What is Brand Personality? Definition & Examples

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Just like humans, a brand has a personality and it refers to how it behaves. Brand personality is something customers can relate to. It is how a brand expresses itself.

What Is Brand Personality?

Brand Personality refers to the brand personification. It is the set of human traits/characteristics assigned to the brand. A brand personality comes into existence when human like adjectives like unique, caring, funny, trustworthy, creative, straightforward, dishonest, rebel, etc. are assigned to a brand.

Jennifer Aaker Brand Personality Model

Jennifer Aaker combined these set of adjectives into five core dimensions. These are:

  • Sincerity
  • Excitement
  • Ruggedness
  • Sophistication

brand personality

What Leads To Brand Personality?

  • Branding Strategies: The name, logo, color, fonts and other branding strategies affect the brand personality.
  • Marketing Activities: Marketing activities like taglines, product packaging, and marketing communication strategies have a huge role in defining a brand’s personality.

Examples of Brand Personality

Here are few examples of brands with out of the box brand personalities:

brand personality

Brand Personality of Woodland

Woodland got the ruggedness, outdoorsy, and ready for adventure personality through its products (hard boots – meant for adventure) and smart marketing strategies. They also used the color green, which represents nature, to build a personality of being outdoorsy.

Brand Personality of Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson has been a rebel from the start. The promotional campaigns (naming motorcycles as mean machines), the logo, and use of bright and dynamic colors has helped them build this personality.

Brand Personality of Marlboro

Marlboro got a personality of being tough through its different marketing strategies, which included ‘The Tattooed Man’, ‘Marlboro Cowboy’, and ‘The Marlboro man’.

Brand Personality of MTV

MTV tried to position itself to be different from usual music videos channel. The concept of VJ’s followed by cool logos and taglines, like ‘I want my MTV’ & ‘MTV is here’, helped them stand out.

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