Most interesting Brand Advertisement Wars of All Time

Business, nowadays, involves a lot of competition. Consumers buy the brand first and the product later. Brands, hence, spend a huge amount in marketing themselves as a better player than others. This often leads to a brand war which usually includes brand using tactics like ambush marketing, viral marketing, brand advertisement wars, evangelism marketing etc.

Audi vs. BMW

These luxury carmakers, in addition to creatively designing their cars, design some super creative and witty advertisements too.

A few years ago, these car makers had an ongoing brand advertisement war just after BMW released an Advertisement campaign for the 35th MOA Rally. The advertisement war, though started as any other ambush marketing tactic, looked like as banners were conversing with each other.

It all started with this

bmw vs audi

And then this happened –

bmw vs audi

Followed by this –

bmw vs audi

BMW did make its move –

bmw vs audi

And it all ended with this.

bmw vs audi

But the advertisement war returned in many other forms. One of those was when they used ambush marketing and wished each other on their achievements.

bmw audi advertisement war
bmw audi brand war

There were some surprise entrants in this war.

subaru bmw audi
Bmw vs Audi vs subaru vs saleen

Pepsi vs. Coca Cola

Pepsi and Coca Cola stand first in line when we talk about advertising wars. They know the importance of each other and the competition, yet they come out with really exciting and witty advertisements against each other.

The brand war can be seen in many of their print advertisements as well.

pepsi vs coca cola
pepsi vs coca cola
pepsi vs coca colsa
pepsi vs coke

McDonald’s vs. Burger King

McDonald’s and Burger King are boMcDonald’sfor their burgers and other fast food items. But McD, because of its greater presence, has an upper hand over Burger King. This USP of McDonald’s was showcased in one of their advertisements in France where they put a directional Billboard of Burger King being 258 KMs ahead and McD being just 5 KMs ahead.

But Burger King did come up with a reply and used the same advertisement for their own good.

DHL vs. FedEx (and other competitors)

DHL and FedEx are known names when it comes to delivery.

While FedEx is known for being extremely fast.

fedex vs dhl brand war

DHL is known to be everywhere.

dhl vs fedex brand war

DHL has also been trolling other competitors by using witty ambush marketing techniques like trojan marketing.

Pepsodent vs. Colgate

Pepsodent and Colgate have had launch many comparative advertisements to get most of the market share. One of such cases was when Pepsodent came out with an advertisement where it promised 130% of the germ attack power of Colgate.

Mercedes-Benz Vs. Jaguar

Another case of luxury cars advertisement wars can be seen in the Mercedes Benz vs. Jaguar advertisement battle where Mercedes’ advertisement of better stability and body control was trolled by Jaguar who promoted cat-like reflexes over magic body control. The same received a reply from Mercedes which used sleeping cats to promote their aerodynamic production car.

Microsoft Vs. Google Chrome

Google Chrome, being a ubiquitous browser and being a part of the Google family, has an edge over Microsoft edge and other browsers like firefox and opera. The same was depicted in a digital advertisement launched by chrome.

But the same advertisement was trolled by Microsoft to advertise against chrome/google’s advertising tactics.

Samsung Vs. Apple

Everyone knows about the ongoing brand war between Apple and Samsung. One of the most notable advertisement war was when Samsung compared its Samsung S3 with iPhone 5 in terms of features.


Apple didn’t take long to reply.

iphone vs samsung

But Samsung was always a step ahead when it came to advertising.

A similar campaign was launched to promote S4.

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