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In the hustle of modern life, time is a currency we all seem to be short on. Busy professionals juggle an array of tasks, with phone communication often playing a crucial role in the day’s agenda. The current landscape sees these individuals trapped in an endless loop of missed calls and voicemails, commonly known as ‘phone tag’—a frustrating game where conversations are missed, and productivity stalls.

Enter TAG, a startup that envisions a world where phone calls align seamlessly with our unpredictable schedules. By introducing an innovative approach to managing phone interactions, TAG transforms the possibility of catching each other at the right moment into a tangible opportunity. Rather than setting rigid call times, TAG’s system is fluid, allowing calls to occur organically when both parties find themselves free. The result is a harmonious balance between availability and the need to communicate, tailored for the ever-busy person.

With the guidance of Trent Smith, TAG’s founder, and the strategic input from advisor John Elvesjö, the startup is carving a niche for itself in the communication sector. Despite challenges in user adoption, TAG’s commitment to refining its narrative and enhancing its features promises a future where calendar integration and intelligent matchmaking are the norms. We did an interview to find out more about the journey and the innovative solutions TAG is bringing to the table.

What is TAG?

TAG is your ally in the constant battle against the inconvenience of phone tag. Designed for the busy bee, this innovative platform ensures that phone calls only happen when you’re actually free to chat. It’s a common scenario: you’re either dodging calls during meetings or missing important conversations when you’re available. TAG is here to change that.

Imagine exchanging ‘TAGs’—requests to talk with specifics like estimated duration, deadline, and topic. Once you accept a TAG, you can indicate your availability at your convenience. If your counterpart is also free, a notification pings, and just like that, a call is initiated. It’s the asynchronous agreement to converse, merged with the spontaneity of availability.

Unlike other solutions that require scheduling, TAG thrives on the spontaneity of your day. It doesn’t tie you down to prearranged slots; instead, it adapts to your dynamic schedule. This is particularly useful if your day is unpredictable and you find it challenging to stick to a set timetable for calls.

TAG’s unique value proposition lies in its ability to make phone communication as fluid as your day-to-day life. It’s not about adding another messaging app to your phone; it’s about optimizing the time you already have, ensuring that when you do pick up the phone, it’s because both you and the person on the other end are ready and willing to engage. The result? More meaningful conversations and a significant reduction in the back-and-forth that so often plagues our attempts to connect.

TAG Founders

Trent Smith stands at the helm of TAG, a startup that’s charting a new course in the realm of communication. With the inception of TAG, Trent, a founder with a vision, has taken the lead in addressing the all-too-common issue of phone tag. You know the drill; you’re busy, your contacts are busy, and the result is a series of missed connections that can disrupt even the best-laid plans.

Trent Smith

The origins of TAG are rooted in Trent’s own experiences. Like many of us, he found himself wrestling with the challenge of coordinating phone calls amidst a packed schedule. Traditional methods of communication were falling short, and the need for a more fluid system was clear. It was in this space that TAG was born, born out of necessity and a desire to streamline the way we connect.

In the early days, TAG’s journey was met with skepticism. Convincing users that TAG was more than just another messaging app was no small feat. Yet, with the tenacity that characterizes many founders, Trent persevered. He knew that once people began to use TAG, they would understand its value—a belief that has continued to drive the startup forward.

The concept of TAG came to life through the combined efforts of Trent and his advisor, John Elvesjö. This collaboration has been pivotal, blending Trent’s insight into the daily struggles of busy professionals with John’s strategic acumen. Together, they have shaped a solution that is as innovative as it is necessary.

As you navigate the complexities of your own professional life, consider the story of Trent Smith and TAG. It’s a testament to the power of addressing a universal problem with a simple yet effective solution. And as TAG continues to evolve, with plans to integrate calendar intelligence and sophisticated matchmaking capabilities, it stands as a reminder that sometimes, the most impactful innovations are those that tackle the most relatable challenges.

Interview with Trent Smith, Founder of TAG

Having the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of TAG and its innovative approach to communication, I recently sat down with Trent Smith, the founder of this unique startup. Here’s a glimpse into our conversation, where Trent shares insights into TAG’s journey and vision for the future.

Q: What was the key driving force behind starting TAG?

A: The idea for TAG came from a personal need. Both my friends and I are pretty busy, and it was getting harder to connect over the phone. We needed a way to make calls happen during our free moments without the hassle of scheduling. That’s what TAG is all about—connecting people when they’re actually available.

Q: Can you describe a typical day in the early startup phase and the challenges you faced?

A: The early days were tough, especially trying to get people to see TAG as more than just another messaging app. We spent a lot of time refining our story and ensuring our service was understood. It was all about persistence and passion for the problem we’re solving.

Q: How does TAG differentiate itself from other communication tools on the market?

A: Unlike scheduled calls, TAG is all about using your available time effectively. It’s not about adding another app; it’s about optimizing the time you already have. Our platform adapts to your schedule, making phone conversations more organic and less of a hassle.

Q: Have you received any external funding, and if so, how has it impacted your growth?

A: No, we haven’t pursued external funding as of yet. We’re focused on growing organically and ensuring our product truly resonates with our users.

Q: What are TAG’s future plans, especially regarding technological advancements and user experience?

A: We’re looking into integrating calendar intelligence and movement data to facilitate better matchmaking. The goal is to have TAG work in the background, finding the best times for both parties to talk, without them having to do much.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?

A: Don’t get discouraged by delays or obstacles. It’s all part of the journey. Keep pushing forward whenever you can, and stay committed to solving the problem you’ve identified.

Q: Could you share some statistics or milestones that highlight TAG’s growth and impact?

A: We’ve just launched, so it’s early days. However, we’re already seeing a lot of interest and engagement from users who find real value in our service. We’re excited to see how TAG evolves as more people discover the benefits of our approach to communication.

This candid conversation with Trent Smith sheds light on the vision and determination behind TAG. It’s a platform that’s not just another app on your phone but a solution to a real-world problem many of us face daily. With its user-centric design and future-forward features, TAG is poised to change how we think about and manage our phone conversations.

Feedough’s Take on TAG

TAG’s approach to streamlining phone communication is a breath of fresh air in an era of constant connectivity. Its potential to disrupt the traditional call scheduling paradigm is noteworthy, offering users a chance to embrace spontaneity while respecting their busy lifestyles. The startup’s trajectory is promising, especially with plans to integrate advanced calendar and movement data for enhanced matchmaking.

Moving forward, TAG’s challenge will be to maintain its innovative edge and user engagement as it scales. Expect TAG to become a key player in the communication space, offering a practical solution to an age-old problem, with a focus on enhancing productivity and fostering genuine connections.

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