The 12 Best Startup Directories & Startup Listing Websites

Marketing your startup is an uphill struggle. In this digital era, it is a necessity for you to be visible on the internet even if you operate offline.

We're here to help you take your first big step - listing your startup over the internet. 

Here's a list of the best startup directories and submit-your-startup websites to help you succeed in you venture.

google my business

Google My Business

Do you ever wonder how some companies can position their about us, contact details and other information on the right side of the Google search results when you search for their name? It’s because they’ve listed their business on Google My Business.

Suppose you run a business of selling guitars. Listing your startup on Google My Business will not only help you in local SEO (getting visibility when people in your area search for ‘guitar sellers near me’) but also creates a rich card for your business on Google search results whenever the users search for your company name.

Listing your startup on Google My Business is free and lets you share important information like operating hours and phone number to your customers right on the google search result page.

crunchbase startup directory


Crunchbase is the one stop directory for finding business information of all private and public companies. Whether you run a startup or a Fortune 1000 company, listing your company on Crunchbase should be your #1 priority.

You can also use this resource to get insights into your competition, get funding information, the founding and key members informaton, and discover many new startups.

Listing your startup on Crunchbase is free of cost. startup listing bills itself as a place for startups to show themselves off, for tech enthusiast to get their daily news fix, and for professionals to leverage our data to prospect, track competitors, and collaborate with their team.

The platform uses artificial intelligence to connect startups with corporate brands and investors. It is a data mine to search for news and data connected to a company. accepts free startup submissions.


Feedough is the #15 best startup website in the world. It witnesses around 1 million monthly traffic which includes entrepreneurs, investors, journalists and other startup enthusiasts. 

The startups are reviewed thoroughly and shared with the huge audience through posts, push notifications, email newsletters, and social media posts. 

Moreover, you’ll receive feedback and suggestions from the founders, writers, and other team members of the Feedough team too.

killer startups startup listing

Killer Startups

KillerStartups is a user driven internet startups community which reviews the up-and-coming startups right at their birth. The community is over 125,000 users strong and has reviewed over 88,000 startups since 2007, famous discoveries being Tinder, Plum, Wego, etc. Uber raised its first $1.6MM funding 3 months after KillerStartups discovered and featured it.

There are also premium plans to advertise your startup on

my startup tool

My Startup Tool

Register for the free plan of My Startup Tool and get access to more than 250 free, freemium and premium websites and platforms to submit your startup.

You can also opt for their paid plans and let them do the submissions for you.

alltopstartups startups directory


Alltopstartups is a startup oriented blog with over 60,000 monthly visitors and over 100k followers. The website offers a premium startup listing option which lets you feature your startup on the home page and get it boosted on its social platforms.

product hunt submit your startup

Product Hunt

With over hundreds of thousands of users, product hunt is one of the best websites to share and discover new tech products, applications, websites, etc. The users on the platform test your product for free and give you honest feedback as soon as they stumble upon it on the website.

The website also allows the submission of MVP and beta versions of the product as long as thorough information is provided (explainer video, walkthrough, blueprint, etc.) about its usage and utility.

The website also includes a daily email list that sends out the tech hunts of the day to the subscribed users.

hacker news

Hacker News

Hacker News is a social news website focused on tech and entrepreneurship. It is a forum-based news website where the content is crowdsourced by the community members.

Show HN is a perfect community to showcase your new startup or product to, to ask for feedbacks, and to take suggestions from.

the startup pitch startup listing

The Startup Pitch

The startup pitch is a website dedicated to pitching your startup to the outside world. All you need to do is to answer a few questions like:

  • What does it do?
  • Why do we need it?
  • Who is it for?
  • What makes it stand out from the crowd?
  • What’s next?

What makes this platform stand out from others is that you not only get to promote your business but you also get a deeper insight into your business by answering the questions.

reddit startups share your startup

Reddit r/startups

With over 200k users in r/startups, Reddit could be your go-to-place to share your startup, ask for suggestions and take feedback.

The community also holds a monthly contest called Share your Startup which lets you pitch your startup to all the community members.

launching next submit startups

Launching Next

Launching Next is the home to more than 5,000 new startups, startup ideas and great business ideas. It’s a perfect startup directory to showcase your startup to thousands of readers.

Submitting your startup to Launching Next is free, but if you want your startup to be considered for publication within 1-business day, you can opt for $49 paid package.

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