Software Development Company Capitalising On Affiliate Marketing – Estimate Startup Review

Affiliate marketing isn’t new. But building a business model around it is comparatively a newer approach, not that capitalised on in the software development industry.

But when you develop a business model around a referral concept, you invite a totally new target audience to join your business that has its own different needs. This may, sometimes, make you move away from your core goal of serving the customers better.

But Estimate has its basics right and is a great example of a company disrupting the existing industry using affiliate marketing.

Estimate – Startup Review By Feedough

Estimate is a software development services provider catering to two different audiences –

  • The clients
  • The passive income earners

The Concept

Estimate operates on a referral concept with a win-win offer for anyone who wants to earn passively. The company attracts passive earners to join the company in promoting its services and get paid for every referred lead that converts.

According to the company’s representative –

The main idea of Estimate is to enable two target audiences to satisfy their needs. People who bring new clients to the platform will receive a percentage from each successfully completed project. Customers will receive high-quality software development services without the necessity to look for the proper platform and necessity to choose the professional team of developers, among others. Our Project Manager will solve all organisational issues.

The Offering

Estimate’s offering is the usual software development services. However, it’s the way that it provides and promotes its offering that’s disruptive.

The Value Proposition

Estimate stands out of the crowd in the way it reaches the potential customers. The affiliate marketing is highly targeted approach where affiliates do most of the job in getting prospects, converting them into leads, and directing them to Estimate. The company, on the other hand, focuses just on providing good services to the clients it gets from the affiliates.

The Interview

We discussed the concept, vision, and future prospects of the startup with Natalia Zubenko, the Product Manager of Estimate. Here are her thoughts on her startup –

How is your offering disrupting the industry?

We have an idea of a product that solves a specific need of our clients. With Estimate, you don’t have to look for a development team, communicate with them struggling with complicated technical terminology and spend time controlling and monitoring project development. We will do that for you.

 What about the competition? How are you better than others?

Estimate is a platform that provides an opportunity for every interested user to implement the idea of his software project, and to earn money as well. 

 The history of your startup (how it all started)?

The idea to create such a platform appeared in January 2020. Our team wanted to develop a unique project for people all over the world. We wanted to expand the capabilities of such platforms so that they could be used not only by investors or developers but also by people from other industries. 

What’s the progress till now, and what are you expecting in the future?

We plan to build an active community of sales managers in the web development field and work with this community on a partnership basis.

Feedough’s Take On Estimate

Estimate took a great route by delegating its promotional efforts to the affiliates who have a more targeted approach and reach to the company’s target audience. Moreover, the affiliate model also relies on the psychological theory that referrals and social validation bring in better results than paid promotion.

This is, in fact, something that makes Estimate stand out.

We at Feedough liked this idea of a disruptive promotional method, and we think that as time passes, this concept will benefit the company even more.

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