This Startup’s Mega App Packs 50 Services In One – Beeda Startup Review

The world of apps can often feel like a cluttered jigsaw puzzle, each piece being a different service that we try to fit into our digital lives. Between ordering food, booking rides, shopping online, and countless other activities, we end up with screens teeming with icons. Now imagine an umbrella sheltering all these pieces from the storm of multiple downloads and subscriptions—the magic woven into one super app. That’s where the innovative Beeda comes into play, crafting a singular marketplace for all your needs with the promise of no commission fees for its partners. So, who’s behind this grand fusion of services? Sayem, along with Jerome Delcado and Larkley D Williams, envisioned a hassle-free digital universe and breathed life into Beeda–the Mega App where simplicity and variety coexist.

What is Beeda?

Beeda is a trailblazing app that declutters your phone by packing 50+ services into one handy platform. Think of it as your personal digital Swiss Army knife; whether you want to summon a taxi, order some late-night snacks, or schedule an all-important hair appointment, this Mega App has your back without the fuss of juggling multiple apps. It’s concocted for everyone—students in need of quick services, professionals streamlining their day, or small business owners expanding their reach.

With zero commission fees stealing the stage, Beeda supports local merchants and drivers who prefer to keep what they earn. This subscription model means service providers are free from the weight of extra charges, and you benefit from a universe of services in one place—economical for businesses and convenient for you.

While others crowd your screens with icons, Beeda stands apart by offering a more generous selection of services without compromising on quality or user experience. It’s the only app of its kind designed with both developing and developed countries in mind, ensuring top-notch utility irrespective of smartphone quality or storage capacity.

Beeda Founders

Nowshid Alam Sayem, the CTO of Beeda, is not just another techie tinkering with codes and algorithms. Together with CEO Jerome Delcado and CFO Larkley D Williams, this trio has delved into the vibrant yet challenging app ecosystem to solve a universal puzzle. Their brainchild, Beeda, isn’t a mere product of overnight brainstorming; it’s a carefully crafted solution born out of a genuine need to streamline services for users far and wide, especially those juggling life on less sophisticated smartphones in developing regions.

In the early days, the trio faced a daunting task: to create an app that wouldn’t just be another icon on your screen but a gateway to 50+ essential services without causing your phone to lag. They rolled up their sleeves and built Beeda on the pillars of cutting-edge technology and a team of passionate engineers. Their approach was unique; instead of chasing after commission fees, they chose a subscription model that champions both consumers and service providers.

As competitors loomed with their super apps, Beeda stood out by offering a broader spectrum of services and a business model that felt like a breath of fresh air to local merchants and drivers. This startup wasn’t just about making profits; it was about fostering an ecosystem where everyone thrives.

Jerome, Larkley, and Sayem’s journey took a leap forward with external funding that cast Beeda’s valuation at $1.5 million. Riding on positive experiences from investors and constructive feedback, the team is now steering their Mega App towards international waters, with launches lined up from Jamaica to the UAE. Their vision? A global presence where Beeda becomes synonymous with convenience and quality across continents.

Their social media channels buzz with activity as they share their milestones and invite others to join them on this exciting venture. The founders’ message to aspiring entrepreneurs resonates with hope: never stop dreaming and let’s take strides together in this ever-expanding digital universe.

Interview with Nowshid Alam Sayem, CTO of Beeda

Seizing the chance to delve into the minds behind innovative tech, I secured an engaging conversation with Nowshid Alam Sayem, the CTO of Beeda. Sayem, a key player in steering this unique startup’s vision, shared insights on how Beeda is reshaping the app landscape by squeezing a multitude of services into one seamless experience.

Q: What does Beeda do?
A: Beeda is the world’s first Mega App offering 50+ services and an eco-system that connects customers, merchants, drivers and service providers using a subscription-based business model with zero commission fees for partnering businesses and drivers. It’s now available for download on both the App Store and Google Play.

Q: Who is your target audience?
A: We cater to a diverse group that includes regular customers, service clients, service providers, drivers, and merchants.

Q: What primary problem are you solving?
A: Beeda solves the inconvenience of using multiple apps for different services by combining them all into one platform. For businesses, we offer a subscription-based model free from commission fees.

Q: How do you solve this problem?
A: We operate as a Mega App featuring over 50 services and solutions with a subscription-based business model without commission fees.

Q: Could you tell us about the founders?
A: Jerome Delcado is the CEO & Founder, and Larkley D Williams is the CFO & Co-founder.

Q: What inspired you to enter this industry?
A: Our motivation was to provide users, especially in developing countries with less advanced smartphones and limited storage, with all their solutions in one place while maintaining high user experience and quality services for users in developed countries.

Q: Can you share some early challenges?
A: Initially, we aimed to create a platform hosting 50+ services that could run efficiently on any device without performance issues. This was tackled through the latest tech stack and a skilled team.

Q: How does Beeda stand out from competitors?
A: Unlike traditional super apps, Beeda offers a more extensive collection of services and a more business-friendly model.

Q: Has Beeda received external funding?
A: Yes, we have external funding which puts our valuation today at $1.5 million.

Q: What are Beeda’s plans for the future?
A: We’ve launched in Jamaica and will soon release in the US and UAE. Our goal is to establish a global presence.

Q: Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?
A: Never stop dreaming. If you’re looking to partner with Beeda to grow your business, we’re here to support you. Let’s advance together!

Feedough’s take on Beeda

Beeda’s approach is a refreshing take on the app ecosystem. By consolidating over 50 services into one platform, they’re not just simplifying user experience but also championing local businesses with a commission-free model. This strategy could set a new precedent for service-based apps, fostering a community where customers and providers benefit equally. With plans to expand globally, the potential for disruption is significant, and Beeda seems poised to challenge the status quo. Keeping an eye on their growth trajectory will be fascinating, especially as they navigate different markets and user expectations. Their commitment to both developed and developing regions indicates an inclusive vision that many startups may well emulate.

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