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Sourobh Das

Product Guy. Introverted Marketer. Engineer by education. Movie and TV Geek by nature. Can be seen reading comics and non-fiction books when not binging on movies and Netflix shows. Pop-culture junkie. Out and out foodie. Wee bit self-obsessed."


What Makes Something Go Viral? The Psychology Of Virality

By Sourobh Das / October 10, 2017

The internet is a tough place if you don’t know its rules. Is there anyone who wants to languish in utter oblivion? I guess not. Most content creators put in a lot of effort for everything they make but only a few are able to reach the levels of craze and virality we all crave. […]


10 Reasons Why Startups Fail

By Sourobh Das / October 3, 2017

Post-mortems are never nice but sometimes it becomes imperative to witness them to learn from others’ mistakes and avoid them in your own journey. When you have invested so much time and effort in your company, right from ideation to customer validation to scouting for funds, you would want to make sure that your efforts […]


Top 10 Simple & Profitable Startup Ideas in 2017

By Sourobh Das / October 5, 2017

If you are tired of working for others and want to be your own boss, there is good news. Start-ups are in vogue now more than ever. We have got you covered with everything you might want to know about starting your own business. But not all start-ups will or can succeed. There are some […]


The Smarter Way To Build A Powerful Network | The Startup Process

By Sourobh Das / September 23, 2017

As the founder of a start-up, you would need many things and a great network of contacts is one of the most important of them. The theory of socially embedded ties assumes that there is a close relationship between the founder’s network and the start-up’s success. Entrepreneurs with the right contacts can get cheaper or […]


The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing | The Startup Process

By Sourobh Das / September 17, 2017

A marketing plan is as important as your business model once your business is up and running. You might have a stellar idea and product and your company might have all the funding in the world but all of that is worthless if you do not have customers. You need a marketing plan to win […]


The Most Active And Prominent Angel Investors

By Sourobh Das / September 24, 2017

Your start-up needs funding and lack of it should never be a hindrance to its success. There are investors willing to help you out, no matter wherever you might want to set up your company. Though now you know everything you might have wanted to know about raising capital for your company, here’s a list […]


Business Model Canvas Explained

By Sourobh Das / September 12, 2017

Alexander Osterwalder, the founder of Strategyzer.com, in 2008, introduced perhaps the most comprehensive template for business models, called the Business Model Canvas (BMC). What is a Business Model Canvas? The Business Model Canvas is a strategic tool for developing new business models or documenting and improving existing ones. Giants like P&G, GE, Nestlé etc. use […]


Types of Companies | The Startup Process

By Sourobh Das / August 28, 2017

So now that you have done all your homework, all the stakeholders are on board and you have the perfect business model in place, it is time to move to the step all entrepreneurs wait for the most i.e. setting up and registering the company. It is your vision coming to life and existing for […]


How to Register a Company? | The Startup Process

By Sourobh Das / September 17, 2017

Now that you have got a thorough understanding of various business ownerships, it’s time to give a legal structure and identity to your business model. In this section, we’ll be focusing on how to register a company in various countries. Registering a company might seem a tricky affair but we are here to address all your concerns […]


How to Develop an Ideal Business Model? | The Startup Process

By Sourobh Das / September 5, 2017

Your strategy for making your startup work for you will decide its competitiveness in the market. You would want to gain a sustainable advantage over your competitors and that starts with the right business model. Now that you know what a business model is  and the various types of business models, it’s time to learn […]

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