The Simplest Business Planning Tool For Startups – Cuttles Startup Review

If you ask entrepreneurs about the most difficult part of their startup journey, you’d most probably hear them talking about the first leap – converting the startup idea into a concept and developing a business plan to understand and pitch it better.

The majority of entrepreneurs wish for a genie to help them build, understand and grow their business. While not a genie, this is the exact problem Cuttles caters to.

Cuttles – Startup Review By Feedough

Cuttles is a startup designed to help startups build, understand, and grow their business using its highly structured Startup Builder web app. The app helps you develop your business canvas and business plan, manage your team better, and project your finances with a template-based tool that is easy to understand and be shared with the other stakeholders (say, prospective investors).

In the words of Karen Røigaard, the Startup Success Manager of Cuttles:

Cuttles is a danish startup with a quest to support the entrepreneurs of the future. Our startup builder is a web app specifically designed to help dreamers and entrepreneurs develop their idea. Besides the Startup Builder, we have a Startup Academy full of tools, resources, inspiration, and courses – and our amazing team is always ready to help our users in their startup journeys.

Cuttles was launched in March 2020, and since then, it’s been a riveting growth. We’ve had more than 16.000 entrepreneurs, students, mentors, and investors through the app during our first year. And we’ve gone from being Christian, our supercool developer, CEO & Founder, and his girlfriend Julie, to be a highly motivated team of five.

The Concept

Building a business is hard. Cuttles simplifies the process by making the most cumbersome business building process – business planning – effortless.

The founders worked closely with startups to understand the pain points of early-stage entrepreneurs. They concluded the hard-to-understand concepts of the business canvas, business planning, finance were stopping such entrepreneurs from understanding their business better, let alone presenting the same to the investors.

We want to empower entrepreneurs and simplify the way we build businesses, which makes one of the keystones in our concept our down-to-earth language and explanations that make it possible for everyone to understand how to build their business. Our app features a business planning tool, guiding our users through every step of the way, a pitch tool creating the framework of the tough exercise of narrowing down an idea to the core, and a budget tool enabling even financial illiterate entrepreneurs to make a sustainable budget. In the app, you’ll also find a roadmap tool, as well as a team presentation tool. And that leads me to an important point: we are 50% an educational tool and 50% a presentation tool. All of the features can be exported or shared online in a good-looking design with a single click.

The Offering

Cuttles is the one-stop solution for an entrepreneur who wants to –

  • Build business canvas and business plans
  • Manage team and finances
  • Understand the startup ecosystem better, and
  • Join a global startup community

The company get these jobs done through three offerings –

  • Startup Builder – A well-structured web app that helps you develop:
    • Business Canvas: where you structure and validate your idea quickly and effortlessly. You can even share the canvas easily to convince investors, teammates, and future customers to get on board with your business idea.
    • Business Plan: where you use a fully customisable startup business plan template that comes with step-by-step guide to help you understand and present your business better.
    • Budgets: where you talk about numbers, finance, and budget in a language that’s comprehensible. You can use this tool to keep track of your expenses, cash runway, revenue, and even predict expenses, revenue, and break-even point.
    • Team: where you manage your team and equity better.
    • Roadmap: where you set milestones and goals along with key metrics that will help you achieve the same.
  • Startup Academy – Targeted to answer all those frequently asked but rarely answered questions entrepreneurs encounter during their startup journeys.
  • Startup Community – A community developed to bring all the entrepreneurs under one roof to help each other out.

The Value Proposition

Cuttles builds a personalised dashboard dedicated to your startup. Using its tools, you can develop your ideas and meet investors with confidence.

The platform builds its value by being user-friendly and helpful to entrepreneurs. As of July 2021, Cuttles has served more than 16000 startups helping them raise more than €100 million.

The Interview

We discussed the startup’s concept, vision, and prospects with Christian Thiesen, the founder of Cuttles. Here are his thoughts on the startup –

How is your offering disrupting the industry?

How to start a business has been a well-kept secret for too long. So we are simplifying it, making it understandable for everyone, and offering an excellent tool for the early stages.

What about the competition? How are you better than others?

Our Startup Builder is a holistic tool offering entrepreneurs everything they need to get from idea to business and making it presentable for stakeholders.

How it all started? What made this startup happen?

Our founder and CEO, Christian, left his previous startup and went to Portugal in search of his next idea. On those beautiful beaches, his research led him to think: “Why is everything explained so difficult when it’s really not?”. He believes that everyone can be an entrepreneur with the right resources. And that’s when he got the idea for Cuttles. He developed non-stop for three months, moved back to Copenhagen, and launched Cuttles shortly after.

Tell us about your team

We’ve got a great team of motivated cuttlefish! Inesa has an educational background in entrepreneurship and innovation. And then she’s got a great eye for design, which has given her the important task of handling a lot of our visual communication. Jacques is educated within innovation as well and is the previous founder of an ice-cream concept using old left-over bananas from the supermarket. He’s a literate genius, which makes him the king of our Startup Academy. Karen has a background in sales and leadership and is handling our customers and partners with charm. Our Australian student helper Niek is a wizard with words, making him our finest content creator. And CEO & founder Christian; he’s handling everything else while continuously developing new features in the app.

What’s the progress till now, and what are you expecting in the future?

We’ve gone from zero to (almost) break-even in a year, and we considered stopping there for a while and counting on more organic growth. But you know the old saying; you’ve got to bake the bread when the oven is warm. So instead, we’re currently closing our second funding round, giving us enough runway to continue our growth adventure for a few more years.

Feedough’s Take On Cuttles

Cuttles’ solution to the business planning problem of every entrepreneur altered the behaviourial design of how entrepreneurs work. It truly disrupted the industry and it shows – the company broke even in a year.

The validated demand and an increasing market have all the good news for Cuttles. Moreover, the founders don’t plan to stop yet. This tool can be converted into a holistic offering for entrepreneurs throughout their startup journey soon.

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