This AI Startup Simplifies Web Design for Non-Tech Entrepreneurs – Startup Review

Building a website can often hit your wallet hard and eat up time like there’s no tomorrow. For small businesses, marketers, and the rapidly growing e-commerce world, this is a real headache. Simple solutions promise easy builds, but they fall short when it comes to responsiveness and design once you hit that publish button. That’s where sweeps in. With the power of AI, it crafts affordable, professional sites and scales the steep tech wall for non-techies and serial entrepreneurs alike. Founded by Matteo Zumpano, this plucky startup is on a mission to make web development a breeze without breaking the bank.

What is is the savvy web designer’s sidekick, waving a magic wand over the complex world of building online spaces. You’re a marketer or small business owner, maybe running an e-commerce shop or working on the next big thing in SaaS, and there’s one mountain that just keeps growing: creating a website that’s both attractive and functional without spending a fortune or an eternity on it. steps up to bat, knocking affordability and professionalism out of the park. It’s like having a tech whiz in your pocket, transforming complicated coding into a simple, drag-and-drop affair that anyone can handle. The real kicker? The AI-driven platform ensures that once your site is live, it maintains its sleek design and responsiveness on any device.

Setting itself apart, doesn’t just cut costs – it cuts through the clutter. While other platforms may leave you wrestling with formatting issues post-launch, keeps things looking top-notch. It’s not just about building a website; it’s about crafting a digital identity that stands out without draining resources. Founder

Matteo Zumpano might not be a name you recognize straight away, but in the bustling lanes of the internet, he’s the mastermind behind, the digital craftsman’s secret weapon. With a vision to declutter the chaotic web design process, Matteo saw a gap where others saw a wall. Drag-and-drop website builders were missing the mark; once you’d hit that publish button, designs warped and responsiveness faltered. He aimed to fix that, not just with a patch but with a complete overhaul.

His early days at the helm of were no stroll in the park. Funds were tight, and turning an ambitious idea into a tangible tool meant navigating troubled waters. Yet, with perseverance and keen insight into what non-techies truly needed—a seamless, affordable route to professional web presence—Matteo and his team pushed forward.

What sets apart isn’t just its wallet-friendly price tag; it’s the value it delivers. As the tech world floods with tools promising the earth, many fall flat post-launch. stands tall, delivering on its promises and ensuring your digital identity shines across devices without draining your resources. Their refusal to accept outside funding means they’ve stayed true to their vision, building a platform that empowers small businesses and marketers from e-commerce to SaaS.

With plans to weave SEO and AI tools even deeper into’s fabric, Matteo’s eyes are set on future-proofing web design. And as for those dreaming of starting their own venture? Matteo’s advice is simple: jump in, make mistakes, learn fast, and adjust. The digital landscape waits for no one, with hundreds of thousands of websites springing up daily; Matteo wants you to be the one who stands out. Just like that sleek website you’ve been dreaming of, is here to ensure your ideas see the light of day—in style and substance.

Interview with Matteo Zumpano, Founder of

The chance to chat with Matteo Zumpano, the founder of, was an opportunity not to be missed. In a world where nearly 352,000 new websites spring up every day, standing out from the crowd is no small feat. Matteo’s mission was clear: to empower non-techies and serial entrepreneurs with an AI website builder that doesn’t just promise but delivers.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role at
A: I’m Matteo Zumpano, the founder of, where I spearhead our mission to simplify web design for everyone.

Q: What does do, and who is it for?
A: We’re an AI website builder focused on marketers, e-commerce, small businesses, crypto, news and media, and SaaS companies. We tackle the challenge of expensive and time-consuming web development.

Q: What drove you to start this venture?
A: I noticed that drag-and-drop website builders often fall short on responsiveness and design once a site is published. We’re here to change that.

Q: Can you share some insights into the early days of your startup?
A: Developing was tough with limited capital. It was all about creating a tool that delivered professional results without complexity or high costs.

Q: How does stand out against competitors?
A: Our platform offers more value at a lower cost than competitors. It’s about quality without compromise.

Q: Has received any external funding?
A: No, we’ve grown without external funding.

Q: What are your plans for the future of
A: We aim to integrate SEO and AI tools further, including image generation and enhanced e-commerce tools.

Q: Could you let us know about your monthly revenue and customer base?
A: We make around £1,000 a month and serve approximately 60 customers. We’ve seen a yearly growth of 7.53%.

Q: Any words of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs?
A: Stop thinking and start doing. It won’t be perfect initially, but take the shot, learn, and adjust.

Through his insights, Matteo delineates a path where ambition meets practicality, all within the grasp of those looking to carve their digital niche with – where web design meets innovation.

Feedough’s take on is a testament to the power of simplicity and targeted innovation in a digital world that often feels overwhelmingly complex. By honing in on the pain points of web design, Matteo Zumpano’s brainchild offers an accessible route to attractive, responsive websites that don’t sacrifice quality for cost. For small businesses and marketers, it’s a game-changer, leveling the playing field against bigger players with deeper pockets.

The startup’s commitment to improving without external funding speaks volumes about its potential for sustainable growth and its dedication to customer-centric development. As continues to integrate advanced SEO and AI tools, it’s poised to not just keep up with industry trends but to set them, promising a brighter future for digital entrepreneurs. Watch this space – is crafting a niche that could very well disrupt web design’s status quo.

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