This Startup Streamlines SaaS Selection for SMBs – Appscribed Startup Review

Every small and medium-sized business owner knows the headache of picking through a tangled jungle of software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools. They’re seeking gold but often find fool’s gold. The right tool can turn the gears of business smoothly, but how do you choose when there’s a mountain to pick from? That’s where one company steps in, slicing through the clutter to handpick the gems suited for each venture. Say hello to Appscribed, steered by Raju Singh, who applies his hefty 18-year wisdom in software to ease SaaS discovery for SMBs. With Appscribed, decision paralysis is out, and precision is in.

What is Appscribed?

Appscribed is the compass for small and medium-sized businesses lost in the SaaS maze. With a landscape teeming with options, this startup simplifies the hunt by steering clear of the all-too-common clutter. Picture yourself running a company; Appscribed becomes your guide, paring down the overwhelming number of choices and spotlighting those that genuinely suit your business needs.

The service revolves around a keen understanding of the very pain points entrepreneurs face: finding the right software without drowning in the sea of options. It does so by providing a curated selection, which means less time sifting and more time benefiting from high-quality SaaS solutions.

What sets Appscribed apart is its commitment to quality over quantity. It thrives on a simple but powerful principle: the best picks, not the most picks. For businesses ranging from fledgling startups to established firms, this approach means efficiency can finally go hand-in-hand with innovation.

Appscribed Founder

Raju Singh, with 18 years of robust experience navigating the software industry’s waves, stands at the helm of Appscribed. His journey, rich with experience from startups to corporate giants, has sculpted a leader intent on solving a modern dilemma: the SaaS conundrum for small and medium-sized businesses. With a keen eye, Raju discerns the rare finds from the multitude of software tools, ensuring his venture serves as a compass for those lost in the digital marketplace.

The inception of Appscribed was more than just a response to market demand; it was born out of frustration and necessity. Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of SaaS products, Raju identified a gap – not in quantity but in quality and relevance. His aim? To cut through noise and hype, delivering a service that presents businesses with a meticulously curated set of tools tailored to their needs.

Appscribed doesn’t chase after every new shiny tech offering. Instead, it maintains a laser focus on quality, echoing Raju’s belief that less is often more. By avoiding the temptation to expand too quickly into too many areas, the startup remains steadfastly dedicated to its core mission: empowering businesses with the best software fit.

This no-frills approach has kept Appscribed bootstrapped, relying on its $2K monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and serving 30-50 customers on average each month. As for the future, Raju envisions scaling to a $10 million annual recurring revenue (ARR) by 2025, all while nurturing a steady year-over-year growth.

Raju’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs mirrors his own trajectory: stay diligent in the short term, plan strategically for the mid-term, and hold steadfast confidence for the long haul. It’s about weathering the storms, not just sailing on sunny days. Appscribed under Raju Singh’s stewardship, it seems set to navigate towards that $10 million horizon with unwavering purpose.

Interview with Raju Singh, Founder of Appscribed

Diving straight into the heart of entrepreneurship, let’s talk shop about the intricate world of software as a service, or SaaS for short. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often find themselves in a bind: they need top-notch digital tools to thrive but wading through the myriad of options can be downright overwhelming. Enter a startup that’s cutting through the clutter with a sharp focus on quality over quantity, redefining how SMBs discover their ideal SaaS match.

I recently sat down with Raju Singh, the founder of Appscribed, who has turned his 18 years of industry savvy into a streamlined solution for businesses seeking the best in SaaS without the hassle. His insights into the venture and entrepreneurial spirit were as enlightening as they were inspiring. Here’s what he had to share:

Q: Could you tell us a bit about what Appscribed does?
A: We help people discover the best SaaS tools for their business, focusing primarily on SMBs.

Q: And what problem does Appscribed aim to solve?

A: The primary challenge we tackle is SaaS discovery by limiting choices to identify the best possible tools.

Q: Raju, what was your inspiration for venturing into this industry?
A: The market had too many SaaS options with very few legitimate ones. There was a clear need for discernment.

Q: How does Appscribed set itself apart from competitors?
A: By consciously limiting choices and not expanding into too many areas—we prioritize quality.

Q: Has Appscribed received any external funding?
A: No, we’re bootstrapped and growing through our own revenue.

Q: What are your plans for Appscribed’s future?
A: We aim to scale to $10M ARR by 2025 through strategic growth and maintaining our service quality.

Q: Can you share some insights on your revenue and customer base?
A: Certainly. We’re at a $2K monthly recurring revenue (MRR), serving between 30-50 customers each month.

Q: Finally, any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

A: Keep grinding in the short term, plan strategically for the mid-term, and have confidence in your long-term vision.

Raju’s pragmatic approach to SaaS solutions with Appscribed is carving out its own niche in the bustling marketplace. With goals firmly set and a clear path ahead, this startup is one to watch as they aim to reshape how businesses connect with software services.

Feedough’s Take on Appscribed

Appscribed has positioned itself as a beacon for small and medium businesses navigating the SaaS wilderness, and the approach is showing promise. Their curated selection strategy is a breath of fresh air in an industry often clouded by too much choice. With a steady monthly recurring revenue and a clear vision for growth, Appscribed displays not only stability but also an ambition that’s grounded in practicality.

Looking ahead, the challenge will be to maintain that high bar of quality as they scale towards their ambitious $10 million annual recurring revenue goal. Expectations are high, but so is their potential to disrupt the SaaS selection process for businesses hungry for simplicity and effectiveness. For companies lost in the digital sea, Appscribed promises to be the lighthouse guiding them to their software sanctuary.

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