This AI Startup Helps Sales Reps Close More Deals Quickly – ZELIQ Startup Review

When you’re in the sales industry, the most important thing is closing deals and closing them quickly. But to make a sale, you need the right information about potential customers, also known as prospects. Without this crucial data, sales teams face challenges in effectively reaching out to potential customers. This can slow down the sales process and make it harder to achieve their goals.

However, there’s hope on the horizon! A new startup aims to solve this problem and reshape how sales representatives work. They go by the name of ZELIQ, and their mission is to help SDRs close more deals with the power of AI. With a focus on startups, mid-size companies, and enterprises, ZELIQ provides a comprehensive sales solution that automates the entire prospecting and outreach process. 

What Is ZELIQ? 

ZELIQ stands at the cutting-edge intersection of sales technology and artificial intelligence to streamline the process of closing deals. Catering specifically to startups, mid-size companies, and enterprise-level organisations that deploy sales development representatives, the main objective hinges on being a one-stop solution for acquiring accurate prospect data and automating outreach.

What does this mean for you? 

Well, imagine running your sales operations as smoothly as possible. ZELIQ organises an efficient pathway, providing automation from the point of identifying suitable prospects, gathering their contact information, and reaching out to them. This platform emulates a diligent assistant working tirelessly to ease your sales journey.

Now the question – what sets ZELIQ apart? 

The startup clearly distinguishes itself via straightforward design, smooth functionalities, and above all, its quickness which ultimately saves both time and assets. By infusing intelligence into sales, ZELIQ dictates a revolution of data-based decision-making, undeniably reshaping the sales landscape. 

ZELIQ Founders

At the helm of ZELIQ is its CEO and founder, Dorian. The visionary behind the concept, Dorian, is a self-professed sales enthusiast. Prior to ZELIQ, Dorian observed firsthand the many challenges faced by sales teams in his previous role, prompting him to dedicate himself to developing an AI-powered tool to streamline their sales journey. 

With a firm grasp of the industry’s nuances, a deep understanding of the need for efficient sales operations, and an unquenchable passion for sales, Dorian pioneered the creation of ZELIQ’s platform, focusing on clear UX/UI design and efficient functionality. 

Hence, the birth of ZELIQ is a testimony to Dorian’s foresight and innovation to revolutionise the sales industry. Under Dorian’s leadership, these solid foundations have set ZELIQ on a fast-paced journey to becoming an integral player in the sales technology landscape. 

Interview with Dorian, CEO and Founder of ZELIQ

In my quest to uncover the remarkable story behind ZELIQ, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dorian, the CEO and Founder of this groundbreaking startup

Dorian’s passion for sales and his desire to create an automated tool to enhance the sales journey with the help of AI became the driving forces behind ZELIQ’s inception. Here’s what Dorian had to say about his startup:

Q: Can you give us a brief overview of what ZELIQ does and the problem it solves?

A: ZELIQ is a sales solution that aims to help sales development representatives (SDRs) close more deals by providing accurate prospect data and automating the outreach process. We’ve mapped out the most efficient way for business developers to work, offering automation from identifying suitable prospects to reaching out to them. Our goal is to make the sales journey as easy as possible.

Q: What inspired you to join the sales industry and create ZELIQ?

A: As a sales-driven individual, I noticed the challenges that sales teams faced in my previous company. I wanted to create an automated tool that could make their sales journey easier with the power of AI. The idea of reimagining the sales landscape intrigued me; thus, ZELIQ was born.

Q: Could you share some details about the early days of ZELIQ?

A: The early days of ZELIQ involved creating a straightforward UX/UI design for our platform and assembling the right team of developers and product managers. We also focused on promoting and marketing our contacts to generate interest and establish our presence in the industry.

Q: What sets ZELIQ apart from its competitors?

A: ZELIQ distinguishes itself through its clear design and smooth functionalities. However, our speed and efficiency truly set us apart, which ultimately saves both time and resources for our users. Our focus on data-based decision-making and AI-driven automation dictates a revolution in the sales industry.

Q: Congratulations on raising €5 million in a Pre-Seed funding round. Can you tell us more about this funding round and what it means for ZELIQ’s future?

A: Thank you! We’re incredibly excited about this recent funding round, led by Resonance and joined by Groupe Duval, Obratori, and +BAs. With this funding, we plan to introduce new features, offer different pricing plans, and solidify our position as the go-to sales tool in the industry.

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?

A: Starting your own business can be a scary and unpredictable journey, but with the right vision and motivation, you can create something unimaginable. My advice is to dream big and push yourself above your limits. Believe in your idea and never give up.

Feedough’s Take on ZELIQ

ZELIQ is reshaping the way sales representatives work. With its AI-powered platform, ZELIQ streamlines the process of closing deals, providing accurate prospect data and automating outreach. What sets ZELIQ apart is its clear design, smooth functionalities, and quickness, saving both time and resources. 

By infusing intelligence into sales, ZELIQ reshapes the sales landscape with data-based decision-making. With recent funding of €5 million, ZELIQ is set to introduce new features, offer different pricing plans, and solidify its position as the go-to sales tool. As ZELIQ continues to disrupt the market, it’s clear that they are here to transform the sales journey and help sales reps achieve unimaginable success.

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