This AI Startup Transforms Your Google Meet Chats into Notes – Bluedot Startup Review

Picture this: you’re in a Google Meet call and the discussion is flowing, ideas are sparking, but there’s just one problem – who’s going to remember all of these brilliant points? Founders of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often juggle too many hats, and during crucial meetings they’re expected to be fully engaged while simultaneously jotting down every crucial point. Enter the hero we’ve been waiting for—a smart tool that plugs into your digital conversations like an invisible scribe silently taking notes so no golden nugget slips through the cracks. This nifty solution doesn’t require any additional participants cluttering up your call screen; it melds seamlessly with Chrome as you converse freely.

So, what’s the name behind this tech magic? It’s none other than Bluedot, co-founded by people who felt the pinch-point first-hand — Russ from his sales days at high-growth companies — translating personal frustration into entrepreneurial innovation.

What is Bluedot?

Bluedot is a cutting-edge AI-powered Chrome extension, finely tuned for the brains behind the operation in small to medium-sized businesses. It’s like having a silent partner in your Google Meet calls, recording everything while you focus on the conversation. You get to wear the boss hat without worrying about missing a single detail because Bluedot is there, capturing every decision, action item, and breakthrough idea as they unfold.

For those who lead these bustling enterprises, time is a currency too precious to spend on scribbling notes. Bluedot steps in to handle that chore by seamlessly integrating with your browser, no extra guests required. With this tool, you can say goodbye to frantic note-taking and hello to fully engaging with your team or clients.

Setting itself apart from others in the space, Bluedot operates discreetly and efficiently without the need for an intrusive bot popping into your call. Just a smooth extension experience that feels like part of your digital meeting room. This simplicity and efficiency are why 30 clients a month find themselves turning to Bluedot as their go-to solution for smarter meeting management in the bustling 22 billion market of virtual collaboration tools.

Bluedot Founders

Russ Khalilov, the co-founder of Bluedot, is no stranger to the high-stakes world of sales and tech recruitment at unicorn companies like N26 and Omio. His experiences, shared with Dima, a seasoned product manager from Jooble and, laid the groundwork for Bluedot. They were all too familiar with the disruption of manually taking notes during business calls, an annoyance that sparked their quest for a solution.

The early days for these founders weren’t just about brainstorming; they were about understanding. Russ personally navigated over a hundred conversations to grasp what their innovation should embody. This wasn’t just guesswork; it was a mission to pinpoint the exact needs of their future users.

Staying ahead in the game, Bluedot set itself apart by ditching the common approach of bots joining calls. Their ace? A Chrome extension that works its magic in the background, unnoticed yet omnipresent. By avoiding the bot route, they’ve carved out a niche in the crowded 22 billion market of virtual collaboration tools.

With aspirations to raise pre-seed funding and soar to 10 million ARR, followed by an ambitious 100 million ARR target, Bluedot is on a path of rapid growth. Just two months into their journey and with an average of 30 clients each month, this startup is just beginning to tap into its potential.

Russ offers a nugget of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs: tackle a problem you’re passionate about; let it fuel you. And as Bluedot shows, you might just find yourself crafting a tool that saves businesses $10,000 per employee per year in lost notes—a number adding up in an industry worth billions.

Interview with Russ, Co-Founder of Bluedot

Seizing the opportunity to delve deeper into the inner workings of Bluedot, I had the privilege of sitting down with Russ Khalilov, the dynamic co-founder steering this startup’s course. Our conversation peeled back the layers of a straightforward yet innovative tool designed to simplify the lives of SMB leaders.

Q: Can you tell us about your role at Bluedot?
A: I am Russ, and as the Co-Founder of Bluedot, I’m at the helm of our mission to automate meeting notes for founders of SMBs.

Q: What does Bluedot do exactly?
A: Bluedot is an AI-powered Chrome extension for Google Meet. It generates meeting notes in the background, so leaders can concentrate on their discussions rather than taking notes.

Q: What inspired you to start Bluedot?
A: My co-founder Dima and I felt the pain of manually taking notes during client calls in our previous venture. That frustration ignited our drive to create Bluedot.

Q: Could you share some insights from Bluedot’s early days?
A: Identifying our ideal customer profile was challenging. I spoke to over a hundred potential users to ensure we were building something that truly met their needs.

Q: How does Bluedot stand out from its competitors?
A: Unlike 90% of products that use bots, Bluedot operates through a Chrome extension. There’s no bot joining the call; everything is recorded discreetly in the background.

Q: Has Bluedot received any external funding?
A: No, we have not received external funding so far.

Q: What are Bluedot’s future plans?
A: We aim to raise pre-seed funding and grow to a 10M ARR, eventually reaching a 100M ARR.

Q: How is Bluedot performing financially?
A: We’re making 2K per month and serving an average of 30 clients. Since we launched just two months ago, it’s too early for year-over-year growth figures.

Q: Any advice for budding entrepreneurs?
A: Start building today. Pick a problem you personally experience; it will keep you motivated through your journey.

The dialogue with Russ not only underscored his passion but also highlighted how Bluedot is carving a niche in a 22 billion market by solving a costly problem for businesses—the loss of information due to inefficient note-taking.

Feedough’s Take on Bluedot

In the bustling world of startups, standing out is a game of smart innovation and timing. Bluedot hits the mark by addressing a common yet overlooked pain point with a solution that is as elegant as it is practical. Its approach to meeting productivity is not just about convenience; it’s a strategic move in the 22 billion virtual collaboration market. With a Chrome extension that works in stealth mode, this tool is poised to become an essential asset for SMBs looking to maximize efficiency.

Bluedot’s traction, with an impressive uptake of 30 clients monthly, signals a clear market need. The founders’ first-hand experience and direct customer engagement have forged a product that speaks directly to user challenges. While the journey ahead includes securing pre-seed funding and ambitious ARR goals, Bluedot is on a promising trajectory.

Looking forward, expect Bluedot to potentially disrupt the way teams collaborate online, making meetings more productive and less burdensome. The challenge will be maintaining momentum and scaling wisely amidst fierce competition. But if early signs are any indication, Bluedot could well be on its way to becoming an indispensable tool in the digital workplace toolkit.

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