The 12 Best Startup Directories & Startup Listing Websites

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Getting your startup name out there can be a daunting task.

You know you need to do it, but where do you start? Should you pay for ads? Is it better to try and get press coverage?

The truth is that there are a variety of different ways to make sure your startup is seen. One way that’s often overlooked, however, is submitting your business to startup directories and listing websites.

These sites serve as a central hub for startups looking to gain visibility online. They can also help you reach potential investors and customers.

But, with so many sites out there, it can be hard to know which ones are the best. That’s why we created this list of the 12 best startup directories and listing websites. 

google my business

Google My Business

Do you ever wonder how some companies can position their about us, contact details and other information on the right side of the Google search results when you search for their name? It’s because they’ve listed their business on Google My Business.

Suppose you run a business of selling guitars. Listing your startup on Google My Business will not only help you in local SEO (getting visibility when people in your area search for ‘guitar sellers near me’) but also creates a rich card for your business on Google search results whenever the users search for your company name.

Listing your startup on Google My Business is free and lets you share important information like operating hours and phone number to your customers right on the google search result page.

crunchbase startup directory


Crunchbase is a platform created by industry leader, TechCrunch. It’s one of the largest repositories of startup information out there and serves as a source for venture capitalists and angel investors to find potential investments.

It's the one stop directory for finding business information of all private and public companies. Whether you run a startup or a Fortune 1000 company, listing your company on Crunchbase should be your #1 priority.

By listing your company on Crunchbase, you increase the chances that you get noticed. Plus, it gives you access to invaluable market intelligence provided by Crunchbase. 

The best part? Listing your startup on Crunchbase is free of cost.



AngelList is a startup aggregator that serves as a hub for startups, investors, and job seekers. It's one of the most popular sites in this space with over 2 million startups listed on the platform.

When you list your startup on AngelList, you open yourself up to potential investments from some of the top venture capitalists and angel investors around the world.

The site also allows entrepreneurs to post job openings, making it an ideal platform for startups looking to hire top talent. 


Probably the only startup directory that writes a spotlight about every business that is listed on it. When you list your startup on Feedough, you get an entire blog post written about your company.

This helps in creating brand awareness for companies and also serves as a great way to make sure people know what you do and how you can help them (when they search for you on the web).

Feedough is also a virtual incubator that can connect you with investors one-on-one. They offer a suite of services that include networking events, mentorship programs and more to help entrepreneurs succeed.

However, they are selective about who they accept to their directory. That means it’s important for you to make sure your startup is as polished and professional as possible before submitting it for review.



Gust is a platform that bridges the gap between startups and angel investors/venture capitalists around the world. With a community of over 800,000 founders, Gust is where you want to be if you’re looking for investments.

Gust offers a range of services, such as providing access to funding sources, mentorship programs and more. So it's worth signing up whether or not you’re actively seeking investments.

The platform also provides access to exclusive events, where startups can network with investors in an intimate setting. 

killer startups startup listing


Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that helps companies find the right service provider for their needs. It's where businesses go to find trusted providers of services, such as web development and SEO.

If you offer a service that would be beneficial to other companies, list your business on Clutch. The platform allows users to leave reviews for the companies listed on it, so you have an opportunity to stand out and get noticed by potential customers.

It’s one of the most comprehensive resources out there, thanks to its extensive directory of over 600,000 verified businesses from around the world.

When you list your company on Clutch, you also open doors to SEO opportunities thanks to the platform’s high-quality backlinks. For example, if you’re a web development company in Auckland, being listed on will help you rank for ‘web development companies in Auckland’. 

product hunt submit your startup

Product Hunt

If you're a tech startup, chances are you’ve already heard of Product Hunt. It's an online platform where tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs come together to discover and share the newest products and services in the space.

Moreover, this startup listing directory also allows the submission of MVP and beta versions of the product as long as thorough information is provided (explainer video, walkthrough, blueprint, etc.) about its usage and utility.

Every day, thousands of people search for new tech products on Product Hunt, so it could be a valuable platform for your startup. Plus, it’s free to list your product as well as get feedback from other users on the platform.

Even though listing your product on product hunt is easy, getting viral on the platform is not. It takes a lot of hard work and networking to get the attention your startup deserves. Ensure you get 'hunted' by a renowned figure in the tech space and you’ll be sure to get noticed. 



F6S is amongst the top startup communities for founders, where you'll find resources, tools and contacts to help your startup succeed. It's the perfect platform for networking with other startups as well as investors from around the world.

F6S also gives members access to deals and discounts on services like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and more. That alone makes it worth signing up for the platform - even if you don't actively use it. Plus, it’s free to list your startup on the platform and you have control over how much information is shared with other members.

F6S is also an aggregator of startup programs, startup contests, and accelerator programs from around the world. So if you’re looking for these opportunities, make sure to sign up on this platform. 

hacker news

Hacker News

Hacker News is a community of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and professionals that discuss the latest trends in technology. It’s also one of the most popular startup listing websites out there, thanks to its active user base and SEO-friendly content.

Backed by YCombinator, the platform is a great place to submit your startup and get noticed. All you need to do is create an account and share links to your business page on the platform.

The goal of submitting your startup on Hacker News should be more than just getting backlinks. You also want to build relationships with potential customers, investors, advisors and team members through meaningful conversations. 

killer startups startup listing

Killer Startups

KillerStartups is a user driven internet startups community which reviews the up-and-coming startups right at their birth. The community is over 125,000 users strong and has reviewed over 88,000 startups since 2007, famous discoveries being Tinder, Plum, Wego, etc. Uber raised its first $1.6MM funding 3 months after KillerStartups discovered and featured it.

There are also premium plans to advertise your startup on

reddit startups share your startup

Reddit r/startups

With over 200k users in r/startups, Reddit could be your go-to-place to share your startup, ask for suggestions and take feedback.

Unlike other platforms, Reddit tends to be more authentic with its users. So make sure you share genuine stories and promote your startup in a natural way. Know that r/startups isn't a place to promote your startup explicitly, so don't spam the sub with links to your website.

You can, however, share your startup in their weekly roundup threads.