What Is A Marketer? – Responsibilities & Characteristics

As a professional marketer, I was recently called by a well-established firm to market its products. However, an emergency back at home forced me to pass this job to one of my friends, who is well aware of the knick-knacks of the marketing game. At the end of the day, my friend did not only do the job well but also led to steady growth in the company’s profit for the month.

In the above example, it is quite clear that the job was done very well. But who deserves the actual credit, the person in charge, or his friend? Is the job of a marketer all about decentralizing the actual job or is their more to it? And finally, are marketers hyped or they can actually contribute to a firm’s growth?

To answer all these questions, let us first try and decode the term ‘marketer.’

What Is A marketer?

A marketer is an individual who is responsible for creating an involvement chain between the customer and the product or service offered by the company.

This involvement is garnered by maintaining huge stocks of goods for supply or properly advertising the product to invite huge sales.

Even though marketers like Antonio Lucio (Facebook’s marketing officer) are not much in the picture, their efforts, nonetheless, have garnered a lot of benefits for these tech giants.

However, a major confusion arises when marketeers dive into the picture. Even though the terms sound quite similar, there is a huge difference on a wide array of fronts.

Marketer vs Marketeer

A marketer is responsible for anything and everything with regard to marketing. As such, a marketer has the authority to implement decisions that are deemed to be profitable from his end.

A marketeer, on the other hand, is focused towards each and every customer and helps in strengthening one on one relationship between customers and the brand.

Prime Responsibility

A marketeer’s responsibility is to make optimum usage of each customer’s time and mould their opinion regarding the product or the service.

A marketer, on the other hand, works to expand the market and cater to all the customers with the necessary products produced by the company.

Type Of Approach

A marketeer’s approach is individualistic and is directed only in one direction at a time. A marketer incorporates a more holistic approach and aims to come up with a strategy for all.


A marketeer is directed by the experiences to be cultivated, whereas a marketer is directed by the targets to be achieved by the top-level management.

Marketers can be seen as the very thread binding all the marketing activities of a firm whereas marketeers contribute with each product sales.

Apart from all these, a marketer is responsible for a lot of activities of the firm, which have been mentioned in the next section.

Roles And Responsibilities Of A Marketer

A marketer acts as a link between the product and the customer. However, it involves not just one particular role rather a set of operations. Let us deconstruct these various roles of a marketer.

Market Research

A marketer is required to keep a close eye on the market trends and the changes happening around them.

There are 3 sectors of market research that a marketer is concerned with. These include

  • Market information: Market information is concerned with the quantitative aspect, such as the price, supply, and demand in the market.
  • Market segmentation: Segmentation is concerned with dealing with the different customer fragments and their fragmented choice or preference.
  • Market trends: Market trends, as the name suggests, are the varied changes occurring in the market which influence the product requirement and level and quality of competition in the market.

Designing A Strategy

A marketer is also responsible for designing a strategy for all the tasks in connection with the marketing of the product. There are a variety of decisions that need to be made in order to make profits in the longer run. Some of these decisions include the following.

  • Which route to undertake for a groundbreaking entry in the market?
  • What is the overall demand and supply for the respective product in the market?
  • Which is the best time for the entry of specific products?
  • What are the best means to advertise a product?

Apart from all these, a variety of other strategies are also devised in advance for the proper disposal of the marketing plan.


This involves the marketer overseeing the marketing ad designed for the promotion purpose. This includes deciding the medium used for promotion, overseeing the phrases or dialogues used in these ads, projection of the brand as a whole, etc.

Responsible For The Sales

The job of the marketer makes a direct impact on the sales of the company. A positive bearing on sales says a lot about the practices incorporated by a marketer and vice versa.

At the end of the day, a satisfied customer and a profitable firm are what keep the marketer in demand.

Public Relations

Marketers are responsible for improving the public relations of the company. They are constantly required to communicate the company’s product policy with the customers, in order to generate hype in the market.

Well, these are some of the responsibilities associated with the job of a marketer. However, a good marketer is always in search of areas to boost the product image in the market. What is it that segregates a good marketer from an average one? Let’s find out.

Characteristics Of A Good Marketer

A successful marketer views certain loopholes in the market as an opportunity to boost product sales. A number of characteristics symbolic of a successful marketer are

An Ever Focused Curiosity Quotient

While intelligence and emotional quotient are often talked about, a good marketer is all about keeping up a good curiosity quotient.

While the intellectuals of the business world are busy focusing on IQ and EQ, marketers can make significant improvements by focusing on their CQ.

The curiosity quotient is nothing but an intrinsic inclination toward everything happening around the world. Such curiosity should be developed and nurtured, without reaching out for immediate benefits.

Keeping Up With Human Psychology

A successful marketer needs to understand what causes a stifle in the human brain or what instantly stimulates it. Such an acquaintance with the human brain can help the marketer to design a marketing plan which can boost the company’s growth.

Exceptional Communication Skills

Communication is the key when trying to develop a bond with customers. A strong and persuasive message can bring a key positive change in the company’s marketing-related growth.

Analytical Skills

In such a dynamic environment, it becomes important for marketer to analyze the data available to them. The most crucial statements of the company ranging from financial statements to periodic statistics, all provide a significant opportunity to devise a strong strategy.

Culturally Active Brain

It is important for a good marketer to understand the background of the customers they are catering to.

All aspects of marketing, from the identification of consumer markets to communication, all activities can make huge profits if a culturally active marketer is ready to make use of his brain.

Final word?

Marketers are both good and bad. But, the bad marketers are definitely exceeding the good ones because of a lack of marketers who put their soul into work. For a marketer though, each activity in the business should be taken seriously.

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