10 Uber for X Business Ideas to Start an On-Demand App

We live in an era that is entirely different from the generations that came before us. People struggle to balance their personal lives and professional lives and prefer things to get done on the go. Spending over 3/4 of the day browsing the internet and mobile apps, the on-demand application concept is truly appealing to users as it serves as an efficient way to manage daily needs.

Economy statistics show that over 22% (45 million) Americans had worked and over 42% (86.5 million) Americans had used at least one on-demand service in 2016. It’s been 3 years since then and the growth is still exponential.

What Makes On-Demand Apps So Demanding?

Uber for X apps or on-demand apps operate on the aggregator business model and serve as the third party between customers and service providers. Instead of spending both time and money for delayed services, most of the customers prefer paying a small fee for fast and convenient service.

Simple And Fast

Any on-demand startup idea offers customers a great opportunity to order products and services in a flash. Searching, booking appointments, paying, reviewing, tracking, cancelling, everything can be handled within one app. You just have to tap a button and get the desired service.


Every on-demand service comes with standardized prices, but it gives both service providers and customers to choose the type of service that suits their budget. Regardless of the industry, most of the businesses offers hot deals and special discounts almost every day.


The convenience of on-demand apps is not just confined to delivery. On-demand apps come very handy at every stage of a purchase right from searching for products to the product getting delivered. These apps offer users instant access to search smarter with real-time tracking delivery, different payment methods besides quick delivery.


Any brands who are transparent with their customers easily gain the trust of their audience. To be transparent and build trust, on-demand service apps come with feedback systems. Feedback systems allow service providers to easily find out the gaps in their performance and correct them.

10 Successful On-demand App Business Models

Uber’s success has set a benchmark for all other on-demand services and inspired Uber for X or Uber of everything revolution. Here is a list of dynamic and potential on-demand business models you can gain inspirations from to start your own on-demand business.

  1. On-Demand Transportation App

on demand taxi booking app

The Uber business model has changed the way we commute. However, when you want to create a taxi booking service like Uber, the major challenge is that Uber already exists.

When you develop an app like Uber, focus on simplicity, efficiency, and relevance to create interest among your end-users. Bring in a significant difference even if small so that you can influence your target audience despite the competition. Incorporate unique features relevant to your audience while offering them an on-demand app for booking taxis. Say Uber for women or Uber for kids. Choose a niche and create your own blue ocean by building on an existing concept.

  1. On-Demand Grocery App

on demand grocery app

An on-demand grocery application to deliver groceries on the go is one of the popular on-demand startup ideas these days. Such apps offer customers the ease to buy groceries online and get it delivered the same day. Users simply have to download the app, register and order the products as required. As this idea offers a convenient way for users to do their daily shopping, more people are likely to get attracted to such businesses.

  1. On-Demand Food Delivery Apps

on demand food delivery app

If you are looking forward to how to build an app like Uber, but in a different niche, online food delivery can be a great pick. Online food ordering and delivery is the new type of food business that is currently trending. If you think from a user perspective, it is the most convenient way to access the most urgent requirement – food.

With on-demand food delivery apps, food ordering and delivery have become much simpler. No more waiting at the restaurants, you can easily book a meal that will be delivered at your doorsteps soon. Moreover, you will be offered with exciting discounts and food coupons that you won’t get while dining at restaurants. Interestingly, the food delivery niche is so wide that you can focus on a particular niche like the gluten-free, keto, paleo, etc.

  1. On-Demand App For Health and Fitness

on demand app for health

Health and fitness are the most thriving industries considering its popularity worldwide. People are much concerned about their fitness and nutrition. On-demand health and fitness applications allow them to efficiently manage their fitness routine. Health and fitness apps make it easy for users to book exercise sessions at any fitness centres or to create an exercise routine on their own. Either way, it helps you to achieve your unique fitness goals.

The industry is one of the best on-demand business industries to invest in. Just ensure that the best features are included in your app, and you must make the booking session feature seamless or make it easy for them to see workout videos. Personalized push notifications and booking in real time are some of the hot features an on-demand fitness app must-have.

  1. On-Demand Apps For Beauty Services

on demand beauty app

Both salon and spa businesses go through the difficulty of both under booking and overbooking. This is yet another incredible Uber for X startup idea that concentrates on delivering the best beauty services to users with no delays.

A dedicated mobile app for beauty and salon services. Eliminate the need to wait to be served in the beauty salons. On-demand apps not only provide customers with the ease to book beauty services and avail as required, but they also offer great deals and offers.

  1. On-Demand Plumbing Services

on demand plumbing

If you wish to try to something out of the box following the Uber model of business, apps offering plumbing, repair, and handyman services are an excellent business idea. You know how difficult it is to find a repair service guy or a plumber at the time of urgency. With on-demand apps for plumbing and repair services, you can offer something robust and efficient to your customers. All a user has to do is to register and choose the desired services.

An on-demand app for plumbing services can be beneficial to both skilled workers and users. It can be one of the best niches to get started with if you are looking to create apps like Uber for X.

  1. On-Demand Laundry Service App

on demand laundry

There was a time when you had to visit the laundry store for the services. But with modern technological advancements, getting your laundry done has become very easy. Even customers these days don’t prefer waiting outside the store to get their clothes washed.

A good laundry service app can schedule the pickup time, set preferences, give notifications and offer excellent customer support. When you get complete control over your laundry as on-demand apps cater to your requirements, there is one more reason not to do your laundry.

  1. On-Demand Educational Apps

on demand educational apps

On-demand education is another thriving on-demand service app that is witnessing rapid growth. Unlike other different types of learning, an on-demand educational app allows students to connect with expert teachers. It gives the flexibility of offering learning opportunities for all at the comfort of their home. These apps not only allow you to learn from experts, but you can actually get certificates after successful completion of courses.

You can build an app that connects students with teachers who are experts in a particular niche. Teachers can be paid a percentage of the money received from the course and the remaining percentage goes to the platform.

  1. On-Demand Logistics App

on demand logistics
Source: Hawk Eye

While many courier and logistics companies exist and they help you ship products from source to destination, there are several drawbacks too. The hectic process of storing and managing products may bring in unexpected errors. On-demand logistics and courier apps help to eliminate this with e-management of goods, locating, initiating shipment and delivery becomes simple and efficient.

  1. On-Demand Travel And Hospitality Apps

on demand travel

Uber-like on-demand apps for travel is another industry that is in high demand these days. Apps like Airbnb operate on a similar business model that allows users to book stays on the go. Advancements in mobile application technology have made it easier for travellers to explore the world conveniently and instantly. Intelligent search and booking systems are the backbone of any on-demand travel or hospitality app. It allows users to perform several functions like setting up reminders, comparing prices, and notification of offers, etc. in a single platform. If you want to start a Uber business, on-demand travel is one way to enter the market.

Such apps also offer in-app flight and cab booking services with just a few clicks without actually moving out of the application. IoT based smart destination is another innovation that offers useful data for travellers across the globe. On-demand apps are not just popular because of these exciting features, but also because they allow you to travel cashless. The travel industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry now and on combining its potential with on-demand apps, it will take your business to new heights.


No matter what you sell, your customers are constantly looking for easy ways to leverage your services. There is no other better way to offer services to your customers than through a mobile app. Provided that your on-demand service business model offers something unique to your target audience; your business will see tremendous growth. You can easily connect your customers with required services, book appointments, and clear payments and do business in a few clicks. So why not give your business a boost with an on-demand mobile app?

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