This Startup Is Reshaping Cancer Care in India – ZenOnco Startup Review

In the field of cancer care, challenges are plentiful. From the complexity of diagnosis and treatment to the emotional impact on patients and families, there is a great need for a comprehensive and accessible solution. Limited access to resources and the constant demand for research and innovation further compound these challenges. 

It is in this context that ZenOnco, the world’s first Integrative Oncology cancer care health tech platform, emerged. Founded by Dimple Parmar and Kishan Shah, who experienced firsthand the void in the cancer care ecosystem, ZenOnco aims to cater to millions of cancer patients by providing personalised insights, continuous learning, and collaboration among healthcare professionals. By addressing these challenges head-on, ZenOnco aims to enhance patient outcomes and well-being in the field of cancer care. 

What Is ZenOnco? 

ZenOnco is India’s pioneering Integrative Oncology healthcare platform targeting cancer patients. Stepping into the vast and complex landscape of cancer care, ZenOnco has carved its unique niche by offering an all-encompassing approach towards treating this disease. 

Their services move beyond conventional medical treatments and weave in complementary therapies to provide comprehensive care. When you, as a cancer patient, approach ZenOnco, you receive deeply personalised insights for your case from a team of multidisciplinary specialists. 

Unlike other platforms, ZenOnco creates a hub for collaboration among healthcare professionals, driving an up-to-date knowledge base and enabling around-the-clock availability and accessibility. This results in a significantly improved patient outcome and well-being. 

With its singular approach to tackling cancer, ZenOnco isn’t just an ordinary healthcare platform; it emerges as a beacon of guidance in an ever-evolving field, offering superior care that not only treats the disease but aids in enhancing patients’ overall quality of life. 

ZenOnco Founders

ZenOnco was founded by Dimple Parmar and Kishan Shah, two individuals who experienced the shortcomings of the cancer care system firsthand.

Serving as CEO, Dimple Parmar started her journey after losing her husband, Nitesh, to cancer in 2018. This tragic loss led her to found Love Heals Cancer, a registered NGO designed to extend aid to cancer patients. Kishan Shah, with a background in investment banking at J.P. Morgan and experience in GIC Private Equity, volunteered at Love Heals Cancer.

They both realised the need for a scalable and sustainable solution in the cancer care ecosystem, leading them to establish ZenOnco in November 2019. This power duo contributes not just the strategic vision but also a personal stake in making cancer care accessible and holistic in India. 

Interview with Dimple Parmar, CEO of ZenOnco

In an exclusive interview with Dimple Parmar, the CEO of ZenOnco, we gained insights into the vision and mission behind the startup. Parmar shared her personal journey and the inspiration that led her to venture into the cancer care industry.

Q: Can you tell us about your background and how ZenOnco came to be?

A: Our journey started in 2018 when I lost my husband and IIM Calcutta batchmate, Nitesh, to cancer. After his passing, I founded Love Heals Cancer, a Section 80G Registered NGO, to support cancer patients. Kishan Shah, who was volunteering there while working as an investment banker, joined me in realising the significant void that existed in the cancer care ecosystem. We recognised the need for a scalable and sustainable solution to cater to the increasing number of patients. In November 2019, we founded ZenOnco, the world’s first Integrative Oncology cancer care health tech platform, to provide comprehensive care to millions of cancer patients.

Q: What were some of the challenges you faced during the early days of ZenOnco?

A: In the field of cancer care, challenges are abundant. From the complexity of diagnosis and treatment to the emotional impact on patients and families, there is a great need for a comprehensive and accessible solution. Limited access to resources and the constant demand for research and innovation further compound these challenges. Overcoming them involves staying updated with research, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams, providing emotional support, managing side effects, improving access to care, and fostering research collaborations. By addressing these challenges, we aim to enhance patient outcomes and well-being.

Q: How does ZenOnco differentiate itself from its competitors?

A: ZenOnco offers unique qualities in the field of oncology. We have a vast knowledge base on cancer care, providing personalised insights for individual cases. We integrate multiple specialities to provide comprehensive care. Our platform ensures continuous learning for up-to-date information and offers 24/7 availability and accessibility. We also facilitate collaboration among healthcare professionals, creating a hub for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Q: Has ZenOnco received any external funding? Can you share details about your recent funding round?

A: Yes, ZenOnco has received external funding. Our current valuation stands at 1.4M. In our recent funding round, we raised 1.4M to fuel our growth and expand our reach in improving cancer care.

Q: What are ZenOnco’s future plans?

A: Our future plans revolve around expanding our product offerings and reaching a wider audience. We are committed to continuous innovation and improvement in cancer care. More details about our product offerings can be found on our website.

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?

A: My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to find your passion and purpose. Conduct thorough market research and develop a solid business plan. Building a strong network is crucial, and embracing innovation and adaptability is key. Seek funding wisely and focus on customer satisfaction. Embrace a growth mindset and maintain a work-life balance. Following these principles will lead to a fulfilling entrepreneurial journey and the success of your business.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share with Feedough readers about your startup journey or the cancer care industry?

A: ZenOnco is committed to revolutionising the field of cancer care in India and beyond. We strive to provide holistic and comprehensive care to cancer patients, incorporating both medical and complementary treatments. With a focus on improving patient outcomes and overall quality of life, we aim to be at the forefront of driving advancements in cancer care.

Feedough’s Take on ZenOnco

ZenOnco impressively innovates cancer care with a comprehensive, integrative approach. The platform addresses a critical need in the industry while standing poised to disrupt the traditional treatment landscape. Their unique blend of conventional and complementary therapies opens a new paradigm in the cancer care ecosystem.

It’s significant that the founders back the venture not just by their strategic vision but also by personal experiences, offering a real empathy-infused solution. The startup seems to tackle the omnipresent challenge of accessibility quite well, their 24/7 operation suggesting a model for future health tech platforms. As ZenOnco continues to grow and innovate, patients can expect richer offerings and even better health outcomes. A revolution, indeed!

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