This Startup Streamlines Sales Teams Without a Spreadsheet in Sight – Clevenue Startup Review

In the bustling world of business, sales teams are the heartbeat that pumps revenue through a company’s veins. Yet for so many firms, planning these crucial squads is like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded—lots of twists and turns but rarely any real progress. Stuck with clunky spreadsheets, they often wind up with too many staff and not enough seats when the music stops—hello layoffs, goodbye stability. That’s where this fresh face on the block kicks in.

Clevenue is like a compass for the lost ships at sea in revenue leadership. It’s less about guessing and more about knowing—connecting dots, mapping out hiring, all without breaking into a dreaded spreadsheet sweat. The brainchild of co-founders who’ve weathered the storm of rapid growth and painful cutbacks themselves, Clevenue is providing a clear north for scaling companies.

What is Clevenue?

Clevenue is your navigation system amidst the unpredictable waves of business hiring. Picture yourself steering a company; you need to recruit a crack team of sales experts without toppling the boat with extra weight. Revenue leadership, your captains, often grapple with this challenge—balancing staffing a formidable crew and avoiding the storm of layoffs when demands ebb. Instead of outdated maps (spreadsheets) leading many astray, Clevenue offers a sophisticated tool that helps plot a precise course for hiring, avoiding unnecessary detours.

Their platform serves as a dashboard that displays your business journey. Plug in data, rope in talents, and watch as clarity unfolds on your screen like never before. It’s the lifeline for companies seeking to thrive without being blindsided by overstaffing or under-preparation. In an ocean where many are adrift with number-crunching nightmares, Clevenue stands out by treating team members as humans, not just numbers. This distinct approach ensures growth and sustainability coexist, steering clear of the choppy waters of scaling too fast and unsustainably.

Clevenue Founders

Alex Handsaker steers the ship at Clevenue, armed with a co-founder badge and a vision to smooth out the choppy waters of business staffing. An engineer’s mind applied to the world of revenue has given birth to a tool that casts aside clunky models for something far more intuitive.

Handsaker and his fellow co-founder, having lived through the turmoil of layoffs firsthand, set sail to create Clevenue. Their motive was clear: make planning and strategy a breeze for leaders rather than a headache. In the early days, excitement bubbled as prototypes took shape, only for life to throw in a twist—twins were on their way! The typical startup story of fundraising paused; instead, Handsaker found a technical founder and pushed forward, bootstrapping Clevenue into existence six months ahead of schedule.

In an industry where layoffs have hit the 650K mark since 2022, Clevenue stands out not just for its unique approach but also because it values people beyond mere digits in a spreadsheet. It’s about sustainable growth, not just numbers. As they navigate towards scaling demand generation and keeping their team lean, Clevenue remains self-funded—a testament to their commitment to organic growth. And with Handsaker’s guiding principle that if it isn’t making money, it’s merely a hobby, Clevenue is on its way from passion project to profession—one clear planning map at a time.

Interview with Alex Handsaker, co-founder of Clevenue

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Alex Handsaker, the co-founder of Clevenue. A beacon of innovation in business hiring and planning, Clevenue is creating ripples by offering an alternative to the spreadsheet chaos that plagues so many revenue leaders today.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Clevenue?
A: I’m Alex Handsaker, and I’m the co-founder of Clevenue. My role encompasses steering our startup’s strategic direction and ensuring that we fulfil our mission to simplify hiring and planning for businesses.

Q: What does Clevenue do?
A: We provide a platform that helps businesses plan their sales teams and hiring processes without relying on spreadsheets. It’s designed to serve revenue leadership and solve the perennial problem of overhiring, which leads to fragile business models.

Q: Who are your target audiences?
A: Our main audience is revenue leadership – these are the people looking for smarter ways to handle top-down planning models and who want to avoid the pitfalls of overstaffing.

Q: How does Clevenue solve its customers’ problems?
A: We offer a platform where you simply connect your data and add people. There’s no need for building complex models, and our users get an instant view of where their business is headed – think of it as Google Maps for business planning.

Q: Could you share some insights into your startup’s early days?
A: Sure! The journey began with a prototype, and then fundraising was on the cards. However, after learning twins were on the way, I paused fundraising efforts, found a technical founder, and launched Clevenue six months earlier than planned.

Q: What differentiates Clevenue from its competitors?
A: We’re building this platform independently without external funding, focusing on sustainable growth. We value our team members as humans, not just numbers, which sets us apart in this industry.

Q: What plans does Clevenue have for the future?
A: Our immediate plans include scaling our demand generation efforts. We aim to generate revenue and reinvest it back into scaling while keeping our team lean.

Q: Can you share any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?
A: My advice would be straightforward – if your venture isn’t making money, it’s a hobby. The goal is to transition from a passion project into a thriving career.

Through this interview, Alex Handsaker sheds light on the resilience and dedication required to navigate a startup through the unpredictable currents of modern business. Clevenue’s commitment to sustainable growth and human-centric planning continues to carve out its path in an ever-challenging landscape.

Feedough’s Take on Clevenue

Clevenue’s journey in the uncharted waters of business staffing is a testament to resilience and pinpoint strategy. Their platform is a beacon for companies navigating the complexities of team scaling, offering a unique perspective that prioritizes sustainable growth. This human-centric approach could be a game-changer in an industry rife with layoffs and overhiring. The fact that Clevenue remains self-funded speaks volumes of their commitment to organic expansion and financial discipline. Looking ahead, as they chart a course towards expanding demand generation while maintaining a lean team, expect Clevenue to make significant ripples. With an agile model that places people above spreadsheets, they’re well-positioned to steer clear of common industry pitfalls and grow steadily into the future.

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