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Data visualization is like storytelling – you need clear, impactful visuals to get your point across. But piecing together complex charts can feel like decoding hieroglyphs. Creators everywhere, from teachers to marketers, clamour for a way to bring their numbers to life without needing a degree in design. Enter the new kid on the block: The brainchild of self-proclaimed chart nerd Chris Hart offers a refreshing take with its ridiculously straightforward animated chart tool. Yeap, you heard it right – they’re making waves just by simplifying the game, crafting visuals that pack a punch straight from your smartphone. Keep an eye out; these folks are pre-revenue but on a mission to widen the world’s graphic know-how one template at a time.

What is is your go-to for turning dull figures into dynamic stories. Aimed at chart content creators, this fresh-faced startup tackles the headache of creating sharp data visualisations that don’t require a design degree. Picture yourself crafting an animated chart on your mobile during your commute; that’s the kind of simplicity and speed we’re talking about.

In a world where data is king, there’s an ever-growing need for tools that convert raw numbers into clear insights. slides in with its user-friendly platform, allowing teachers, marketers, and statistics aficionados to quickly transform their data into easy-to-digest animations. No more long hours trying to figure out complex software or wrestling with uninspiring static graphs.

Standing out from the crowd? swears by its no-fuss approach, eschewing complicated features for clean designs that help your data do the talking. With a focus on honing its niche and enriching template variety, steadily advances towards flipping the script on data presentation—with you behind the curtain. Founders

Chris Hart is the brain behind, a beacon for those lost in the fog of complex data visualization tools. With a history steeped in frustration at the sight of subpar charts, Chris was driven by a singular vision: to lower the entry barrier and make chart creation a breeze. The ethos of is simple – if you have a smartphone, you have the power to craft animated charts that tell your story without any fuss.

This startup sprouted from a seed of necessity as it carved out its niche in the bustling market. Competing against giants wasn’t about adding more bells and whistles; it was about stripping down to the essentials. Speed and simplicity became the startup’s watchwords, as they set out to differentiate themselves from the competition.

No external funding props up; it stands on the potential of its ideas alone. Still in the live testing phase, the startup is crafting its future one template at a time, with ambitions of nurturing a growing library of chart options for its users. Chris’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is as straightforward as his app: get building. Because in the end, it’s not just about having an idea; it’s about making it happen, just as he did with

Interview with Chris Hart, Founder of

Seizing the opportunity to delve deeper into the intriguing world of, I had the chance to sit down with Chris Hart, the founder whose vision has charted a new course in data visualization. Armed with probing questions and an eagerness to uncover the mechanics of this startup’s journey, we engaged in a candid conversation that peeled back the layers of what makes tick.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your role at
A: I am Chris Hart, the Founder of

Q: What does your startup aim to achieve for its users?
A: We’re all about making easy-peasy animated charts, specifically for chart content creators who struggle with crafting compelling data visualizations.

Q: What was the inspiration behind venturing into this industry?
A: After seeing enough poorly constructed charts, I wanted to lower the entry barrier so anyone could create great visuals.

Q: Could you explain how stands out from its competitors?
A: Our main differentiators are simplicity and speed; we cut through complexity to deliver a user-friendly experience.

Q: As a startup still in its early stages, how are you approaching growth and funding?
A: We’re pre-revenue and currently not externally funded. Our focus is on enhancing our template library and growing organically.

Q: For other aspiring entrepreneurs, what advice would you share based on your experience?
A: Simply put—get building. It’s not enough to have an idea; what counts is the execution and bringing your vision to life.

In a landscape where Flourish has seen 1.2 million users creating over 9 billion views in 2022 alone, enters the fray with a mission to streamline and simplify. As Chris underlines the importance of user feedback and hands-on development, it’s clear that for those looking to weave narratives out of numbers, might just be their next slide into data storytelling success.

Feedough’s take on is slicing through the complexity of data visualization with remarkable ease. In the arena where data is abundant but clarity is scarce, this startup stands poised to democratize the craft of beautiful, animated charts. Chris Hart and his team have skillfully identified a pain point—creating engaging visuals should not be a privilege of the tech-savvy few—and they are delivering a solution that resonates with professionals across industries.

Their mobile-first strategy is not just riding the wave of smartphone ubiquity; it’s a testament to their understanding of modern workflow. The absence of external funding speaks to their confidence in organic growth and product-led success, which could be both a strength and a potential bottleneck as they scale.

For, the future looks bright with promise and challenges alike. They’ve laid a solid foundation for a platform that could indeed disrupt the current data visualization landscape. As they continue to refine their offerings and engage with user feedback, one should expect innovative features and seamless integration capabilities that could set new standards for simplicity in design tools. Keep an eye on; they’re charting a course towards making data speak visually like never before.

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