The 10 Best Virtual Assistant Websites

Virtual assistants are not a new idea. They’ve been with us for quite some time. However, the popularity of using them has exploded in recent years.

There are a number of reasons for that. One of them is that they are a convenient way to access a broad range of administrative and business services. In addition, virtual assistants are a good way for startups to save money on their overhead.

Whatever the case may be, having a virtual assistant today is more than just a fad. It is something that actually helps companies to function more efficiently and helps them to save money. If you are looking for someone to hire for your company, then you will need to do plenty of research to ensure that you find the right person for the job. 

For that, you need to start with finding the best virtual assistant websites that can help you in the search. This is where we come in. Here’s a list of the 10 best virtual assistant websites that you can choose from. The list was compiled based on several factors, including:

  • Type of VA Website - marketplace or agency
  • Services provided - general or specialised,
  • Training offered to the VAs,
  • Reviews from existing customers, 
  • Number of jobs that each website offers, 
  • Price, and
  • Convenience they offer to their customers.


  • Best virtual assistants marketplace: Fiverr, “With over thousands of virtual assistants providing their services from around the world, Fiverr is a perfect VA marketplace where you can either post your job or select from gigs VAs have to offer.”
  • To hire VA from the USA: Zirtual, “ Zirtual connects busy entrepreneurs with talented virtual assistants who are based anywhere in the U.S. Whether you need an administrative assistant, a virtual personal assistant, or someone to help you with your marketing efforts, Zirtual makes it easy to find and work with a great person for the job.” 
  • To hire VA from the UK: Virtalent, "An industry leading VA agency in the UK to help hire UK-based trained virtual assistants to clients."
  • To hire country-specific VAs: Upwork,"A global virtual assistants marketplace that lets you filter the results based on the country of operation and the tasks performed." 
  • To get a VA for $10: Get Magic, "Magic is a disruptive business that focuses on getting tasks done with a team of VAs rather than just one (though it provides dedicated VAs as well)."
  • Asian virtual assistant agency: Virtual Staff Finder, "This agency is renowned for finding and hiring less pricey Filipino virtual assistants to clients all over the world."
  • To hire VAs with existing experience: VASumo, "A great agency to partner with to find America's best trained and experinced virtual assistants."
  • Hire a specialist VA: MyOutDesk, "A specialised VA agency to help niche businesses with administrative work, inside sales, service and support, and marketing." 
  • Hire an expert administrative VA: Time Etc, "Time Etc extensively trains its virtual assistants to perform general and administrative tasks like emailing, writing, content marketing, etc. to save the clients' time."
  • Virtual assistants for the Healthcare industry: Hello Rache, "Hello Rache is a healthcare niche-specific VA agency that provides doctors, dentists, and veteran healthcare professionals with expert virtual assistants focused to get their tasks done."

Recommended Virtual Assistant Websites

fiverr best outsourcing website


If you're someone who would like to find the virtual assistant yourself instead of relying on an agency, Fiverr is for you. It's a freelance marketplace where you can hire virtual assistants for administrative or specialised tasks for as low as $5.

In fact, compared to VA agencies, you can find far more specialised and experienced virtual assistants on Fiverr who can get your work done with minimum involvement from your side.

The best part? You can even post your job as a request and let the freelancers come to you with their costs. 

Zirtual Virtual assistant website


Zirtual is perfect for you If you're especially looking for US-based virtual assistants. This company connects busy entrepreneurs with talented virtual assistants who are based anywhere in the US and are ready to work remotely. All you need to do is describe your business and what you need help with and choose the plan you feel right for you. Zirtual will handle the rest. You can start with outsourcing 12 hours of your work to one user and move over to outsourcing over 50 hours of your work to five different users, depending on your need.

Zirtual also trains its virtual assistants in-house and makes sure they stay up-to-date with the latest developments in marketing, copywriting and general business skills.



Virtalent should be your go-to VA agency to get your UK-based virtual assistants. From personal assistant support to marketing, HR, project management, Virtalent can provide you with experienced virtual assistants with a dedicated client success manager who works with you in finding tailored virtual assistants for your tasks.

The pricing plans are flexible and even come with roll-over option where unused hours for a month are rolled over to the next month. 

upwork best outsourcing website


Upwork is a freelancer marketplace that also helps business connect with virtual assistants globally. Now, what makes this marketplace stand out is the pre-screening, filtering, and the recruiting options it provide.

Upwork makes sure that the virtual assistants on its platform are of high quality. It does so by pre-screening all the applicants and giving businesses the option to interview only those applicants who have relevant skills and experience. It also provides you with  video and chat conferencing features to easen your interview process.

Go with this virtual assistants marketplace if you are looking for good quantity of quality applicants for your job request that you can choose from.


A YCombinator and Sequoia backed startup that helps your business find better support with the help of its highly trained team of virtual assistants and its proprietary application that integrates with almost every business tool. 

You can either go for a dedicated virtual assistant or let the team handle the tasks that you provide to magic using the application. Moreover, You can choose hourly or monthly plans depending upon your need and the work you plan to get done.

Magic has a good track record of providing VAs to some renowned clients (like Truffle Shuffle from SharkTank and Memberstack) and have been featured in publications like Wired, Fortune, and Techcrunch.

virtual staff founder

Virtual Staff Finder

If you're looking for low-cost Filipino virtual assistants selected, interviewed, and hired especially for your job, then Virtual Staff Finder is the best virtual assistant website for you. Unlike other agencies, the company finds the perfect VA for you but don't act as an intermediary once the process is complete. You get to decide the terms with your VA yourself. This could be good for you as you don't have to pay the agency commissions every month. But it has its own disadvantage as to what if the VA leaves before the contract is complete. 

Nevertheless, the portal is great to find general, administrative, and specialised VAs as Virtual Staff Finder sources, tests, and interviews the VAs on your behalf and does most of the recruitment work, saving your time.



VASumo boasts itself as the agency who will provide you with the USA's best trained virtual assistants (only 2 out of 100 applications are selected to be a part of the VASumo team). Unlike many VA agencies, virtual assistants work as employees for VASumo. The company makes sure that they are vetted, trained, skilled and experienced enough before they come to work with you.

The company provide you with administrative as well as specialised VAs who can perform over 300 specialised tasks like website or web-store development, email marketing, managing marketing funnels, graphic design, etc.

All your communications go through the task management platform VASumo provides. This makes it easy to connect and to track as the timer starts when the VA opens the app and stops when they leaves the work.

The company provides its services to some of the big brands like IBM, Disney, etc. Nevertheless, the prices are still competitive and follow the industry standard. 

Choose VASumo, if you're looking for American VAs who are expert at what they do.



Providing specialised VAs in over fifteen industries, MyOutDesk boasts its fourteen years of experience, six thousand clients, and five star ratings on Google Reviews.

From virtual receptionist to selling insurance, you can get a VA that can help you even in your core tasks.

The agency makes sure to provide you with USA and Philippines-based VAs that are tailored to your requirements, have had a FBI Grade background check, and experienced enough to support you as a professional and not just as an assistant.

Go for MyOutBox if you want a professional in the form of a virtual assistant who can help you in specialised tasks.

Time Etc

Time Etc

Time Etc. is a virtual assistants company that does exactly what its name says. It saves your time by providing you trained VAs who handle your general and administrative work like schedule management, research, data entry, document formatting, etc.

The company makes sure that the assistant you are going to work with is a professional. To do that, it has a 10-stage selection process and makes sure that the VAs have an average 12 years experience. 

Moreover, if one of your tasks is beyond the skill level of your current VA, the company can provide you with another VA with the skills you want at no extra cost.

It even provides you with a money back guarantee where you can get your money back in case you're not happy with the service provided.

Hello Rache

Hello Rache

If you're a medical or healthcare professional, you would require someone with skills that support your niche. This is where Hello Rache comes in.

In contrast to the other companies, Hello Rache focuses on only healthcare professionals and their clients. The company offers a flat rate pricing that include everything from 

  • Live in-room charting of patient visits in real-time
  • Office tasks like phone calls, referrals, prior auths, insurance verifications, appointment confirmations, etc.
  • Medical Transcription, and other office needs.

The best thing about Hello Rache is that you get to work with a same person throughout, instead of explaining the intricacies to new VAs every day.

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