How To Build A Community Around Your Startup?

When it comes to a startup, the community around it is an important asset. You need to build a community to keep your team motivated, grow your customers, and attract investors. When building a startup, it's easy to become an isolated team working in your own bubble. You'll be lucky if you have an investor, and you'll be surprised how hard it is to get customers. So, here are some tips on how to build a community around your startup.

Choose The Right Platform

Gen Z isn't on Facebook and Boomers are not on Discord. You need to choose the right platform for the right audience before even starting.

Develop A Funnel For The Space

Where will the target audience find about the space, how will they join, what will they do once they join? Plan everything.

Foster These Spaces

Just developing a group isn't enough. Foster these spaces to make people engage and begin conversations themselves.

Bring in relevant influencers

Influencers can bring engagement you can't imagine. Get them to join the dialogue and make them remain a part of it.

Host Exclusive Events

Everyone likes to be a part of exclusive events. Host such events for your community, but make sure they get back something of value for attending it.