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Navigating the healthcare maze can feel like being stuck in a labyrinth, with every turn leading to another confusing pathway. Small to medium businesses, in particular, are all too familiar with the struggle. They seek to provide their teams with health cover that’s not just a checkbox but a testament to their commitment to employee well-being. Yet, the quest for a solution that’s both accessible and affordable often seems like a distant dream.

Enter, a startup that has grasped this possibility and transformed it into a tangible opportunity. By blending the convenience of a Mo Mastercard for claims administration with the innovative concept of a collectively owned Healthcare Trust Fund, has reimagined global health cover for modern teams. It’s a departure from traditional insurance models, focusing on community, simplicity, and immediate global healthcare access.

Stay tuned as we delve into the story of, where we’ve spoken with CEO Tom McCabe to uncover how this startup is reshaping the healthcare landscape for dynamic businesses worldwide.

What is is a breath of fresh air in the often convoluted world of healthcare coverage, particularly for small to medium-sized businesses seeking a blend of simplicity and attentiveness for their teams’ well-being. Recognizing the challenge of finding dependable, comprehensive care, steps in with a solution that’s a cut above the rest. By integrating the convenience of a Mo Mastercard for straightforward claims administration with the collective strength of a Healthcare Trust Fund, this startup is redefining what it means to offer global health cover.

Catering to the health-conscious, innovative businesses of today, understands that your team is not just a number but the heartbeat of your company. The primary issue at hand is the accessibility and affordability of healthcare, especially for international teams. Traditional health insurance is often plagued by rising premiums, limited networks, and inconsistent coverage, but tackles these pain points head-on. Their approach is to deliver a user-friendly app paired with a Mo Mastercard, enabling immediate healthcare access at any Mastercard terminal worldwide.

Their unique selling proposition lies in the elimination of complex claims processes and the provision of transparent, predictable costs. isn’t just another provider; it’s a partner that’s obsessively focused on delivering an outstanding user experience. As a member of their trust fund, you’re part of a community that shares benefits and cost savings. This model ensures that’s interests are aligned with yours, prioritizing your well-being over profits. With, quality healthcare isn’t just within reach—it’s only a tap away, making it a standout choice for businesses that prioritize the health and happiness of their teams. Founders

Tom McCabe and Guillaume MOREL are the masterminds behind, a startup that’s shaking up the healthcare insurance landscape. McCabe, with a decade of experience in healthcare at giants like AXA and Cigna, brings an insider’s perspective on the industry’s challenges. MOREL, his co-founder and CTO, complements the duo with a 20-year track record of crafting tech products, most recently as CTO for venture-backed scale-ups in the South of France.

Their journey began with a shared vision: to simplify healthcare access to the point where it felt as easy as a casual chat over coffee. They sought to strip away the complexity and impersonality that plagued traditional health insurance. emerged from this vision, promising a health cover that was not just a policy but a pillar of support for modern teams.

The early days were a testament to their tenacity. They delved into the labyrinth of health insurance, determined to create a solution that was both user-friendly and affordable. They faced the colossal task of building trust in a market dominated by established players. The founders embraced transparency and simplicity, engaging with potential users and incorporating their feedback to ensure resonated with the needs of dynamic teams.

Their passion for the idea sparked the journey, but it was their love for building a business that kept them pushing forward. They bootstrapped to revenue, a rare feat for a full-stack insurance disruptor, before seeking outside capital. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, as now supports members across 14 countries, processing claims in multiple languages and continually enhancing its services, now as a proud B Corporation.

McCabe and MOREL’s story is a testament to the power of a clear vision and unyielding commitment. They’ve built more than a startup; they’ve created a community where global health initiatives and technology intersect, offering a beacon of hope for accessible healthcare.

Interview with Tom McCabe, CEO of

Having the opportunity to interview Tom McCabe, CEO of, provided a fascinating insight into the startup’s approach to transforming healthcare coverage. Here’s how our conversation unfolded:

Q: Could you tell us about the inspiration behind and what sets it apart from traditional health insurance?

A: Our inspiration was to make healthcare access as simple as having a chat over coffee. We’re different because we’ve replaced complex claims processes with a Mo Mastercard, and our pricing is transparent. We’re not just a provider; we’re a community where members share benefits.

Q: How did you go about building trust with your customers in the early stages of

A: We focused on transparency and simplicity, engaging with users and incorporating their feedback. Building trust meant being reliable and clear, and delivering on our promises without fail.

What has been the key to growing, and how do you plan to maintain this momentum?

A: The key has been listening to our members and continuously improving our service. We plan to keep expanding our global membership and introducing new benefits, like our ‘call the midwife’ chat support.

Can you share some challenges you faced while fundraising as first-time founders and how you overcame them?

A: Fundraising required patience and persistence. It’s a numbers game, and we approached relevant investors directly. Cold emailing works, and we secured our pre-seed round through it.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs starting their own business?

A: Starting is about loving the idea, but perseverance comes from loving the process of building a business. It’s about creating something valuable through hard times.

Through this conversation with Tom McCabe, it’s clear that’s journey is a blend of vision, user-centric innovation, and a commitment to simplifying healthcare coverage. Their approach is not only refreshing but also indicative of a deep understanding of the needs of modern businesses and their teams.

Feedough’s Take on is poised to make significant waves in the healthcare sector. Their innovative approach, which simplifies the traditionally complex insurance process, is a beacon of hope for small to medium businesses. The Mo Mastercard and Healthcare Trust Fund model is a game-changer, offering predictability and community-driven benefits that could disrupt the status quo. Looking ahead, the challenge will be to scale sustainably while maintaining the high standard of user experience and trust they’ve established.

If successful, could redefine healthcare coverage on a global scale. Businesses should keep an eye on this startup, as its potential to transform employee well-being is immense.

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