use to talk to your prospect, customer, employer, employee, or prospective employee.
  • It’ll give you a complete personality analysis of the person you intend to outreach.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace or GSuite is what you are looking for if you want an all-in-one package of tools that facilitate collaboration, increased productivity, and efficient working. It allows greater collaboration by letting multiple members access and work on the same document or sheet at the same time and work conveniently as a team.

This set of easy to use, convenient tools facilitate greater integration and is a one-stop solution to a diverse range of user needs:

  • Mails through Gmail
  • E-Meetings and conferences through Google Meet
  • Schedule meetings, events, and conferences on Google Calendar
  • Write content on Google Docs
  • Make spreadsheets and arrange the information on Google Sheets
  • Make presentations on Google Slides
  • Storage space through Google Drive
  • Make forms to collect information, feedback, and other surveys through Google Forms
  • Messages and team chat rooms through Google Chat
  • Make notes through Google Keep
  • Make Classrooms and use jamboards