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Everything you need to know about Facebook Marketplace

It seems like social networking wasn’t enough for Facebook to keep those 1.71 Billion users engaged enough. The company has recently announced an extension to its business model with the introduction of Facebook Marketplace.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Just like eBay and Gumtree, Facebook has extended its business model to include an online marketplace feature which lets you discover, buy, and sell items to the people in your area/community. The platform is similar to eBay but with an added touch of ‘Social-ness’. You get to chat with the other party over Facebook messenger and also have an access to their Facebook profile.Facebook Marketplace

How it all started?

It all started in February 2015 when Facebook introduced buy and sell groups which let users add items for sale in such groups which included adding a description of the product, setting up a price and set a pick-up or delivery location.


Why Facebook Marketplace?

Looks like the current user data information available to Facebook isn’t enough to carry on its revenue generation through ads. It wants advertisements to be more targeted.

How will marketplace help Facebook in better revenue generation?

Well, this new feature will certainly result in users spending more time on Facebook (Ebay’s userbase has been poached), posting about what they want to sell (because they’ve already bought or going to buy that item soon), looking for things to buy (they can buy that item from Facebook’s advertiser too, if it’s affordable) and chat with the strangers (more use of Facebook messenger).

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There are already around 450 million users in buy and sell groups. Hence, this is a tried and tested option to roll out.

These groups were privately owned and were so diverse that Facebook didn’t have much control over the sale offers posted. Some of the products posted (like guns, drugs, etc.) violated the website’s new policies. Marketplace, which will act as a common place to buy sell goods, will also help Facebook keeping a check on such products

Facebook marketplace

Is Facebook Marketplace Better than eBay?

Yes. Facebook may turn out to be a better marketplace than eBay as unlike eBay, which is a typical marketplace, Facebook has positioned itself as a Social Marketplace where you can not just see the seller’s profile but can see the mutual friends you have (in case you want to inquire about him) and can also chat with him using Facebook messenger.

But, unlike eBay, Facebook does not facilitate the payment or delivery of items in Marketplace. There is also no comments or review feature on the marketplace yet.

FB Marketplace

Few More Details about FB Marketplace.

  • It will be available to everyone over 18 years of age.
  • Currently launched in four countries (US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand)
  • Currently available for iPhone and Android and not on windows or desktop version of Facebook.
  • Facebook does not facilitate the payment or delivery of items in Marketplace. You and the other party get to decide it on your own.

How To Remove Marketplace From Facebook App?

Facebook marketplace is a permanent feature in the Facebook application and unfortunately, you can’t remove or disable the Facebook Marketplace feature from the Facebook application yet. We’ll update this section as soon as we find any information from Facebook about removing Facebook Marketplace from Facebook App.

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  • Avatar Peggy says:

    I don’t have Facebook market place how do I get it

    • Avatar Aashish says:

      Do you meet the requirements mentioned?

      • Avatar mike says:

        Sorry, this content isn’t available right now
        The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.

        This message appears when I try to access the marketplace.
        Can you help?

        • Avatar Ali says:

          It’s probable that you’re a ‘newb’ to Facebook and have a newish account? This is how FB shakes down Marketplace spammers who rotate multiple accounts which are sometimes temporarily banned, and basically ‘unknown’ people from entering the Marketplace community.

          I don’t have a time frame to offer nor any advice how to boost quicker access to the Marketplace. I am currently trying to get a friend onto FB and wish to monitor how long until the Marketplace is available to her whether it solely depends on time, activity or friends.

          Having said the above, I have indeed noticed numerous complaints lodged to FB regarding problems with accessing the Marketplace, so I can’t rule out technical issues or perhaps a banning situation. I personally never had a problem with accessing the Marketplace, but also can’t recall when Marketplace became available to me in the beginning.

          You’re always welcome to contact FB regarding your query as it could indeed be a glitch or more realistically that you were banned for not abiding by their posting rules. Simply log into your account and click on the “?” on the right side of the top blue bar, then “! Report a problem” and fill out your query in “Something Isn’t Working.” I believe FB should let you know what the issue is regardless.

          • Avatar Ali says:

            It’s been about a month before a new account is gifted with Marketplace. Likely providing you’re active and don’t have multiple accounts.

        • Avatar Laura says:

          It’s doing it to me now about a week ,it’s May 12th 2019 did you get yours fixed

          • Avatar Martha Knapp says:

            For the past week when I click on an item for sale the photo of the item disappears and I can only see the description and no other photos. Very annoying! The only thing I had done was upload Google Chrome, so I deleted it…didn’t fix the problem. If you find out please let me know and I will do likewise!

  • Avatar AJ says:

    So how do I opt out of the Marketplace? I only want to sell in and to my local neighborhood. What if I received a gift and I want to sell it? I certainly don’t want my friend to see that I am selling it. The sales groups are private or public for a reason – the Marketplace removes that and anyone can type in your name and see what you are selling. How do I opt out?

  • Avatar Anna Bosazzi says:

    where is the comment section on facebook market place.?????I need help and cant talk to anyone

  • Avatar SHK says:

    can anyone tell me where to find the comment section on facebook marketplace?? TIA

  • Avatar Aashish Pahwa says:

    Hi Anna, Facebook marketplace doesn’t come with a comment section yet. You need to contact the seller/buyer directly.

  • Avatar Darlene Hurst says:

    I’m receiving a pop up error message every time I inquiry about items in marketplace…
    The action attempted has been deemed abusive or otherwise disallowed.

    I have no idea how to remove it or why it is appearing…..
    please help me… thank you

  • Avatar Darlene Hurst says:



    PLEASE ADVISE…. thank you so much

  • Avatar Joann says:


  • Avatar Neelam says:

    Oh now i got that it was market place.

  • Avatar Robin says:

    How to remove error message about message deemed abusive and disallowed. How to remove this. Help please

  • Avatar Ali says:

    I don’t even have the option FOR marketplace and I would really like it. It gives me an error message saying I’m not approved to be in this audience.

  • Avatar Ken says:

    Is there a way to put a period in the price. Like I’m selling pecans for 2.50 per pound but haven’t found a way to put the period so it looks like 250

  • Avatar Tim Hebb says:

    It could be a good thing BUT it seems the page is not monitored at all.Im a cash buyer and have messaged people on a lot of items within 20 miles…………..but I never get a reply and the item is still for sale.Or its posted for weeks and your told it sold weeks ago.People aren’t removing sold items,as well as bumping unsold items up everyday as if they just posted it.And you have no idea how long an item has been posted if its over a week.I gave up.

    • Avatar Tina says:

      I agree that’s frustrating. I don’t understand why it doesn’t list the exact date the item was listed. When it says over a week it could be 8 days or a year. 75 percent of the time they don’t have it anymore, changed their mind, or moved.

      • Avatar Ali says:

        There are lots of issues which FB don’t care about. Most vexing, as you know, is the lack of most recent ads (you have to employ the ‘Follow’ option and that’s no guarantee the most recent ads are marked as such because it’s a higher rate of not lately.

        The other gripe is the spam – convoluted reporting system that is apparently ignored, so you’re best to waste that time ‘ignoring/hiding’ posts than reporting them, I guarantee it.

        There is a “Free” item category, but FB doesn’t care about anyone marking their cost ads for Free (attention trolling). On the flip side, FB doesn’t give the option for ‘Contact for Pricing’, etc… just a spot for one price and/or mark the ad as Free. A lot of people are smart enough to mark ads as: “12345” for multi-items with individual pricing on the pics or description.

        As much as FB wishes to brag that their Marketplace is the best online site, nope… I’ve had worse luck with d-head sellers/buyers on there than, say, Kijiji or the like.

  • Avatar melissa doby says:

    How come for some people, me included, the marketplace icon doesnt appear on my phone app or on desktop. both phone and computer are up to date. language and region is set for english and united states. have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing memory cache… apparently im not alone that it happens to people. I have even “liked” and joined the facebook pages and marketplace groups….

  • Avatar Mary says:

    I want to put my stuff on market place but want it only to be local. How can I keep other than locals from seeing my stuff?

    • Avatar Ali says:

      Sorry, but that cannot be done even though your city is ‘officially’ where your ad is actually posted to as FB allows shoppers to do extended range shopping or even choose different origin cities to shop in.

      The logistics behind FB doing this is if someone lives out of the designated city and doesn’t mind traveling for something. Bear in mind that people sometimes travel between cities and thus are able to plan out online shopping trips. I admit this is handy for myself as I’ve traveled to the next city hours away for purchases in the past.

      Include in your ad that you only do “local and in person transactions” if you feel inclined to do so.

  • Avatar Elia Pacheco says:

    when does my post expire?

  • Avatar Robert Malin says:

    Tried to buy a truck through Facebook Marketplace, but want to get some answers first so i called a number to Facebook marketplace customer service and after talking to Allen Walker [if real name] i place the order and paid by gift cards as told to do. I did’t receive the truck, so i called Allen and he stated the seller decided not to sell the truck , so i said i wanted a refund back. He stated that the only way was to sent more money so he could add it to the cards and then i could get my refund. i sent the money and when i checked for my refund, there was not any money on the cards. So i called him again and he stated he made a mistake, so again he told me to send more money. I know mistakes can happen so i sent it. It has gotten up to $10200.00 and he kept asking on more money and i said no more money. He got upset and said i was going to lose my money and DO NOT CONTACT HIM AGAIN. I told him i was recording conversations before and made notes and still have the cards. I also him i was sending it to Facebook Legal Department and other legal places. This has been going on since August 2017 and as of 2/28/2018.
    I saw anther phone number 800-368-6135 and talked to them about what happened and they said they could get my money back if i would send them $1000.00. I guessing they are scammers also.

  • Avatar Peter Fazzi says:

    I been blocked out of marketplace and have tried to get back on numerous times and different ways….I read many others have been blocked and not able to get back on…I’ll stay with ebay as Marketplace is a BS for me!

    • Avatar Elaine Scherer says:

      Yes same here.. Blocked out for unknown reasons.. Just crazy..I post only clothing and shoes like only 3 posts a week and got blocked.. Why why?

  • Avatar Massama Traore says:

    I was in confusion about the Facebook Marketplace. But, now everything is clear by reading this article. Thanks, Aashish!

    I’m using FB marketplace, It is amazing. 🙂

  • Avatar Joyce Gottlick says:

    Market place sucks! 3 times they denied me from selling a challenge coin, yet many other people are selling thiers. I ask them what the reason is in an appeal and they keep saying DENIED. It is not real money, so it is not a restricted item!

  • Avatar Elaine Scherer says:

    Just ridiculous that I had Marketplace blocked for unknown reasons. I only sell clothing and shoes. I have for 2 years and then all of a sudden blocked.. Just disheartening..I only post like 3 times a week. Any ideas?

  • Avatar Paula says:

    Can you separate Facebook from marketplace? When you create a marketplace post does it automatically go to all your friends in your Facebook account?

  • Avatar Heather says:

    You know how I can block people from seeing my name when I post something on Facebook Marketplace? I don’t mind if they see my first name but how do I block my last name?

    Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated.

    Cheers Heather

    • Avatar Ali says:

      No, you cannot as your post is undeniably tied to your account anyways. That’s the whole point of anti-anonymity within the Marketplace, silly. Stick to Kijiji if you’re looking for privacy. ;-P

  • Avatar Dallas Ann says:

    Every time I log on to Facebook and check the marketplace it sends me back to Seattle when I have clearly selected Fairbanks Alaska several times period and changed back but like I said every time I log back on it turns back to Seattle

    • Avatar Ali says:

      I wonder if you solved this…

      If not (or if someone else has this issue), perhaps renew FB’s cookies. I seem to recall similar happened to me when I was shopping in a neighboring city and my location was seemingly stuck there. What I seemingly remember is that I logged out of FB, flushed the brower’s cookies, then re-logged into FB and it corrected itself.

  • Avatar Rich Price says:

    This sucks, if you are looking for a specific item ie: wheels for your car. You have to contact everyone selling wheels and ask what they fit, or just ignore this useless app

  • Avatar Van says:

    When I post an item it always comes up with the comment “Mark as Sold” If I post it as “available ” then the title reads ” sold ……”
    I can’t seem to change this to read “Ask for details ” or something similar
    . HELP

  • Avatar Nancy chartier says:

    What’s up with me not getting Marketplace for 2 months. It’s always says it’s under review. Turn it on for me please.

  • Avatar Benjamin B Alvarez says:

    I am also getting the same comment. I posted my bike and it sez “Mark as Sold”.
    I thought I made a mistake, so I deleted my item and re-start all over again. Then it was the same “Mark as Sold”. Help please!

  • Avatar Jo says:

    I have been blocked from market place and would like to get back on. Have tried everything and do not know what the problem is I have not done anything wrong any help please it provided a bit of extra income that has now gone dry

  • Avatar Crystal says:

    Why does marketplace hide the group the item is listed in? I prefer to see it in the actual group so I can see other comments, how many people are in line, etc.

  • Avatar Barbara says:

    I want to know how to make a line through a price and then put the sale price beside it.

  • Avatar Fred Farkle says:

    I don’t give a damn about what people have to sell or want to buy. If I want something, I know where to get it and don’t need lead around by the nose. I see these ‘suggestions’ as harrassment and should not be mandatory but an option. I belong to 4 military facebook groups and they are unit or theatre of operation oriented and accept NO outside postings. I wish facebook people could get that thru their thick skulls that all that spam is unwanted.

  • Avatar Shasta says:

    How do I make my forsale post to only post to groups
    That I choose instead of automatically posting to Markstplace.
    There are particular sights that I can sell certain things on
    That the Market place keeps rejecting . This is driving me insane
    Please someone… Help!!!

    • Avatar Martha Knapp says:

      Probably can’t share to group as the group is closed? Why not just post it on the group page to begin with?

  • Avatar Patrice Ford says:


    • Avatar Ali says:

      That’s disappointing. Did you even get this solved as in dispute their ruling to your ad? I’m sure we’re all interested how long you were or are currently banned for – if you didn’t manage to reverse their lifetime(?) ban ruling.

      I’ll share my experience of trying to post an ad for some TV parts where it was refused and not allowed to be posted because ‘they’ claimed it went against their policies whereas there was absolutely nothing “illegal” regarding my ad. Haha. I disputed their claim, wanting to know where/what the issue was and was ignored, so the ad still sits there in limbo after a couple of months. I sold the parts on a competitor’s site instead. What choice did I have? Sort of ridiculous when people are alternately allowed to post ads for fighting knives and nicotine chew, right? Yep.

  • Avatar JM says:

    When doing a search and I click on an item, after reviewing the item, I’m then taken back to the beginning of the listings –very frustrating to scroll through again to find where I left off. Also, where’s the button to see the most recent posts first?

    • Avatar Ali says:

      I share your aggravation. I find the ‘last ad clicked placemark’ loss apparent on many buy/sell sites and it’s very irritating indeed.

      A trick is to open up an interesting ad using a new browser tab or window by right-clicking the mouse while in Firefox, then clicking “Open Link in New Window.” This method should be similar for most if not all browsers. I swear this saves me from lip-syncing a lot of profanity. When I’m done looking at the ad, I shut down that extra window and continue perusing the pile of ads in the primary window. I repeat the process for other ads I wish to open up without disturbing the main listings.

      Lastly, as another of my major gripes with Marketplace (which I complained to them to no avail), ads are simply thrown into the mix without any sorting. I’d LOVE if they’d make an option to sort. Sadly there is no such button available for us.

      A trick there is to ‘follow’ items you frequently search for – even if it’s broad term like “TV”, it will alert you to ‘new ads’ and mark them as such in the pile of ads thereafter, however this has repeatedly failed for some technicality as I’d be alerted to ‘new ads’ only to find none or find that the newer ads have been scattered around like usual. It’s better than nothing I suppose.

    • Avatar Judy says:

      I right click on the item and open in separate window

  • Avatar mbuh says:

    how do i recover an item that i have paid for the owner is hesitating to deliver. can marketplace help me trace this person’s location.

  • Avatar Renae Miller says:

    I can’t comment or text on Facebook marketplace

  • Avatar Kalyan Bairwa says:

    How can I report this bastard Mani Rai on Facebook, took my money and didn’t post the item and blocked me , he is cheating lots of peoples …..

    • Avatar Ali says:

      You are left to go forward to filing your complaint with the local authorities and through small claims court if it goes that far. Good luck relying on FB because it is a ‘he said, she said’ deal and they will not bother with it because it is between two people in public… however, if you wish to try your luck, go to your FB page and click on the “?” from the right side on the top blue bar, then from there, click “Report a problem.”

      – Also remember that many self-professed people are actually not ‘truly’ religious at all asides from going to the church or mosque to pretend to others (and perhaps themselves) that they are good people. Salam.

  • Avatar Karen says:

    I just feel annoyed on how inaccurate the result every time I search. I hope facebook can also have likes and dislike so the seller will also know how bad is their post. Like too few details, so there will be interactions between the seller and buyer, so seller will also improve the way they sell the product. We often use facebook in my country and it’s a big wow to us that facebook open a marketplace, hope for some improvements.

    • Avatar Ali says:

      Yes, I understand your frustration regarding the search function as it’s very glitchy. For instance, I get varied results searching “Axial SCX10” (for example) versus searching “Axial” and “SCX10” separately. Therefore I’ve improved my search tricks/tactics to enable more bounty found for me. Haha

      FB’s Messenger App has a ‘seller’s rating’ which I don’t understand how that works because there’s not even a seller’s profile when I use Marketplace on there. (In fact, as of the last Messenger App update, I cannot access the actual Marketplace because it’s not accessible through Messenger unlike previously or at least I cannot figure out how… other than using my phone’s browser open with Marketplace which thankfully I never close.)

      Ratings will always be humanly flawed regardless because of malicious use or clashing egos perhaps. Also, how can someone fully judge a seller or buyer based on, for example, 2 negatives out of 20 positives where they received negative rating from grouchy or jealous people? A slippery slope indeed. However, in your case, many sellers do need to be educated about creating a basic ad because so many sellers are too lazy I suppose. I can relate because I find it annoying and personally insulting that “I” have to ask for simple, but yet very important details which the seller didn’t bother with.

      I’m not sure how far Marketplace improvements will ever go because none of my posted issues have been ever dealt with on FB, but I find that the same goes for all these types of online sites to be fair. Ad revenue is top priority and nothing more – which is not fair because that revenue partially comes from us and there would be no site if it wasn’t from all of us frequenting the site. I currently find Kijiji and Letgo to be the most poorly managed sites with all the perpetually annoying spam (duplicates, triplicates and even quadruple copies of ads) along with a contrived and apparently useless flagging system. Sadly, FB isn’t far behind them as I’ve found.

  • Avatar Joanne says:

    Not sure I love the idea of anyone on Marketplace being able to access my FB profile. Is there any way of turning that option ‘off’? thanks

  • Avatar Gabi says:

    I can’t see the information of the items listed anymore? I had a look in the settings but couldn’t find anything.

  • Avatar Sandy says:

    I have certain brands listed on my recent searches that I check throughout the day. Starting while ago when I pressed a certain shoe brand, all brands of shoes cane up except the brand from my recent search. On top of that, the location is not my location. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to correct this? Thanks

  • Avatar PollyannaHopes says:

    I keep getting notices on marketplace. When I got there I can’t find the reason I received a notice or alert. What am I missing?

  • Avatar Leslie Shearer says:

    How can someone reply or ask questions about my MARKET PLACE TRUCK ad when there is only “share” when you hover over picture (other people also have message,save and share) and when you open ad! No DETAILS button, NO message, No “make and offer” Nothing???

    If we get this corrected will it only go to message or can I have it come to the email requested for this?

    51 people have looked at it and I can even respond to myself?

    Really would appreciate help ASAP.

  • Avatar w williams says:

    why do I get all locations when I have filtered for within 50 miles of my home?

  • Avatar Linda says:

    I spend hours looking at items for sale on the Marketplace. Now all of the sudden when I click on an items picture, it opens a new page but there is nothing to see. The pictures aren’t opening..how do I fix this issue please? Ty

  • Avatar Carla says:

    My item ( homemade bar cart)is under review and I cannot click on items for sale. What’s going on?

  • Avatar Albert Hardrath says:

    Their should be a place to get a hold of administration to see why a post was being held up or what’s wrong with it.thats how it goes with no communication between marketplace and seller.

  • Avatar Cara says:

    When I get on fab marketplace, go to categories, click vehicles, see a vehicle click it the next page comes up empty. All the other categories work right, how do I fix this?

  • Avatar David says:

    Why can I access some market place post details (seller info). and some I can’t?

  • Avatar Julie says:

    When I click on a Marketplace Photo it does not come up, Why ??? It used to.

  • Avatar dan says:

    Marketplace facebook the format sucks you can’t look for just what you need for example if you search a “ford f150 4×4” you get cars, trucks, washers, dryers exc. what good is the search. its terrible 1 star

  • Avatar Donna says:

    Why can’t I open the picture on the marketplace ads….it will come up but when I go to click on the item for sale to get info , it won’t open. Is it in my settings?

  • Avatar Anne says:

    Hi I can’t buy or view anything on marketplace it was fine until a couple of weeks ago but now when I click on an item I just see a blank page with the item discription at the top. I am missing out on loads of things I would like. Any idea how to fix it. I am on an apple iPad thanks

  • Avatar Celeste says:

    I’m unable to view my sale posts. I’m unable to reply to sales via messenger. Can you please fix urgently

  • Avatar Elizabeth says:

    I’m having a problem with Marketplace- Apartments for Rent. When I click on the picture, it shows me a blank page. Why?

  • Avatar Rebecca says:

    I have Facebook Marketplace but can’t go to the page to leave a message

  • Avatar Dee says:

    I have Facebook Marketplace, but when I click on an item I’m interested in, nothing comes up, what’s happening?

  • Avatar Maureen says:

    Don’t like Market place as lists goods I put on other selling sites automatically and have had some weird people harassing me which does not happen on the other sites wish it could be deleted. Makes me wary of using other selling sites on facebook

  • Avatar Mary says:

    Account is constantly under review with no clarification on how to fix them. I successfully both sold and purchased things the past weeks and all of a sudden it’s closed. I can’t even sell within the groups I have posted in before so it’s seems to be universal. It’s very frustrating. It would be helpful if Facebook marketplace identified the exact item and the exact issue associated with it. When you have multiple listings then automatically get shut down it’s ridiculous. Of course there is always Craigslist’s which you have to be way more cautious with as far as meeting people but it never fails, you can post anything in there within reason! I just don’t know how to fix this constant glitch.

  • Avatar Mary says:

    Account is constantly under review with no clarification on how to fix it. I successfully both sold and purchased things the past weeks and all of a sudden it’s closed. I can’t even sell within the groups I have posted in before so it’s seems to be universal. It’s very frustrating. It would be helpful if Facebook marketplace identified the exact item and the exact issue associated with it. When you have multiple listings then automatically get shut down it’s ridiculous. Of course there is always Craigslist’s which you have to be way more cautious with as far as meeting people but it never fails, you can post anything in there within reason! I just don’t know how to fix this constant glitch.

  • Avatar Akim says:

    Can I post a product on the marketplace using my Facebook Page (not the main account)?

  • Avatar Steven richelson says:

    How can I see who views my items

  • Avatar H Melenchuk says:

    Can you post an “in search of” listing on Marketplace?

  • Avatar Wendy says:

    Hi, do you know if I can still using marketplace; but disconnect for a while my Facebook account?

  • Avatar Barbara Griskowitz says:

    Can I undo a good review for a buyer? She burned me

  • Avatar Barbara Griskoiwitz says:

    Can I undo a good review for a buyer? She burned me

  • Avatar Corey says:

    Why a limit on a 5-time renewal? I have plenty of things still for sale -why must I have to re-create each ad again?

  • Avatar A Mon says:

    I sell and buy, but for some reason market place put my items in review and nobody can see them, all my items are originals .
    Then I can see hundres of fake watches and purses and market place let them post. Its this place supposed to be 4 fake items or what? I dont get it.

  • Avatar Chris says:

    Of course, this article was wrong even when it was written. You can remove anything from Facebook, including this obnoxious Marketplace spam boxes, just by using “Social Fixer”.

  • Avatar Victoria says:

    Same here. Have been buying and selling with no problem. All of a sudden for no valid reason my items are under review and I’m removed from Marketplace for no reason. I can’t even buy now. WTF?

  • Avatar Claire Deasy says:

    Same as, been selling for a while mostly my kids clothes no fakes nothing, then kept getting listing under review now I’ve been removed saying my listings go against the commerce policy absolute joke I’m fuming 😡

  • Avatar Sharon Carrigan says:

    My husband has been banned from using market place and doesn’t know why he did not do anything wrong , how can he be allowed to return to market place?


    On behalf of stevie Carrigan

  • Avatar Sharon Carrigan says:

    My husband has been banned from using market place and doesn’t know why he did not do anything wrong , how can he be allowed to return ?


  • Avatar Lisa woodruff says:

    Trying to sell a handbag and u blocked the post due to not following policy! You have since blocked me from using marketplace!! For selling a handbag!!!!! I need someone to contact me!

  • Avatar Cat Kellam says:

    I’ve had the same problems with selling on Marketplace. They will review your ad if they see key words like any animal, vintage, authentic..etc. They are still reviewing my ad because I have Victoria secret jeans and Adidas shoes. Crazy! They need a decoder on what key words to avoid!

  • Avatar Lora Medlar says:

    How do I contact someone to find out what the problem was with the stuff I was posting and why exactly I got kicked off removed from Marketplace cuz I see absolutely no reason for it.

    • Avatar Lauri says:

      Anyone have a valid phone number to call that’s not the 650 one ? Thx

    • Avatar maria c merino says:

      I have the same issue, I posted the sale of an Iris (flower) and it was flagged for been inappropriate, a flower?? how can I contact anybody to be able to solve my problem

  • Avatar Jill says:

    Why did Facebook add a link to lower the price I posted. How do I get rid of it.

  • Avatar Aileen Anderson says:

    I had an item for sale and it was ppu, several people were contacting me enquiring so I wanted to let people know that it was sold ppu. I clicked on the sold button and then all the contacts were deleted! Now I have no contact info for the person who is buying it! Then I have no idea who was next in line in case this lady is a no show. Is there anyway to get those contacts back?

  • Avatar Roxie says:

    How can I keep my items posted on Facebook marketplace for sale from being seen on my Facebook timeline?

  • Avatar Christine Browne says:

    I ordered and paid for perfume trough Marketplace on 14th March 2019. To date (25/4/19) I have not received the perfume or a refund . The seller – Dale Deeming – is a complete fraud!!!! Can you get my money back for me ?

  • Avatar Laura says:

    The past week I get a error page when clicking on item in marketplace any help

  • Avatar Jim Rock says:

    Why I am not seeing pics when I click on a item on the market Place?

  • Avatar FC says:

    I’ve just joined Facebook and really wanted to access marketplace, does anyone know the amount of waiting time?

  • Avatar Sally DeWitt says:

    no where can i find how to select private fir marketplace ratings

  • Avatar Andy says:

    Why can’t I post on marketplace it keeps coming up error occurred

  • Avatar Rachel Johnson says:

    I got kicked off marketplace for listing a pair of leggings and a pair of sneakers. No one responds to appeals – my appeal has been “pending” for 15 days (says max 7 days to review). While appeal was pending (cannot be edited in pending mode) they removed me completely. This seems to be getting more common so if fb want marketplace to succeed they need to review their algorithms!!

  • Avatar Smitha says:

    Why the number of messages from Facebook marketplace have dropped suddenly for the past few days. This started ever since boost listing has started in Facebook marketplace. Without boosting I was getting good number of people’s response.Facebook is doing this intentionally to make money.

  • Avatar Valerie Grantham says:

    why am I getting videos on my marketplace. Can’t get beyond it!

  • Avatar Barry Stephens says:

    Sales posts used to open with the relative item in the relative group but now without me doing anything, a sales post is taking me straight into marketplace mixed in with everything else. Can I change back ? please.

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