Outsourced R&D Department For Startups – Stalwart Research Startup Review

Startups revolve around disruptive product development. They thrive on the problems that no one focuses at and provide solutions that everyone has wished for but no one has provided before.

Still, 9 out of 10 startups fail.

They fail because even though the entrepreneur is a world-class developer, he is often not able to validate his product-market fit hypothesis and fails to develop and position his product in a way the market actually needs.

This is where Stalwart Research steps in.

This startup boasts itself as a full-fledged R&D department determined to help startups and MSMEs in extensive research and product development.

Stalwart Research – Startup Review By Feedough

Stalwart Research has positioned itself as a concierge service provider for startups and MSMEs. It helps entrepreneurs who have ideas but require experts to validate it and help them build the product.

Many of you might confuse this business model to be similar to incubators, but it is totally different. Stalwart research works as a dedicated Research and Development (R&D) department for their clients to help them build upon the most desirable products and help them to compete with the big MNCs.

The startup currently provides the following services –

  1. End-to-End E-Commerce solution for Businesses
  2. IoT for MSMEs & Startups, Factory Automation with IoT
  3. Power of Artificial Intelligence using previous data of enterprises for effective growth
  4. End-to-End Product Design (IoT, Machine Design & Development, System Design & Development, etc)

Here’s our interview with Abhijeet Vibhandik, representative of Stalwart Research.

What Exactly Is Stalwart Research?

Abhijeet: Stalwart Research operates as a Research and Development Department for MSMEs (Micro Small & Medium scale Enterprises) and Startups. Forte of Stalwart Research is R & D in sectors which falls under the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The company aims to empower MSMEs and startups through extreme Research & Development in the following sectors:

  1. End-to-End E-Commerce solution for Businesses
  2. IoT for MSMEs & Startups, Factory Automation with IoT
  3. Power of Artificial Intelligence using previous data of enterprises for effective growth
  4. End-to-End Product Design (IoT, Machine Design & Development, System Design & Development, etc)

How Is Your Offering Disrupting The Industry?

Abhijeet: We are currently acting as a Research & Development Department for 4 Startups and 3 MSMEs.

Most of MNCs have their in-house Research & Development (R & D) facilities for Product development and services optimization. But during our survey in Maharashtra, about 87% MSMEs don’t invest in Research and Development of the company. This is a sad reality as well as an opportunity to grow and leverage the potential of MSMEs and Startups.

Hence, by offering our Research & Development services in mentioned sectors, and with a dedicated team and group of experienced advisors, we help companies to grow and achieve realistically high milestones. By introducing R & D in traditionally operating companies, these companies have observed a significant growth in cost reduction in operations, raw materials, risk management, human resources, etc.

The History (How Did It All Start?)

Abhijeet: It all started when we first tried to design a product for ourselves which was inspired by the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner ‘Roomba’. We faced tremendous problems in finding the right solution for designing, optimizing and marketing. A thought of having a scarcity of research resources obviously crossed our minds and by performing market research in the industrial area of Ambad, Satpur, Chakan, Sinnar, and Dindori, we decided that we are going to solve the problem of Research and Development in this country. Further, we are aiming towards solving the financial problems of these MSMEs and Companies.

Why Did You Choose This Niche?

Abhijeet: We have always believed in real life problem solving for society in which we have grown up. While working on our own products, we observed serious problems which MSMEs and Startups have been facing from long time and those are needed to be solved in order to sustain in the longer run. Also, Industrial Area of Ambad, Satpur, Chakan, Sinnar, and Dindori, have more than 10,000 companies combined, which shows the market size and the scope of the R & D services offered to these companies. Hence, by scrutinizing commercial, financial and sustainability factors, we decided to grow in this niche.

Tell Us About Your Team?

Abhijeet: Team size has grown from 1 to 8 in just 1.5 years, full-time members. We also have a total of 7 Advisors who are continuously guiding us in our journey of R & D, these are also key members of Stalwart Research.

What’s The Progress Till Now And What Are You Expecting In Future?

Abhijeet: Research and Development is the heart of any company and setting, optimizing and maintaining a Research and Development dept is not a simple and easy task. Hence, during the time span of 1.5 years, we have been able to successfully manage R & D dept of 7 companies. We are aiming to set up R & D Department in at least 3500 companies till the end of the year 2020.

For expansion, we will also be looking for investors who can see our vision and back us for the expansion and growth of the company.

Feedough’s Take On Stalwart Research

Stalwart Research’s business model looks promising. They’ve capitalized on a problem many startups and MSMEs face. Even we’ve encountered several startups which are in need of R&D experts. The company has started its business in a small market (as a startup should) and is planning to expand taking the feedback from the early adopters.

However, the only doubt we have is how it is going to serve businesses of different niches with limited personnel and resources.


If you’re looking to outsource the R&D department of your startup, Stalwart Research could be fit for you.

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