This Startup Transforms Google Forms into WhatsApp Bots – SuprForms Startup Review

Every business juggles gathering customer feedback, aiming for that sweet spot of insights without annoying their audience. Picture your usual form; it’s dull, drab, and dropped halfway. Now swap that image with the lively chat bubbles of WhatsApp, where feedback feels less like an interview and more like a natter with a friend. This is where SuprForms leaps in. They’ve latched onto our love for quick texts and nifty emojis to make data collection a breeze for businesses entrenched in Google Forms. You wouldn’t know it yet, but they’re just starting out, shaking up the feedback game one WhatsApp bot at a time. Yes, they’re the chatbot champs turning forms into friendly conversations – welcome to Dishant’s world at SuprForms.

What is SuprForms?

SuprForms is all about sharpening the edge of customer engagement for businesses immersed in using Google Forms. Now, imagine you’re trying to collect feedback, but instead of sending out those static forms we all know (and ignore), your customers are greeted by a familiar WhatsApp ping. Where they’d usually brush off filling out a form, they’re now chatting away their thoughts and preferences just as they do with pals.

This smart twist speaks directly to companies who need that extra bit of data without putting their audience to sleep. SuprForms injects life into the mundane task of surveying by employing WhatsApp bots. These bots don’t just ask questions; they converse, making the exchange much more human-like and interactive.

So what sets SuprForms apart? It’s simple, really. Instead of expecting customers to come to them, businesses can bring the form right into their audience’s everyday chat streams. By blending seamlessly into a chat interface everyone’s already comfortable with, SuprForms has created an inviting space for feedback, one emoji-friendly chat at a time.

SuprForms Founder

Dishant Gandhi, the brains behind SuprForms, is not your average techie. His eureka moment came from a clear-cut observation: people aren’t fans of traditional forms. They prefer the ding of a WhatsApp message over the dull tick of checkboxes. So, he thought, why not bring the form right into the chat? Make it something they actually want to engage with. And just like that, SuprForms was born.

In the early stages, Dishant faced a puzzle tougher than a Rubik’s cube – designing a solution that would lure folks away from the familiarity of Google Forms. Yet he persisted, crafting an alternative that wasn’t just different but also straightforward and more appealing.

SuprForm’s uniqueness doesn’t just lie in its WhatsApp bot charm; it’s in understanding the real itch users needed to scratch. While others in the feedback collection industry might have missed the mark, SuprForms hit the bullseye by making the process feel like a conversation rather than a chore.

Flying solo without external funding, this startup operates on sheer determination and innovation. With only three paying customers to start with, each step forward is fueled by passion and hard work poured into creating a user experience so smooth you’d think it was on skates.

Looking ahead, Dishant has his sights set on customizing post-data collection journeys and taking his bots across borders. It’s early days yet—measuring growth is tricky when you’ve just unfurled your sails.

And for those dreaming up their own ventures? Dishant offers a nugget of wisdom: delay not, for yesterday was the ideal launch day, but today holds promise too. As SuprForms carves out its niche, it stands as proof that sometimes the simplest ideas spark the most brilliant conversations.

Interview with Dishant, Founder of SuprForms

Securing a chance to chat with Dishant Gandhi, the founder of SuprForms, was an opportunity to peek behind the curtain of this rising startup. His insights offered a clear window into how SuprForms is redefining customer feedback collection.

Q: Dishant, could you start by telling us about your role at SuprForms?
A: I am the founder of SuprForms.

Q: What does your startup do?
A: We help businesses build WhatsApp bots from Google Forms for a better data collection process.

Q: Who is your target audience?
A: Our services are primarily aimed at businesses that utilize Google Forms for gathering data.

Q: How do you solve the problem of engaging feedback collection?
A: By employing WhatsApp bots, we enable businesses to personalise and make the data collection journey more engaging for their users.

Q: What inspired you to enter this industry?
A: The realization that people favour WhatsApp communication led me to innovate how forms are used for data collection.

Q: Could you tell us about the early challenges faced by SuprForms?
A: The biggest challenge was creating a simple yet effective solution that would encourage people to transition from Google Forms.

Q: How do you differentiate your startup from competitors?
A: Our unique approach stems from a deep understanding of user pain points, which isn’t addressed by other companies in our space.

Q: Has SuprForms received any external funding?
A: No, we haven’t received external funding.

Q: Can you share some future plans for SuprForms?
A: We’re focusing on building more customized post-data collection journeys and expanding our reach globally.

Q: How much revenue is SuprForms currently generating monthly?
A: We make about USD 40 per month with three paid customers so far.

Q: What’s the average number of customers you serve each month?
A: On average, we serve around seven customers per month.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?
A: The perfect time to start your business was yesterday; the next best time is today.

Dishant’s journey with SuprForms highlights the importance of innovation and persistence in an entrepreneur’s path. With ambitious goals and a user-centric approach, this startup seems ready to make waves in the realm of customer engagement.

Feedough’s take on SuprForms

SuprForms has managed to crack the code on customer feedback with its innovative approach, turning a typically tedious task into an engaging conversation. By leveraging a platform as ubiquitous as WhatsApp, they have reduced the friction usually associated with form-filling. Their clever use of chatbots to transform dry surveys into dynamic chats is a testament to their understanding of user behaviour and preferences.

The startup’s decision to bootstrap reflects a confident stride in its product and strategy. With just three paying customers so far, there’s ample room for growth and potential for scaling up. As SuprForms continues to refine their service and expand their user base, it will be interesting to see how they navigate the challenge of standing out in a market ripe with opportunities for disruption.

The future looks promising for SuprForms, especially considering the increasing demand for personalized customer experiences. If they maintain their inventive edge and stay attuned to user needs, we can expect them to not just succeed but also potentially redefine the landscape of customer feedback collection.

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