What Is Brand Identity? Why Is It Important?

Brand identity is the company’s side of the story. It’s how the company feels that it should be perceived by the consumers. An identity is created as a result of various branding activities like name, logo, voice, shapes, colours, etc.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is how a brand portrays itself to the customers. It is the set of all the branding activities a company indulges in order to be perceived in a particular way to the target audience.

Brand identity is how a brand identifies itself. It is the aggregate of brand name, tagline, brand voice, brand positioning, brand relationship, and brand personality.

Importance of Brand Identity

Brand identity is how a brand differentiates itself from others. It includes distinguishable brand elements that are used to promote the business. Even though the brand name, logo, and tagline are an important part of it, a brand’s identity isn’t limited to them. It includes all the visual elements which give rise to the brand experience.

Brand Image

While brand identity is the outward expression of the brand, brand image is how the customers perceive it. Having an identity is really important for the business as it gives rise to brand image. One of the biggest tasks of any marketer is to make customers form an image of the brand which is similar to its identity.

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A brand differentiates itself from other players through its identity. Differentiation is important for positioning strategies.


Consistency is the most important aspect of branding and brand identity is what gives rise to consistency. Developing a consistent outward expression is important to be perceived in a way brand wants.


A brand identity is the visual representation tool to express the brand’s personality.

Brand Identity Examples


Even in the early 20th century, Coca-Cola had its brand identity strategies in place where it used red coloured barrels and a unique shape for its bottle. The company has also been consistent with the logo since then.


Apple has one of the most differentiating identities as compared to other brands. The use of the letter before every product, premium pricing, the look, the logo, and the voice makes it stand out.

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