This Startup Uses Data for Better Mental Health – Ohms Inc Startup Review

Many people seek mental wellness, but few feel they have a reliable guide. In a world full of stress from adolescence onward, individuals are looking for a clear path to improvement and tranquillity. Current wellness solutions provide comfort but often fail to build deep trust and commitment, leaving many feeling uncertain.

Enter Ohms Inc., a pioneer in the mental wellness industry, dedicated to delivering lasting, data-backed progress that users can both see and feel. By transforming the abstract into the tangible, Ohms Inc. bridges the gap between scepticism and conviction, ensuring their users remain anchored in their mental health journey.

With a blend of personalized notifications and insightful health data, the startup has turned the possibility of a committed and trusting relationship with mental wellness into a palpable reality. We conducted an interview to learn how Ohms Inc. is pioneering new approaches in the field of mental health solutions.

What is Ohms Inc?

Ohms Inc. is charting a new course in mental wellness, offering adolescents and adults a data-driven approach to improving their mental health. With various solutions like breathwork, journaling, and personalized health scores, Ohms Inc. aims to foster long-term engagement and trust in mental wellness practices. The problem of fleeting commitment and dubious trust in mental health programs is addressed through timely notifications and transparent health insights that demonstrate tangible progress.

What sets Ohms Inc. apart is its commitment to showing users the evidence of improvement, backed by data such as heart rate and quantitative health scores, making mental wellness a journey that’s felt, quantified, and understood.

Ohms Inc Founders

Harry Sin, with a background as a general manager for several FAANG companies, co-founded Ohms Inc., a company redefining the approach to mental wellness. His expertise in product and team development is complemented by Sushir Kadidal, CEO of Ohms Inc., who brings his experience as a designer and leader of an internationally acclaimed design studio. Together, they form the core of a startup that’s not just another mental health app but a data-driven sanctuary for the mind.

The journey of Ohms Inc. began with a shared realization. Both Sin and Kadidal had suffered burnout in their high-pressure careers in tech and design. It was this personal struggle with mental health that propelled them to seek solutions not just for themselves but for the wider community. They noticed a gap in the market for a mental wellness solution that offered relief and provided proof of progress. This led to the birth of Ohms Inc., a startup that marries technology with tranquillity, ensuring that every breath and journal entry contributes to a quantifiable improvement in mental health.

In the early days, Ohms Inc. was a concept built on assumptions that the founders and their target users were cut from the same cloth. However, Sin’s dedication to understanding the user experience saw him spending months in co-living and co-working spaces across various countries, gathering insights to refine the product. This hands-on approach led to a significant overhaul of the user interface, features, and assumptions about their audience. It was a move away from seeking funding and a strategic pivot towards perfecting their offering, with a focus on the product and its users.

The inception of Ohms Inc. was driven by a glaring statistic: while a large percentage of Americans experience mental health issues, a minuscule fraction engage in meditation or similar practices. Sin and Kadidal saw an opportunity to create a platform that encouraged consistent use and built trust through visible, data-driven results. They envisioned a solution where users could commence their mental wellness journey with a clear starting point and tangible milestones, making Ohms Inc. a compass in the often murky waters of mental health.

Interview with Harry Sin, Founder of Ohms Inc

In a world where mental well-being is often pursued but rarely measured, Ohms Inc. stands as a trailblazer, providing a ray of hope through data-driven mental health solutions. I had the privilege of sitting down with Harry Sin, the dynamic co-founder and COO of Ohms Inc., to discuss the company’s innovative approach to mental wellness. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: Harry, could you tell us a bit about the primary problem Ohms Inc. is addressing?
A: We’re tackling the issue of fleeting commitment and dubious trust in mental health solutions. It’s common for individuals to start a mental wellness program but struggle to stick with it or question its effectiveness. We aim to change that.

Q: And how does Ohms Inc. solve these problems?
A: We keep our users engaged through timely notifications, which help maintain their commitment to mental wellness practices. We provide transparent health insights based on data like heart rate and quantitative health scores to build trust.

Q: Could you share some insights about the founding team of Ohms Inc.?
A: Absolutely. Alongside myself, we have Sushir Kadidal, our CEO, who brings a wealth of experience from leading an internationally acclaimed design studio. Bobak Mosadegh, our part-time CSO, also directs R&D at the Dalio Institute at Cornell Medicine.

Q: What inspired you to venture into the mental wellness industry?
A: The realization that a significant number of Americans experience mental health issues, yet a small fraction practice meditation or similar methods was a catalyst. Both Sushir and I have faced burnout, and we’re passionate about providing others with practical, data-driven mental health solutions.

Q: How did Ohms Inc. evolve in its early days?
A: We initially built the app based on our experiences, assuming our users were similar. However, after extensive user testing and feedback, we realized we needed to refine our approach. We revamped our UI/UX, features, and our understanding of the target audience.

Q: How does Ohms Inc. differentiate itself from competitors?
A: We offer a suite of mental health solutions that are not only diverse but also grounded in data. Our users don’t just get tools like breathwork and journaling; they get to see and understand their progress through concrete data.

Q: Let’s talk about your startup’s growth. Can you share some statistics?
A: Certainly. We’re currently seeing a monthly active user base of around 200, with a compound monthly growth rate (CMGR) of 19.3%. And although we’re not generating revenue yet, we plan to introduce a freemium model soon.

Q: Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?
A: Start with actions that may seem non-scalable, like having one-on-one conversations with users or reaching out to potential leads directly. Focus on your product and users first; funding can come later once you have a solid foundation.

Harry Sin’s insights provide a fascinating glimpse into the world of mental wellness startups. Ohms Inc.’s commitment to data-driven solutions is not just innovative but necessary in a world where mental health is becoming an increasingly critical issue. With their unique approach, Ohms Inc. is sure to make waves in the mental wellness space, offering not just solace but also solid evidence of improvement to those on their mental health journey.

Feedough’s Take on Ohms Inc

Ohms Inc. stands out in the mental wellness landscape for its innovative, data-centric approach. They’ve tapped into a critical need for trust and long-term engagement in the mental health sector by providing quantifiable evidence of progress. Their method is a promising disruption, potentially reshaping how individuals interact with mental wellness tools. The founders’ dedication to user experience and iterative product development signals a strong future for Ohms Inc.

However, maintaining the personalized touch that sets them apart will be challenging as they scale. Looking ahead, integrating a freemium model suggests a sustainable growth path. Expect Ohms Inc. to contribute to the mental wellness conversation and lead it with evidence-based solutions that users can trust.