Zomato Statistics: Usage, Revenue, & Key Facts

Founded by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in 2008, Zomato is a restaurant aggregator and food delivery company which connects customers, restaurant partners and delivery partners to serve their multiple needs. Customers use the platform to search and discover restaurants, give and read reviews, order food, book a table or dine out. While restaurant partners get an opportunity to engage customers along with a reliable delivery service.

How did the idea come into being in the first place?

It has its seeds rooted in Delhi when the two founders saw people standing in a queue at lunch, waiting for their chance to order. They then came up with Foodiebay, a prologue to Zomato.

Zomato Statistics

Zomato has experienced rapid growth and an increased market share in the past few years to become one of the leaders in the domain of food delivery spaces in India and abroad. Thus, it becomes essential to look at the key Zomato statistics, revenue, growth, user demographics and traffic sources. So let’s delve deeper into the ocean of Zomato statistics!

User Statistics And Demographics

  • Target customer base: 18-35 years
  • Number of Zomato monthly active users in 2023: 80 million monthly active users as of March 2023.  
  • Number of countries Zomato is present in: 24 countries
  • Number of cities is Zomato present in: 3200+ cities
  • Zomato’s market share in the food serving business: 55%
  • Total number of visits to the Zomato: 90 Billion
  • Percentage contribution of referrals to the site traffic: 1.39%
  • The per cent of direct traffic to the analysed website on desktop: 43.34%
  • Percentage contribution of social media to the site traffic: 0.80%
  • Percentage contribution of display ads to the site traffic: 0.47%
  • Zomato’s organic searches: 53.63%
  • The monthly transacting customer base grew in 2022: by 116% 

Zomato primarily targets the 18-35-year-old target group as it is most likely to order food because of its tech-friendliness, busy lifestyle, and monetary stability. It is present in around 24 countries and over 10,000 cities across the world.

5 Countries Zomato.com Website Traffic Are:

  • India – 90.73%
  • United Arab Emirates – 3.02%
  • United States – 2.1%
  • Germany – 0.44%
  • Australia – 0.43%
5 Countries Zomato.com Website Traffic Are

Zomato witnesses an average visit duration of around 3 minutes 38 seconds on its website Zomato.com.

Restaurant Partners And Employees Stats

  • Number of listed restaurants on Zomato: 1.4 million
  • The number of Zomato’s restaurant partners: 21000 (They were 12000 in 2021, 6,000 restaurants in the last month of 2022, and added 3,000 new restaurants in the first three months of 2023.)
  • Number of Zomato Gold restaurant partners: 6500, and 100% of SMAAASH restaurants and pubs across India are Z Pro partners, according to ‘The Marketing Head India, SMAAASH’
  • Number of Zomato Pro restaurant partners in India: 25,443 Pro restaurant partners in India as of March 31, 2021
  • The number of Zomato employees: 8,339 employees (as per Zomato’s information)
  • The Average pay of a Zomato delivery person: ₹15000 per month

Zomato has over 1.4 million listed restaurants and 12,000 restaurant partners. Moreover, it has over 6500 restaurant partners for Zomato Gold. In December 2020, it had around 285,000 active delivery drivers and 3,50,000 active restaurant listings on its platform in India. For the Indian market, it had 25,440 Pro restaurant partners.

It has 8339 employees and is the 11th most visited website and 2nd most visited in India by traffic in the world for Restaurants, March 2023.

Zomato Revenue Statistics

  • What was Zomato’s revenue in Dec 2022: 1,948 crores (The revenue rose 75% to Rs 1,948 crore from Rs 1,112 crore in Q3FY22)
  • The gross order value of Zomato in the final quarter of 2022: 58.5 billion Indian rupees
  • Percentage of increase in Gross order value of Zomato: 2% 
  • The Average order value of Zomato in 2023:  ₹568 (From ₹395.4 in 2021 (Q4) it rose to   ₹568 in Q1 2023)

Zomato’s revenue in the financial year 2022 jumped by 123% to Rs 4,109 crore. However, the company in February 2023 also reported a higher net loss of Rs 346.6 crore for the December quarter.

The gross order value (GOV) of Zomato from the second quarter of the financial year 2021 to 2022  reported a gross order value of 58.5 billion Indian rupees. 

Gross order value of zomato

Dining Out & Zomato Gold Statistics

  • How much did the revenue for dining-out sources increase from 2019 to 2020: 20%
  • Number of Zomato Gold users: 900K 
  • Number of Zomato Gold users in India: 26000 in 2020
  • Percentage increase in the number of Zomato customers as of Feb 2023? 70%

The dining-out business was growing steadily before the pandemic hit. There was a 20% increase in the dining out sources of revenue and significant gains in EBITDA margins across India and other international financial markets in the financial year 2020. Moreover, there was an increase in the number of Zomato Gold members by 70% as of Feb 2023.

However, post-pandemic, this business segment experienced a blow as customers became more apprehensive of going to dine in restaurants. Thus, they introduced a ‘contactless dining’ policy where any interaction with restaurant staff or menu cards was to be avoided. Zomato Gold was rebranded to Zomato Pro with an enhanced value proposition for both the users and the restaurants, whose bills the users are supposed to pay through the Zomato app.

Hyperpure Revenue

Hyperpure is an initiative by Zomato that allows restaurants to buy vegetables and fruits, meat and poultry, seafood and dairy, and all other groceries they might need. It works directly with farmers and mills, that is, producers and processors, to source these products.

It is present in 11 cities currently, including Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh and serves more than 25000 merchants per month. It experienced growth during the first wave of COVID since restaurants found it to be a viable option, and it is still taking off as the restaurants find it a suitable facility to get their stuff delivered to their doorstep. 

However, the second wave could not accelerate its growth as much as the first did. But as it started with 6 cities in India, it kept expanding and serving better with time and rosed the growth of 169% to Rs 421 crore from the past year.

Hyperpure Revenue
  • Number of cities hyperpure is present in:11
  • Increase in the revenue from Hyperpure: Rs 421 crore (Increased by 169% to Rs 421 crore in 2022 from  $14.7 Million (2021))
  • Increase in the number of restaurants: 486 to 2256 in 2020, 12000 in 2021, to 25000 in 2022.
number of restaurants served by Hyperpure

Zomato Investments

  • Number of acquisitions: 15
  • Number of investments: 14
  • Number of exits: 2
  • Total funding amount: $2.6 billion

Zomato raised a total of $2.6 billion in around 22 rounds. It has made 14  investments and 2 exits so far. 29 investors funded it, and it has acquired a total of 15 organisations.


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