Get popular on social media

9 ways to get popular on social media

Who doesn’t want to get popular?Everyone, be it a brand, a start-up, a fashion blogger, a movie critique, or just a hard rock music fan,  is looking for ways to get noticed (and popular) on social media. Actually, it’s not that hard. You just have

INFOGRAPHIC: Best time to post on social media

Managing your business on social media can be difficult sometimes. So here we are to help you to master social media marketing. Find out the best time to post on social media platforms through this infographic  along with some fun facts related to each. best

Tips to create a brand

Ten tips to build a brand

Competition is everywhere and it’s tough. Effective management of the brand and the product is the utmost requirement to beat up the competition and to stand out. Everyone knows the successful brands. But little do they know how hard it is to be one. A

Tips for Successful Branding

Branding is just like that special sauce of the famous burger you love to eat. It is important for the burger,  but just the sauce without the burger won’t do the job. As it rightly said, “Good branding is at the heart of any good

Pokémon details

How Big is Pokémon?

How big is Pokemon? Why has it taken over the world? Pokémon, the original idea by Satoshi Tajiri, was released as a game, in 1996, by Nintendo. It was originally named as Capsule monsters and then as Pocket Monsters. It took six years to create

baba ramdev's patanjali case study

Patanjali Case Study – How Baba Ramdev Built a Multi Billion Dollar Brand

Seems like putting a meditating old Baba on the top of your brand name isn’t good enough to guarantee that your brand is herbal. Patanjali has taken this to a new level with their brand ambassador, a real yoga guru, Baba Ramdev. Patanjali, or as