360° Marketing For Authors – AllAuthor Startup Review

With more than 4,500 registered authors all over the world which include USA Today’s and New York Times’ best-selling authors and authors from Amazon’s Top 100, Allauthor bills itself as a marketing platform crafted exclusively for authors.

On the face of it, it looks like any other author discovery website but AllAuthor is disrupting the scenario to a great extent. The company plays its cards on its subscription-based business model where most of the marketing efforts are automated for the authors if they subscribe for the premium plan.

Before moving on to discuss the opportunities and its distinct business model, here are some stats and facts about AllAuthor:

  • Founded in 2015 by Naveen Joshi and Madhukar
  • Started with an initial investment of ₹100,000
  • Is expecting a revenue of $100,000 in 2018

AllAuthor – Startup Review By Feedough

AllAuthor is developed keeping in mind the marketing needs of the self-published authors. Its business model can be divided into two parts – readers & authors.


AllAuthor is a perfect place for readers to discover new books, new authors, and books deals. It lets the readers read sample chapters of the books they’re interested in and redirect them to Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, etc. to buy it at the best price.


Authors form the core target audience of AllAuthor. The company works to fulfil every marketing need of the authors. Authors can choose the free plan as well as the premium subscription plan based on their requirements.

The free plan provides the author with:

  • An author page
  • Listing on Author Directory
  • Tweet Scheduler
  • Adding up to 4 books in Book Directory

The paid plan ($99 per year), however, is a plan no self-published author could refuse to. It includes:

  • Premium author page
  • Listing on Author Directory and homepage
  • 1 book featured listing
  • Adding all the books in Book Directory
  • Social Media Promotion (automated)
  • Book Deals (for better promotion)
  • Unlimited Tweet Scheduler
  • Author’s Interview
  • Various Promotional GIFs
  • Views & Click Report

According to our discussions with the founding team, they focus on automating almost every marketing requirement of the authors. According to Mr. Naveen:

We introduced automation tools by which we provide engaging promotional content delivered directly to the author’s inbox via email. This makes sure the authors do not even need to visit the website and use the timely promotional content to schedule engaging promotional themes easily.

This along with the author promotion, author’s interview, book deals, and their out-of-the-box feature – piracy monitoring helps the self-published authors focus more on their core jobs – writing a good book.

Given the rise of self-published authors and ebook publishing, they surely have tapped the right market.

What’s even better? There’s no close competition. According to Naveen, most of the competitors focus on author recognition and promotion but very few help them in marketing themselves and their books.

Future of AllAuthor

AllAuthor has been successful in creating a market for itself. The company is already expecting $100,000 in revenue in 2018, has launched its android application and working on its iOS application. According to the founder, they have big goals for 2020 as well:

By 2020, we have plan to bring 30K international authors on board with AllAuthor, expand our team to 20 employees and achieve a revenue of $1M a year.

This is no big deal for a company whose free to paid subscription ratio has increased from 3% to 14% in just one year.


If you’re an author looking for the best marketing/publishing platform or a consultant, AllAuthor is perfect for you.

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