This Startup Helps Startups Go From Idea to Pro Product – Quema Startup Review

The IT infrastructure industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with startups and SMBs looking to establish a solid foundation for their digital presence. However, many of these companies need help transitioning from the MVP stage to a professionally created and configured infrastructure that can handle the demands of rapid customer growth. This is where Quema comes in. 

With a focus on building scalable and secure IT infrastructures and allocating dedicated DevOps engineers, Quema aims to help startups survive and thrive in the competitive market. Unlike its competitors, Quema’s laser-focused approach allows them to provide high-quality services and customer orientation. With an impressive personal experience and expertise track record, Quema is well-equipped to guide startups from an idea to a fully functional professional product. 

In an industry where 90% of companies struggle with low-quality DevOps specialists and 100% face security issues, Quema stands out as a reliable and trusted partner. With their sights set on acquiring ten new clients this year, Quema is set to revolutionise the startup landscape. So, if you’re a CTO or CEO from an SMB or startup looking to take your IT infrastructure to the next level, Quema is the name to remember. 

What Is Quema?

Quema is an innovative startup providing robust and scalable IT infrastructure solutions. The primary service users are CTOs and CEOs from small to medium businesses (SMBs) and startups, where the need for robust and secure IT systems is paramount.

The pivotal problem Quema resolves is transitioning from a minimum viable product (MVP) stage to a professionally curated and configured IT setup. Imagine, as a startup, you’re experiencing a transition phase marked by customer growth. This growth requires an infrastructure that can withstand the load, and this is where Quema steps in.

Quema’s crew, backed up with years of personal experience, devise solutions by providing dedicated DevOps engineers from their team. The engineers work meticulously to ensure smooth transitions while delivering high-quality services that set them apart.

Quema stands out due to its undivided focus on IT infrastructure services, which heightens their customer orientation. So, if you’re a growing startup with IT needs, Quema embodies an unparalleled solution. Its drive to help startups transform from ideas to professionally administered products makes it a vital ally in the startup landscape. 

Quema Founders

The pioneering force behind Quema is Dmytro Chaurov, who holds the position of CCO. As a seasoned professional in the IT industry, Dmytro was inspired to build Quema out of a burning desire to help startups transition smoothly from an idea to a professionally handled product.

With vast knowledge from gaining first-hand experience in heavy-duty, high-load projects, Dmytro was able to extend the same know-how to his team at Quema. This, combined with an ironclad determination to overcome challenges, forms the backbone of Quema’s success story.

His journey is a testament to how specialisation and focus on quality can help carve a niche in an over-saturated market and help startups overcome a significant challenge.

Interview with Dmytro Chaurov, CCO of Quema

The IT infrastructure industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and startups and SMBs are in dire need of reliable and secure IT setups to establish a strong digital presence. To gain more insights into Quema and its mission to help startups transition from the MVP stage to a professional product, we had the opportunity to interview Dmytro Chaurov, the Chief Customer Officer of Quema.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Quema?

A: My name is Dmytro Chaurov, and I am the Chief Customer Officer at Quema. My main focus is to ensure that our clients, especially CTOs and CEOs from SMBs and startups, receive the best IT infrastructure services and support.

Q: What inspired you to enter the IT infrastructure industry and start Quema?

A: Our inspiration comes from wanting to help startups survive and transform their ideas into fully functional professional products. We have personal experience working on complex high-load projects, and we wanted to leverage that expertise to support other startups on their journey.

Q: How did the early days of Quema look like?

A: In the early days, we focused on gaining personal experience in complex high-load projects. As we expanded, we scaled our team to include dedicated DevOps engineers who could cater to the specific needs of startups.

Q: What sets Quema apart from its competitors in the industry?

A: Unlike competitors, Quema maintains a laser-focused approach to IT infrastructure services. This allows us to provide high-quality services and exceptional customer orientation, ensuring that startups receive the support they need to thrive.

Q: Are there any plans for external funding or recent funding rounds?

A: Currently, we have not received external funding. We have been able to sustain ourselves through our dedication and commitment to our client’s success.

Q: What are the future plans for Quema?

A: Our goal for this year is to acquire ten new clients and continue revolutionising the startup landscape. We aim to be the go-to solution for startups looking to take their IT infrastructure to the next level.

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?

A: My advice would be to overcome difficulties no matter the cost. Starting a business requires perseverance and determination, and being prepared to tackle any challenges that come your way is crucial.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share about your startup journey?

A: At Quema, our primary focus is building scalable and secure IT infrastructures and providing dedicated DevOps engineers from our team. This allows us to support startups throughout their journey, from ideas to fully functional professional products.

Q: Do you have any industry statistics or data that you would like to share?

A: In the IT infrastructure industry, 90% of companies need help with low-quality DevOps specialists, which can greatly impact their success. Additionally, 100% of companies face security issues, and we aim to prevent these issues through our services for our clients.

Feedough’s Take on Quema

Quema is commendably bridging the daunting gap between the MVP stage and production-ready solutions for startups, revolutionising the IT landscape. Their winning formula comprises a laser-focused approach, dedication, and unparalleled customer service. However, startups’ growth scale necessitates expansion, so flexibility with staffing models could be a game-changer. Being a disruptor in the marketplace, Quema’s potential for success resonates widely. By securing new partnerships and continuously improving their services, they are set to become the trusted ally for startups vying to survive the digital transformation whirlwind. Expect a surge of innovative solutions from assisted startups, enriching the tech ecosystem further.

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