What are Customer Touch Points? Analysis, Mapping, & Examples.

A company interacts with the customers on many levels and at many places. These interactions are necessary for a company to carry out their marketing & branding strategies and to build their brand value. On an average, you are exposed to 4,000 – 10,000 advertisements in a day most of which you don’t even recognize as advertisements. That’s where customer touch points come into play. Customer touch points analysis is necessary for any business to succeed as they are integral part for any communication to take place.

Customer Touch Points

Customer touch points refer to the points of interaction of the brand and the customer. These interactions take place at various places (online and offline) and at various times. Brands tend to tap every place a customer visit to get most of the impressions and to fulfill strategical marketing targets.

Importance of Customer Touch Points in Marketing

Mapping and Tapping of customer touch points is very important for a business to fulfill their –

Sales and other short term needs

Customer touch points are present at every stage of buying decision process. Business just have to map it and tap it effectively.

Relationship and other long term needs

A customer can easily be made brand loyal if certain customer touch points like tapped effectively. Sales should not be the only factor for the formation of marketing strategies as it results in marketing myopia. Relationships can be built using platforms different online and offline platforms like social media networks, event sponsoring, etc.

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Mapping & Tapping of Customer Touch Points

Before carrying out any marketing strategy it is important for the business to know where all does the company and customer interact and how to open new gates to create more touch points.

As already discussed, touch points are present in every stage of buying decision process –

Touch Points in Purchase Decision Process

Need/want recognition

Advertising and other promotional strategies are used to create a demand by generating the need within the customer’s mind.

Information Search

Customer tries to find information about the brands/products which can satisfy his need. Company’s website, word of mouth marketing, affiliates, and other online and offline information portals can be tapped to make user aware of the brand / product.

Evaluation of Alternatives

User completes his purchase after evaluating different products/brands. His involvement is of greater importance at this stage. The more he interacts with the brand, get involved with the brand, etc. more is the chances of him buying that brand’s product.


Company can still change a user’s purchase preference by tapping touch points present at the purchase locations. These touch points include –

  • Collaterals like danglers, leaflets, standees, etc. (offline purchases)
  • Affiliates and advertisements (online purchases )

Post Purchase

After sale support is a very important factor in maintaining the relationship with the customer and producing repeated sales. Once the brand has a customer, different techniques can be used to retain them and to convince them to carry out word of mouth marketing.

Other Touch Points for Relationship Marketing

Touch Points aren’t limited to purchase decision making process stages. They are present everywhere customer’s eye rolls. It’s up to the business whether to tap it or not.

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An average human is exposed to around 10,000 marketing messages per day. These messages involve touch points present both online and offline, ranging from that company logo on the ceiling fan at his house(actual product) to a post shared by one of his friends on Facebook (content marketing) or that carry bag he used to take his lunch to office (packaging), a touch point can be anything.

Customer Touch Points Examples

Touch points are everywhere. Companies just have to know what exactly customer needs, wants, likes, etc. and that can result in the creation of a new customer touch point. Customer touch point is anything that leads to company/brand and customer’s interaction. Be it a stylish wrist band, T-Shirt, blog post, social media post, any useful resource, event sponsoring, marketing collateral, web affiliates, advertisements, promotional activities, etc.

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