The 10 Best Free Copywriting Tools

Creating compelling and effective copy in the modern digital age is essential for any business or individual looking to engage with their audience digitally.

However, crafting well-written copy can be time-consuming and often requires high skill and expertise. Fortunately, with the help of advanced technology, numerous free copywriting tools are available now that can make the process of writing high-quality copy faster and easier than ever before.

But, as many paid tools take the limelight away from the free copywriting tools, we have created a list of ten free tools you can use to increase productivity.


  1. The Best Free Copywriter: - ChatGPT, "A powerful conversational AI tool that excels at writing, analysing, and ideating any form of copy. Whether the user needs a short and snappy message or a lengthy and detailed article, ChatGPT can easily create it all."
  2. All-In-One Copywriting Tool -, "An AI tool that helps get over writer's block and develop copies for any marketing using varied templates. A free copywriting tool that streamlines writing and image generation from content ideas to creating entire campaigns using AI."
  3. To Write Personalised Copies -  Rytr, "A personalised writing tool that empowers professionals to create distinct and highly-focused AI copy using 40+ use cases, 20+ tones, different frameworks, and numerous templates."
  4. To SEO-Optimise Copies - Writesonic, "A tool that turns a few words and little inputs into insightful SEO copies for Ads, emails, blogs, and websites. It is a tool to create SEO optimise copies and PDs at scale."
  5. To Write Social Media Copies - Hypotenuse.AI, "A powerful tool with professionally made templates to write social media copies for different channels. Choose the dedicated template or other frameworks like PAS, AIDA, and more to write different types of SMM posts."
  6. To Paraphrase Copies - Quillbot, "A free copywriting tool that can give your copies a facelift by rephrasing them and writing them in the desired tone in the right way."
  7. To Write Personalised Email Copies - Smartwriter, "A tool that will help save time in researching and writing personalised emails and automates the entire outreach process. Generate 1000s of emails and get 8x more replies."
  8. For eCommerce Marketers - Copysmith, "A tool designed for ecommerce markets to write high-performing marketing copies, IG content, and PDs for different platforms at scale to drive growth at unprecedented quality and speed."
  9. To Be Grammar Right - Grammarly, "A grammar checking and correcting tool that will prompt users about grammatical, spelling, tone, plagiarism and more errors. A tool that also helps in writing tone-specific content."
  10. To Analyse Copies - Headline Analyzer," A tool that gives the EMV scores (Emotional Marketing Value) to the copy based on how well the marketing content addresses people's emotions.

Recommended Free AI Copywriting Tools


The Best Free AI Copywriter:


You can not only get answers from this language model ChatGPT. Instead, you can also get a wide range of writing services from it.

You can train the AI with your pre-written content and instruct it to generate engaging and effective copies for any purpose, such as marketing materials, blog posts, social media updates, and more. Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing techniques to analyse your inputs, it writes copies in your given format and language.

Using ChatGPT, you can:

  • Get topic suggestions based on your industry, target audience, and preferred tone.
  • Get catchy headline ideas, keyword optimised, informative, and tailored to your written content.
  • Ask the AI to improve the received copy's tone, readability, engagement, and more. It will revise and rewrite the entire copy for you.
  • Ask the AI chatbot to paraphrase, rewrite, or expand the existing copy
  • Get an analysis of the tone, structure, readability, and overall quality of your writing and receive suggestions to make it more engaging and impactful.

Overall, ChatGPT is a useful and versatile SAAS for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills and create compelling copies. However, though it's free and accessible to anyone with an internet connection, the free version sometimes has server issues.

Taking the paid version will resolve the survey problem, and you can work without restrictions.


All-In-One Copywriting Tool is an all-in-one, powerful free copywriting generator. It can assist individuals without extensive copywriting experience in crafting compelling and high-converting copies that align with various outbound marketing strategies.

It is a one-stop tool for copywriting because it offers hundreds of templates for creating various types of content. It allows you to generate everything from blog titles and meta descriptions to social media copies and more. It is an excellent tool for brainstorming, copy creation, and everything in between. also allows you to interact with the tool through a chat interface, similar to how you would communicate with ChatGPT. By chatting with, you can instruct it to perform various activities on your copy, such as generating new ideas, refining existing content, and optimising it for different platforms.

It is a tool with never-ending templates and frameworks for every kind of content and copy needs. However, when you use the free version of, you can use it for personal use and make it write only 2000 words. But, taking the paid version will allow you to write unlimited words, add five users, access the newest features, write in several languages, and do a lot more.


To Write Personalised Copies


Rytr is designed for professionals who need to create copies customised to their brand's tone, platform-specific or focused on specific needs.

With Rytr's 40+ use cases and 20+ tones, you can personalise the tone and create copies that fit your specific use case. Various templates are available that are optimised for different social media platforms, allowing users to create personalised copy for each channel to increase engagement and sales.

Using this tool, you can write any personalised copy, inducing emails, landing pages, story plots, IG post copies, SEO titles, Youtube descriptions, taglines, interview questions, reviews, and more.

Additionally, this free copywriting generator utilises AI to help users generate creative and persuasive copies for sections of their landing page.

Plus, you can also access the premium community of the tool for free, where experts talk and relay information and strategies around effective and engaging copy and content generation. You can use a suitable strategy in your copywriting to make it highly brand personalised and user-specific.

If you are using the free version of Rytr, it is essential to note that you'll have a character limit of 10k per month. This may be insufficient if you have a high volume of content to generate. However, Rytr offers a convenient upgrade option to access more features and an increased usage limit. Additionally, its highly competitive pricing makes it a cost-effective solution for businesses and individuals.


To SEO-Optimise Copies


Writesonic is a free copywriter for every SEO specialist who wants to create SEO copies for Ads, social media, websites or others. It is the easiest and all-time free copywriting tool to get SEO copies.

Using Writesonic, you can easily manage your workflow and save 30+ hours to create, edit and publish SEO-optimised content that makes you rank first on the SERP.

With Writesonic, you get access to over 80 content templates to create any type of content you need.

The Sonic mode feature allows you to make your content SEO-perfect with Surfer, which can help you rank higher on search engines.

You don't need to do any research, as Writesonic's full-proof SEO audit feature checks your content for ranking and provides guidelines for improvement based on the focus keyword.

With Writesonic's Surfer mode, you can edit existing content to make it more SEO-friendly by analysing it for keyword presence and other aspects, either by copying and pasting your content or importing published content from a link.

However, as Writesonic is completely free to use and is great for SEO optimisation, the surfer mode requires as little as $1 to get started.

Besides, if you are an agency or want to work with a team or handle several clients, you need to upgrade your Writesonic plan to unlock extra features like writing more than 10K words, accessing API, bulk writing and more.


To Write Social Media Copies


Hypotenuse is a free copywriting generator for social media managers who want to create and share posts on different social media platforms daily.

This tool is designed to assist in creating compelling social media copy that effectively captures your audience's attention across various platforms. Considering each platform's unique content preferences and styles can help ensure that your content resonates with your audience and encourages engagement.

You can create copies for Youtube, Email, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more using different templates dedicated to each platform.

Hypotenuse AI also provides the ability to give instructions or ask questions using the 'Ask AI anything' template to create custom copies for any project.

Moreover, to create or rewrite content for thousands of creative variations, you can use the workflows feature of Hypotenuse. It allows you to import inputs from a CSV file quickly, create content at scale, edit and refine each piece of copy, and neatly export finished content in a CSV file that can be uploaded to your CMS.

But the hack is that this free copywriting tool gives only 15 credits you can use to create content, where each credit gets used with one piece of content generated. So, either you can use the free credits for your personal use, earn them, or buy them to use the application further.


To Paraphrase Copies


Quillbot is one of the easiest and simplest copywriting tools to use when you are stuck paraphrasing the content.

With Quillbot, you can make the AI rewrite or revise your existing content in different tones, including standard, fluency, formal, creative, simple, and more.

Besides, you can also ask the AI to expand and add more detail to the existing content or shorten the content by clearing the extra words.

Quillbot is great for you when you want to access just the basic features and minimum changes in your content. However, if you want to co-write with Quillbot, get the rewritten version to be accurate, rephrase unlimited words, want the AI to cite automatically, want advanced grammar checking, research faster and access all the features at their full capacity, you need to upgrade to premium.

To Write Personalised Email Copies

Smartwriter is an innovative email copywriting tool that uses AI to create personalised emails quickly and easily. It saves you time and resources by automating the entire outreach process. No more spending hours researching and crafting emails tailored to your audience!

With SmartWriter, you can create personalised emails that connect with your audience and see an improved reply rate of up to 8 times. Insert personalised links and use LinkedIn profiles to create contextualised pitches.

SmartWriter allows you to create emails tailored to what the company does and share emails based on recent activities. The tool analyses a company's prospects, including recent news, case studies, awards, articles, LinkedIn profiles, interviews, podcasts, and blogs, to create emails that are more likely to turn prospects into customers.

You can try SmartWriter and use it for free for seven days and see how easy it is to streamline your outreach process. You can use it for free for seven days and get the one-time work done, or if you like how it works, increases click, boosts productivity, and gets more responses, you can upgrade to any suitable plan.


For eCommerce Marketers


Copysmith is a free AI copywriting generator designed specifically for eCommerce marketing teams and businesses seeking to produce high-quality, SEO-optimized product descriptions, marketing copies, and email copies at scale.

With Copysmith, you can easily import your product list file and generate persuasive PDs and copies on a large scale. The AI can also add complete information about your products to reduce cart abandonment and create product copies in minutes rather than days.

Additionally, you can ensure your product, and marketing copies meet the platform requirements of Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Etsy, social media, email and more.

Using Copysmith, you can enhance your existing content, including PDs, blogs, and copies, leading to improved search engine ranking positions (SERP).

Copysmith enables you to run A/B tests and quickly deploy new campaigns with fresh copies across various platforms.

In addition, Copysmith provides ready-to-publish AI-generated images and social media copies, and you can create blogs and long-form content using pre-made templates. If you feel your everyday content is becoming stale, Copysmith can help you automate your bulk tasks and provide a fresh perspective.

You can try any of Copysmith's packages for free, and once you experience the productivity growth it provides, you may want to upgrade to a paid plan.


To Be Grammar Right


Grammarly is an indispensable grammar-checking and correcting tool for copywriters designed to improve your writing. It checks for common writing mistakes, such as spelling and grammar errors, punctuation issues, and incorrect word usage.

With its user-friendly interface, you can use Grammarly as a web-based tool, a browser extension, or a desktop application. It is compatible with various platforms, including Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and social media.

It ensures that your writing is error-free and professional, regardless of where you're writing.

Free Grammarly is just a simple error-checking tool that provides insights and suggestions for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

However, to get feedback on the clarity, tone, check plagiarism, and style of your writing, which can significantly improve the overall quality of your content, you need to upgrade to premium.

Whether you're a professional writer or just someone who writes on a regular basis, Grammarly is an excellent tool to help you avoid common writing mistakes and produce high-quality content. By using Grammarly, you can confidently create clear and effective content that engages your audience and conveys your message clearly.

headline analyser

To Analyse Copies

Headline Analyzer

Copywriting is all about evoking the emotions of the readers and making them enticing to read more, take the service, or buy the product. Thus, after writing the copy, if you want to know the emotion it triggers in the reader's mind, you can use Headline Analyzer to determine how it will affect their reading experience.

The Headline Analyzer evaluates the emotional appeal of headlines by calculating an Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score.

It analyses the words in the headline to determine how well the marketing copy can connect with readers' emotions. The tool provides an EMV score, an average EMV percentage for professional copywriting, and an emotional type analysis based on the headline's word choices.

It helps marketers create engaging headlines that resonate with their target audience and increase conversions.